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I am a lili user and I wish to partner her with asuka for tag team though I know less about the combos comfortable and easy to use as tactical. crying
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I stopped playing this one after I got all the trophies on PS3.

I should play it again on 360 for the achievements..
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Hey does anyone here have the Wii U version of Tag 2? If so how is it?

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mermaid sex_
I bought Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2 today... I'm back to being a Tekken addict :'([/quote

This is a good thing!
I'm a casual player mostly but I still like a good fight. I'm really interested in Storyline speculations character bios and dissecting the older games. Hit me up on PSN OgoffaStylez
I've been playing TTT2 for about 10 days (my first Teken game), and while I think I'm kind of getting the hang of it. Using Heihachi/Miguel, I'm able to nearly dominate offline mode. But... I've played 50 player matches online, and I'm ashamed to say... I've yet to win a round (Not a match, a ROUND) And... it gets infuriating after a while. So, I come here asking for help ._.

haha don't worry that's totally normal there are people who've been playing tekken since before you were born probably. This game is not a game it's a class, people are just to hardcore with this.
A good start would to check youtube for LevelUpYourGame their channel has alot of helpful stuff also try tekkenzaibatsu.com or the official tekken forums at tekken.com
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Just got Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2, it's pretty fun, my boyfriend and I played it for 7 hours straight and we're forcing ourselves to take a break from it lol.
Our Gold account isn't activated right now, but it will be hopefully in the near future, so if anyone wants to add us (which is really my account but whatever we both use it), here's the gamertag:

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Any ps3 gamers w/ tekken tag 2 add me!

Psn: StarryStorm
I play on PS3 as well. GiveEmHellKid__
Still fairly new to the game, but my two mains are Leo & Slim Bob/Kazuya.
Pretty cool to see that this is still here smile
Finally got Tekken Tag Tournament 2, but haven't played due to school work. I've only gotten to play it a few times, but I enjoyed it. Really have to get my movement down and start learning combos.
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I fully agree. Lars is a sexy beast. <3
I heart Tekken. I main Lars. He is so sexy. I have ps3. My PSN is vilsdane if you want to add me.
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yalls can hit me up on ps3 on tt2
psn retroglo
ive been maining lili for a few years
@Fidelis Noctua - thanks :3 haha.
and @Dark Metamorphosis - Yeah I had a go at that game, didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. :/

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