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just got the game today.
It's super fun! I'm still getting used to the whole button input style in this game.

Add if you wish.
I like using Lili.
PSN: Aubrella

Feel free to add me ! ALong with anyone else.


Im playing Poison/Lili - Poison/Julia and sometimes abel. XD
If anyone want to play some SFxT on the PS3 my PSN ID is in my sig and I'm always on even after work. Plus I just got my fight stick so I'm now in training mode!!
Anyone up for a scamble match pm or add me PSN: Manchild of PV currently in dc online till i get people for a scramble
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You guys can add me on XBL: MrHELO

I play Kazuya/Asuka as my main. But I like to mess around and play random characters too.
I've barely touched the Street Fighter Cast honestly, except for the ones who haven't been around in a while. (i.e Rolento, Hugo, Poison)
Can someone PLEASE tell me how the heck to fight Vega in this game?
If you want to add me on PSN, be my guest.

My mains are Poison|Heihachi (my subs for Heihachi are Yoshimitsu, Kuma, Ogre, & Akuma)....yes, I never change Poison out for obvious reasons.

PSN: Soma-Atlasia
If you want to add me on PSN, be my guest.

My mains are Poison|Heihachi (my subs for Heihachi are Yoshimitsu, Kuma, Ogre, & Akuma)....yes, I never change Poison out for obvious reasons.

PSN: Soma-Atlasia

I'll add you to PSN, my PSN is Azulong. Right now I'm only using Julia/Poison. But at times I do use the cats out of humor cause they are so cute!! ^_^
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Add me on XBL if any of you would like.

My mains are Nina|Ryu, but still experimenting.

XBL: AlexIsRelic
i finally bought the game.
and i'm very impressed.
though it feels funny doing JAS/JKS combos with the tekken characters.
Add me on XBL.
I play as Juri and Lili. I might replace Lili ,maybe, but I'll always stick with Juri.

Man, this game is alot of fun. I get my a** handed to me now and again though by people that like to juggle and switch and then by OP teams like Zangief/Vega. :/

So far my teams have been Yoshimitsu/Juri and Yoshimitsu/Heihachi. Gamertag: Aftis.
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Out of all voice actors for Jin, it had to be Brad Swaile! gonk
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Can someone PLEASE tell me how the heck to fight Vega in this game?
Just be aware of two main things for Vega his pokes and his meter. If he has meter you're going to have to worry about EX barcelona which unlike past iterations of SF games now in SF4 and SFxT EX barcelona hits on start up and is pretty damn fast if I had to guess I'd say maybe 5 frame start up. His pokes have always been irritating, but his claw is all you really have to worry about, he does have a M.K. to M.P. combo, but besides that it's the only time you'll have to block low against him and that M.K. isn't anywhere near as dangerous as any of the shoto characters. For the most part Vega is a character you want to rush down, which is why he has such amazing walk back speed because he is at a EXTREME disadvantage when you're in his face. Vega has amazing walk back speed, and two different escape flips, and a mediocre reversal, because he thrives at the mid range pressure. At Mid range Vega has his best options in pokes, an amazing anti air normal, and can start safe cross up pressure with his wall oriented special moves. to put everyone into three basic categories you'll have 1. Close Range characters example: Zangief 2. Distant characters example: Dhalsim 3. Mid Range characters example: Vega.
Mid range characters are the ones people have trouble with because they're usually the more technical ones where people don't know how to approach, unlike the obvious stay away from Gief and get in on Dhalsim.

For vega you have to know your distance well, if you're at the peak of his distance for Cr. MP do not jump in you'll regret it. Instead make your way in slowly on the ground, utilize whatever special/normals your character has at safely gaining closer ground to vega. Once you're about the distance for Vegas MK is when it's relatively safe to jump in on him or cross him up, once you're in mix him up (High/Lows) (Grabs) just be aware of his meter or you'll eat one of his escape options (EX barcelona or Scarlet).
Also keep in mind that he's some what like Dhalsim, he'll be afraid when you're close, but the moment he gets away he knows you're going to panic to catch up to him again, so don't! That's a huge mistake and that will lead to you eating a severely damaging combo. If Vega escapes make you're way in patiently again, his normals are too good to blindly rush him down. Also find what your character can do against Vegas Barcelona. Go to training mode and check your far and close anti air normals, get used to their hit boxes. Record Vega to do Barcelonas or get your friend to preform them so you can see a good way to either stuff them or avoid them with your character of choice.
To sum it up treat Vega at mid range as if he's a stubby dhalsim, and at close range treat him as a ghetto Guile.

hope at least 1% of this helps you haha
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Hahaha... lol Pac-Man.

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