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Oh well, at least I'm not getting any random spam in here anymore.
As a DBZ fan, I'd like to see this thread flourish a lot more. Come on, there's got to be some DBZ game fans out there!

To get things started, I'll go over briefly what is already known about the game:

Confirmed Characters & Transformations:
Goku (Duh), Kaio-ken, SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4
Vegeta, SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ4
Gogeta, SSJ, SSJ4
Imperfect Cell, 2nd Form, Perfect (maybe more?)
Freeza, 2nd "Giant" form, 3rd "alien" form, Final Form. (Maybe more) Cyborg
Coola, Final Form, Metal.
Broli, Super Saiyan, Legendary Super Saiyan
"Fat" Majin Boo
Gohan (11 years old), SSJ, SSJ2

That's all that's been physically seen from demos and screenshots, but naturally we can expect much more characters. I'm pretty confident we'll also have:

Kuririn (Or Krillin for you dubbies. wink )
Tenshinhan (Tien)
Captain Ginyu
Future Trunks
Android #16
Mr. Satan
Great Saiyaman
Gohan (adult)
Kid Trunks
"Super" Boo
"Kid" Boo

Dimps also claims they were going to add more characters, plus bring back all characters from the first two games (Highly doubtful, since they said that about Budokai 2, and it never happened). If that's true though, that will add:

Gohan (5 years old)
Android #19
#20 (Dr. Gero)
Gotan (Goku + Mr. Satan fusion)
Yamhan (Yamcha + Tenshinhan fusion)
Kibitokai (Kaioshin + Kibit)

So far there's a lot of rumors circulating around about the unknown characters. Gamespro cited (without proof) that all applicable characters would have a GT alternate costume. So the teenage GT Trunks would be an alternate costume for young Trunks. Gamepro, as well as a few "annonymous sources" claim there will also be:

Pan (I hope!)
Majoob (Oob + Majin Boo)
Baby (complete with "possesion technique" wink
Golden Ozaru Baby Vegeta (Non-playable boss)
Yi Xing Long (Omega Shenron)

That's all I have to inform you on characters, until Dimps throws us another bone that is. I know a bit more on the game, but I'll post that tommorow. Let's get this thread stickied!
hehe very cool that pass of you biggrin

I HAVE DBZ Budokai 2
and I like it a lot biggrin

I have finished the dragonworld 25times

What are those breakthroughs of all DB characters?
I have 10 breakthroughs biggrin
Bah, I let this slip too much.
Nice Sel, I'll put that in one of my saved posts on the front page with you given the credit for it of course.
It would be sweet if you could take this game online.
Stay alive my thread, you serve a purpose. 3nodding
Lets see...

(IMO) Both DBZ: Budokai and Budokai II were not all that good. However, I did enjoy the simplicity of the gameplay, the little movies that played (after pulling off a move, e.g; Fusion), collecting the capsules, etc.

Adult Buu (that is, the one who looks so badass he'd tear out your spine and choke you with it whilst you were still alive) I thought, was undoubtedly the best character in the game. He was like a Godly mix of all the characters combined, and then some. I do admit, some of the fusions were a little stupid, but I enjoyed the majority of them. Especially when he absorbed some of the weaker characters, like Yamcha or Tien. xd
Heh, I remember when I saw what Cell would like if he aborbed Krillen in Budokai 1. xd
Dear God...I wasn't sure whether to feel sorry for Krillin (I mean, who wants to be sucked into someone's tail? O.o It's like un-birthing or something.), or Cell...the poor b*****d...no-one deserves to look like that... xd
I'm surprised they didn't cel-shade the first budokai though.
I'm so glad I have this thread to manage still. 3nodding
I wonder why Atari wanted to start the Story mode like they did in Budokai 2? neutral
Meh. I guess they thought the original DBZ Budokai was too fast, 'cause the battles came one after the other. At least like this, you could stretch the battles out by playing that stupid 'Dragon World Mode'. 3nodding
You mean the Buu saga won't be shown like the Cell saga was shown in the 2nd one. ;_;

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