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In an effort to reduce clutter on this forum, we decided to introduce a couple of new sticky threads.

This one is specifically devoted to discussion of Capcom's Street Fighter game series, which could include:

"Which is your favourite character?"
"With which character do you kick much a**?"
"Who would win?"

And other Street Fighter - related discussions.

This is not to say, however, that "sfii rulez lol" or "shotos suk" are encouraged --- do try to keep things relevant. 3nodding

Which games are considered Street Fighter?

To be sure:
Street Fighter / Fighting Street
Street Fighter II (et al)
Street Fighter Alpha / Zero (et al)
Street Fighter III (et al)
Street Fighter EX (et al)
X-men vs. Street Fighter
Marvel vs. Street Fighter

This is the link to answer any Street Fighter canon questions. http://orochi.com/?page=sffaq
yey.. n_n

sf sticky..

oki.. Hyper SF2.. makes me sad.. u.u

Capcom what are you trying to do to us???
this is a shameless attempt to cash in on nostalgia with the minimum required effort..

hope you try a bit harder with SF33S.. stare
or the ex series.......oh wait nm
Sweet sufferin....... eek

New stickies!!!! biggrin

Ahem...... SF Zero 2 Alpha is the greatest SF of all time!!! 3nodding
we get a sticky and then we have nothing to say..

snack we're a bunch of hopeless idiots.. sweatdrop
I really should buy the PSone version of SFA3. I hear it's the best
Weeeeeeeeooooooooo! New stickies! sweatdrop That people tend to ignore.....oh well. ninja
Third Strike owned biggrin razz
What about stickies for Guilty Gear and Mortal Kombat?
*Does the new sticky dance*

*Glomps Sandokiri*

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

Favorite character: Dan, Sagat, Guile
Which character do I kick much a**: Sagat, Ken, Cammy, Guile

Best quote in a fighting game ever: Go home and be a family man.
Favorite character(s):

-Allen Snider
I like to use Yun/Yang in SF3 and CvS2

but my favorite character has to be Fei Long. By the way, when is Capcom gonna put Mike Haggar into a SF game? They already did Guy and Cody.
My favorite character is Ryu smile Only one I played was Street Fighter II a long time ago in the arcades

Edit: I agree a Mortal Kombat sticky would be great, because I'm more of a Mortal Kombat player
Mystic Gash
I really should buy the PSone version of SFA3. I hear it's the best

Actually, the Dreamcast version had everything the PSone version had, plus all the missing animations. But that's a moot point if you don't have Dreamcast. biggrin

And as far as the SF series goes, I've always thought Blanka was the man. But I've grown very fond of Birdie, Hugo, Necro, Alex, and Zangief, as time has gone on.
My complaining has not gone unnoticed, you should all thank me, for I am great, and I am Tony.... Zuka.

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