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Favorite character--Yunsung
Character that you are best with.--Talim
Favorite weapon, or worst weapon.--Ivy's sword (Can't think of the name now)
Which bonus characters are best.--Link
How fast you beat it.--About 4 minutes
The social and moral impact of this game upon society.--That weapons are useful.


So your best character is Talim too?!

I like Kilik ^_^ Just wondering... When he does his demonstration, like displaying his fighting skills, is that style um... Wing Chun? I have a friend who was trained in it and we freaked out when we watched Kilik's demonstration.
.. Raphael? D: sweatdrop

Favorite character: Talim and Xianghua.
Character that you are best with.: Talim
Favorite weapon, or worst weapon.: (best)Double Cresent Blades, Caligraphy Brush. (worst) Estoc.
Which bonus characters are best.: Yoshimitsu
How fast you beat it.: 1.22.04 with Talim
The social and moral impact of this game upon society.: it's a great fighting game, but another excuse for Nintendo to whore Link.
My favorite/best character is Ivy... She's just a blast to play with. Though as much as I hate to admit it, I'm finding myself a Voldo natural... creepy weirdo. @.x;
Favorite character : Raphael / Nightmare
Character that you are best with : Raphael / Nightmare
Favorite weapon : Raphael (soulegle) / Nightmare(soulcalibur)

SC2 is good , but i was very sad to see that Namco as do nothing since the SC1 ; it's exactly the same for me , nothing best , no scene interaction , no new real advance ...

It's pitiful !
talim for everything.
go tonfas!
my best guy is yunsung, hes got the perfect blend of fighting attributes, its just his storyline thats dumb -__-
i also never lose with nightmare or talim, and im ok with kilik, seung mina, and yoshimitsu
this game just rocks, the extra modes mean tons of replay value and the weapon master mode (though at times aggravating) is just mind-boggingly entertaining
I think SC2 should 've had 3d endings but otherwise i like kilik, maxi and link wink
Favorite character
Astaroth, Cassandra, Yoshimitsu

Character that you are best with.

Favorite weapon, or worst weapon.
Worst: Any of Raph's

Which bonus characters are best.
Link all the way!
How fast you beat it.
2 minutes

The social and moral impact of this game upon society. SHUT UP! WORMS! I mean... It doesn't affect us at all... WORMS!

I'm convinced that Voldo has no spine...
Favorite Character: Voldo

Best Character: I suppose Astaroth or Mits

Favorite Weapon: Gentleman's cane.

Worst: Soul Calibur Evil (so dissapointing)

Favorite Bonus Characts: Aside from the overhypness of the game, this was another factor that makes me grind my teeth at this game.

Social Impact: It showed the world that people expect to much out of a fighting game now a days. Gosh i remember being satisfied with games with only one secret character now you have to have online capabilites, and a crapload of extras.
Ah Soul Calibur. The moment it's graphics and fluid play touched my eyes, I had to have it. I found Soul Blade, had Soul Calibur and now have the lovely Soul Calibur 2. A truly beautiful game that shines. . .ok, 'nuff dramatic stuff.
My favorite character(s) are: Kilik, Siegfried, Seung Mina and Nightmare.
(in that order)
As for weapons: Kiali-Yuga, Leng-Su rod, Ambassador, Requiem and Faust. Glam is nice, but only so-so. I think each weapon has its own place, so I don't dislike any of them. I've used Kilik more than anyone above, so I have quite a bit of his moves commited to memory. I'm getting better with Siggy/Nightmare. While I don't think this game changed the world any, I think it did push up the bar for expectations on future fighting games to come. Heheh, this coming from a(n) RPGer.
As far as the new additions, I think the PS2 was shorted. However, there are those who would disagree, and for them I will stop my ranting. Thanks for hearing me out.
And P.S.
While I agree spawn is a demoic being, Link isn't a fairy, he an Elf. 3nodding
Favorite character: Xianghua.
Character that you are best with.: Xianghua
Favorite weapon, or worst weapon.: Soul Calibur

Seriously, Xianghua gets no love sad I don't even own this game, and I've beaten people with her who have mastered other characters and play it hours on end. Xianghua needs a hug!
anyone think Heihachi is good special character in PS2?? 3nodding
I do think Dante is a better choice

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