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i'm not happy with the character lineup in this game.
Huh. I could hardly be happier about the line-up.

-They could have used the non ninja theory dante
-Lacks an awesome Nostalgia character. (Sir Daniel Fortesque is cool, but hes not the flagship playstation character of the 90s)
-Seems nit-picky, but Dante can be fixed with a simple costume.

-You mean Crash and Spyro, right? Sony no longer has exclusive rights to either character, so they border impossible. It still has Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank, Sir Dan, and Sweet Tooth. The first three are mascot-like and fill a similar role, while the latter two are semi-iconic 90's PS1 characters, and considering the odds of them being there were low? I'd much rather have them than Crash and Spyro. I love those two, but they'd just be two more cartoony mascots. I prefer the roster leaning towards semi-serious. Just suits Sony better, and furthers it from Smash Bros.
You cant put serious and playstation all stars in the same argument.
I think you misunderstand my use of the word 'serious'.
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oh my f--king gosh another person who cant accept change -__- it's still Dante, its just a reboot, and if you can get over Raiden, then GET-OVER-DANTE. Seriously, its BEFORE DMC3, the chronological 1st game in the series, so Dante might not have had complete control over his devil trigger powers -__-
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I have a few characters I'm going tom make my main, of course I'm going to try to get better with 3 at most;
Kratos (MOST DEFF!)
Cole MacGrath
Big Daddy ( heart BioShock! x3)
Dante (I love the Devine Comedy and DMC has a lot more to do with it then people think, just look at the hints people.)
Spike (Maybe)
Raiden (Because he's a ninja!)
Nariko (That game was badass)

A character I'd hope to see in it in the future is Sora. He'd be changed to my #1 pain! If Sora was put in it, I'd MUCH rather his Kingdom Hearts II version though, with 3 of the Drives as his specials or something, like;
Level 1 - Valor Form and just hitting whatever one (or maybe two I guess of your lucky) character is in front of his then reverting back.
Level 2 - Wisdom Form shooting for a little while forward then reverting back.
Level 3 - Final Form and you can just WHALE on everyone for - what's the usual time limit for transormation specials on this game? - like 10 seconds.
That'd be badass!!! I WANT SORA!!!! D; Oh and Coud too xD

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