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Err... No it's not... It's better than Shaq Fu at least...

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Actually, Tekken is most likely different then Mortal Kombat . The only game related is, The genre, It's a fighting game . But, Mortal Kombat is most likely an assassination game . So, I can't really compare these two games together . But, They're both really cool games, I'm a Tekken Fan . So, yeah . But, Mortal Kombat is still a pretty tight game .
I'd possibly pair Tekken with Street Fighter or Dead or Alive, anything similar to Tekken . And, I would pair Mortal Kombat anything related to that game .
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ℜinny says: I thought this was common knowledge.
Im Rinny
ℜinny says: I thought this was common knowledge.

Pahahahahaaha, I thought the same thing
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Apples and oranges. You guys will believe opinions as facts.
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mortal kombat > tekken 6
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Does Tekken 6 have combo breakers?

Synapse End
Apples and oranges. You guys will believe opinions as facts.
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Actually Tekken 6's tournament scene devolved into Bob vs Bob because Bob is hands down the single best character in that game. If a fighting game, hell if ANY game has one character that beats all the others (like Akuma in Super Street Fighter II Turbo), that game is no longer balanced. Because I'm a really competitive guy, how "good" a game is to me depends on the amount of "fun" that can be generated but also on how "fair" it is.

Tekken 6 also doesn't seem to really have a tourney scene anymore, but PLEASE feel free to correct me if I'm wrong because I used to love that game and would love to see some good Hwoarangs.

Mortal Kombat 9's tournament scene isn't quite Street Fighter or Marvel worthy but it is pretty damn good and it's still going strong.

Tekken Tag 2 on the other hand.. Hoho, that game is a beast my friends. That game, is a beast.
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I've never liked a Tekken game, with the exception of the bizarrely exceptional Tekken 3. It's just too sluggish and restrictive for me, it feels like a Virtua Fighter clone that didn't really do anything different but is still somehow different.

As for Mortal Kombat... as much as I loved the concept for Mortal Kombat, and some of the characters, themes, and finishers... the only one I have -ever- truly enjoyed playing is Mortal Kombat 9. THAT game is better than anything Namco ever did on a purely mechanical level, at least in my honest opinion. It's the first MK that's felt like more than a gimmick to me, and it's just really, really enjoyable to play.

Does Tekken SUCK, though? No, not claiming that. Just isn't for me. Going to have to agree with the 'too different to be compared' thing. But for me, MK -is- substantially better... but only MK9.

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