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Everybody remembers their first time, right?

Anyway, how did you guys get hooked in the fighting genre, what was your first fighting game, and your first impressions, if any?

I remember getting MKII for the SNES from my mom's cousin with a ton of other games. My parents seemed really hesitant to let us play it, haha. I remember goofing around on multiplayer with my brother, but never being able to hold my own in Arcade mode. I'd just button mash and gawk in amazement every rare time I managed to fire off a fireball as Liu Kang, etc. I also loved the pallette swap ninjas and their names.

Then I got SCIII and a lent KOFXI from my aunt, but it was playing MvC3 with my friends and the EVO 2011 streams of last summer that booted me in the a** and motivated me to start playing fighting games seriously.
My first fighting game was Street Fighter (2 I think) for the SNES. Of course when I played it, I was a little kid and had no idea what I was doing. As I grew up, I played a whole bunch of other ones: Super Smash Bros, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, etc. But what really got me into fighting games was Blazblue. The characters were great, the story's good, and the moves themselves weren't hard to pull off. Then I heard about Skullgirls, which I'm hoping will get me more into fighting games.
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First fighter I ever played was Street Fighter II, but at the time I thought nothing of fighting games. It wasn't until Tekken 3 that I ever fell in love with the whole concept and mechanics of a fighting game series.
King Of The Monsters was the first game I ever played. I'm pretty sure its a fighter...
I like comic books so I play marvel vs capcom and my dad bought me ultimate mortal kombat 3 as a kid
More me it was the appeal of the characters. SF3, Saw a picture of Ibuki and from there needed to play the game. Yah, The characters are my what got me into and are still my favorite element of FG's.
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My first fighting game was Street Fighter II: Hyperfight on the Genesis. I wasn't really into it then...

It wasn't until I found Guilty Gear x2 Reload that I got really into 2D fighters.
There were so many characters to choose from, and I liked the variety.

Dead or Alive 2 got me into the 3D fighters because of the easy combos...
And all of the gravity-defying boobs in the game...
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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core was what really sparked my interest in fighters. I had played others before but I didn't really are for any of them. I thought the characters were really cool, not a single one I disliked. All the moves and combos were badass and the fights were very frantic and I really enjoyed the faster pace. My very first was actually Killer Instinct but it wasn't until Guilty Gear that I really started getting into the genre.
I looked at Soul Calibur ll's box art, and it looked cool.
So I decided to start playing it and I started playing fighting games in general smile
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Its the only thing most of my friends played and I sucked at it the first time. So it was give up and not play games with anyone else or get better at it. From then on I just loved the challenge and depth to mastering them.

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Mortal combat for the super nintendo. My dad sat me on his lap and taught me how to play it. He and my mom used to beat the crap out of each other in that game. good times good times.

small fun fact:
The worst thing about this is we got a mk game for the xbox back a few years ago and my mom has never played the xbox before. She owned me and my dad on that game like it was nothing. She is vicious.
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Guilty Gear was the first fighting game i liked.... then i went back and played other fighting games i didn't like as a kid and realized just how awesome the genre was....
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I always used to head to arcades to play Street Fighter II when I was 4-5. Played it for a few years and actually ended up getting decent, ha ha.

I didn't actually get back into fighting games until about 2 years ago.
... I have a lot of catching up to do. rofl
I didn't really get into fighters until I was about twelve when I got Marvel vs Capcom on the Dreamcast. Up to that point, my parents thought all fighting games were "mean and hateful", so I didn't play all that many outside of friends' houses and, if I was lucky, arcades.
I have a twin brother, which means I always had someone to play with, and the best thing to play with someone is something that puts mind against mind. It started with Street Fighter, and stayed there, until the glory of Guilty Gear! Now my favorite games are Blazblue and Soul Caliber!

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