Ive tried before and failed. I have always wondered why. what do those other games have, that the one or two ive tried do not have? what garners interest? lots of things I guess. so here is what im going to throw at you. if anyone is interested, please by all means, raise your hands. I will host this game, this fort of GATEIVORY.

Here is the catch, gateivory has NO ORE. gateivory is also accessible to all the races, and the world in which it exists has been altered to contain horrendous numbers of megabeasts/semi-megabeasts/titans.

the promised intro.
Brodich tugged at his beard and ran his hand through his thick, greasy hair. the time had come. he would be brought before the king, and his sentence would be passed down. a hammering for sure this time, really truly. he had gone too far. little things were usually all he got into, being sober on the job, conducting construction in a reasonable and safe fashion, and wearing pants. little offenses like that. this time though, this time... He had been out on the bridge over the magma moat outside the capital. the military was about its regular business of chasing furry animals around the country side when Brodich came upon something that the dwarves had been warned of. a kobold. the wretched little dog like creature tried to sneak by him, but brodich noticed. he panicked. what was it he was supposed to do in case of attack again? "oh good lord." he whispered as he thought of the indecent. he had run inside and pulled all the levers. all of them. simultaneously opening up the dam, turning off the waterfalls, releasing the prisoners in the arena, raising and lowering all the bridges in the damned place EXCEPT the one at the main entrance, and pouring out millions of gallons of precious magma out into the surrounding countryside. he nearly fainted at the thought. Soon, an armed guard came and escorted him from his chambers, which had recently been emptied of all his belongings, and taken to the grand hall. as he entered he noticed that the water damage was almost unnoticeable now, and most of the obsidian had been scraped off the floor. the king smiled at him. "brodich." he said, "how are you? good? been drinking enough?" that was it, "N-no! my lord. ive been skimping on my booze rations again, im sorry. I just... with work... and... stuff I-" the king cut off his babbling with a gesture, "regardless, I am to pass down sentence on you. youve destroyed a lot of work you know? art defacement is a terrible crime indeed." Brodich wanted to fall to his knees, to beg his king for mercy, but he did not. to do so would be a show of weakness and brodich was far from weak. he did not relish pain though, and wanted only for his hammering to be quick and easy. "so..." here it came brodich thought, "I sentence you to overseership of a new settlement!" Brodichs eyes shot up to meet the kings. "w-what?" he asked, he was clearly flabbergasted. "yes, that's right," responded the king, leaning forward in his throne with a wide smile stretched across his face. "the location has been picked out and everything, you are to replace the artwork you have destroyed." leaning back into his jewel encrusted artifact throne, and with another gesture, brodich was shown out the door and to his wagon and crew who would accompany him on his journey.

1. saltmummy626 -finished- groundwork laid
2. Valrandir -finished- drowning tower started
3. Gulf -finished- first goblin siege
4. Drunkencaveogre -skipped
5. misko27 -finished- !!FUN!! on large scale
6. aussievil -skipped
7. mastershizzle -skipped
8. micemicemice -finished- goblins exploit forts weakness, gateivory stands strong still
9. Valrandir -finished- overseer flips out, buries the dead, and lures denizens.
10. Frontestro -skipped
11. tahujdt -current
12. +!!scientist!!+
13. aussievil
14. micemicemice
15. misko27
16. frontestro

this is the current turn order, im going to set a time limit of one week from the players first update, as long as they make an update within 3 days of the last player posting the save. exceptions can be made for certain circumstances.

oh! before I forget, ill be doing dorfings as well.

important world details.
this world is only 35 years old, to insure that the full amount of megabeasts survive world gen.
the number of megabeasts has been altered to be much much higher, along with the number of semi-megabeasts and titans.
this world contains no man or giant versions of creatures introduced in 34.01. the ones from 31.25 still exist though.

quotes! cuz everyone loves quotes!



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