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This sub-section of the Gaming forum is for fighting games.
Now, what excatly is a fighting game, you might ask?

There are lots of games which contain fighting in them, sure, but they are not considered fighting games!

Fighting games are games such as "Street Fighter", "Soul Calibur", and distantly, even "Super Smash Brothers." Games which pit a few character in a small, arena-type setting. The majority of these games are one on one battles, but some of the more recent games have been allowing up to four players at once. Fights are broken up into matches, which are either won by having the most life when a timer runs out, or when one person stands over the broken bodies of his or her challenger/s.

What does not belong here?

  • Hack n' slash games (such as "Diablo" )

  • First person shooter games (such as "Counterstrike" and "Halo" )

  • Adventure games (ie: Tenchu)

  • Wrestling games (wrestling is a sport)

  • Boxing games (see "wrestling games" )

  • 2D Platformers (such as "Castlevania" )

  • Roleplaying games (such as "Final Fantasy" )

  • Strategy games (such as "Front Mission" or "Warcraft" )

  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games ("Anarchy Online" through "World of Warcraft" )

As far as content goes, anything that is made redundant by stickies will be sent to the recycle bin. Any "Who would win" and "Who is better?" threads will share a similar fate, with exceptions for the unlikely cases in which they actually contain more involving content than one or two line quips.

To be clear, the only official threads are the stickies. You should not be reporting any threads you believe are made redundant by normal, user created "official" threads. If it's not a sticky, and not listed in a sticky, then it isn't official.

Game review threads are expected to start with a more in depth post, to be followed by the remarks of others. Chances are that there is already a thread about the game you wish to talk about. If all you have to comment about is one small feature of the game, please seek out another thread on the subject.

What to do when you find a thread that does not belong here!

There seems to be some broad misconception.
Whenever we're called upon to remove threads that are not actually about fighting games, we find that multiple people have posted inflamatory remarks about the thread being in the wrong area.

Now, it's understandable that you're all sick and tired of people posting in the wrong place... But flaming them creates a bit of a problem.

When someone finally reports them, we have to decide whether or not all the people tossing different flavored insults (about intelligence and reproduction) should be officially warned. sweatdrop

It would be much easier on both ends if you would simply report the threads. Otherwise your ends might become prematurely sore.

Short version: Quit flaming the newbies. Report their annoying, out of place threads, instead. Otherwise you'll be banned.

And don't make some stupid excuse along the lines of "How will they learn if we don't tell them?"
Don't be an idiot. We tell them that they've put their thread in the wrong place when we move their threads. You don't have to tell them anything. This includes telling them that they've been reported.

Posting "reported" in a thread will be considered the same as spam.

When reporting, do so by using the report system or by PM. This thread is not the place to report stuff.
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Dapper Tactician

Due to a few growing pains, the old version had to be replaced.

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