This is Cindy Donovinh reporting for Gaia 9 Action News. With forecasters predicting a bizarre blizzard in just a few short weeks, Gaians are throwing one last bash to bring the summer to a close. The first ever Gaia Summer Festival is here! It's a two-week-long water balloon brawl with plenty of fun ways to drench your fellow Gaians. Let's turn it over to the admins for full details:

The Gaia Summer Festival
August 27th - September 7th

Join the Water War in the Forums!

The time has come to choose your team and throw the first volley in the biggest virtual water fight in history! We've created a brand new forum game that lets you join a team, throw balloons at your foes, and help your teammates pump water to launch devastating superweapon attacks.

  • The water balloons you throw in the forum game are free and unlimited! To soak people with the water balloons you've picked up in the Daily Chance, visit Gaia Towns.

  • Throwing water balloons at enemy teams fills up your Drench-O-Meter and gets you cool event items, but pumping water in your home forum is the true path to victory!

  • The scoring is balanced by team size, so don't be afraid to join a smaller team. What really matters is how hard each team member fights. No mercy!

  • At the end of the event, the winning team will receive an exclusive item, so don't slack! Lead your team to victory!

You can view the full rules of the game on the Summer Festival homepage.

Not sure which team to join? Check out this special report from Gaia 9 Action News.

Splash Around in Towns!

Those of you who hate structure should head to Gaia Towns, where we'll be holding a free-for-all balloon battle royale! We've been giving away tons of water balloons in the Daily Chance, and now the time has come to splash some noggins.

  • Here's how to use your balloons in Towns: First, open the "Toy Bag" on the bottom right side of the screen and select your balloons. They'll then appear on the bottom bar of the Towns screen. Click on the balloon icon on the bottom bar and then click where you want to throw it, and presto! Somebody's gettin' soaked!

  • Need more balloons? Have no fear. You can buy them (cheap!) at the Ole Fishing Hole, or get free ones by inviting your friends.

  • Hit up the poolside vending stand to get a special squirt gun emote. Blast your foes with an intense stream of water!

  • Want to take a break from the action and relax a bit? We've added swimming pools and hot tubs to towns! You can find them at the center of each neighborhood map.

  • Remember not to drink too much soda before you get in the pool...

  • If you're seeing weird glitches in towns, try clearing your browser's cache.

New Storyline Updates!

Those of you who read our last comic are probably full of questions: Whatever happened to the Von Helson sisters? What's Edmund been up to? Where did Ian, Edmund and Gambino go after the attack on the mansion? All will be revealed soon! In four days, Gaia will launch a brand new plot comic with plenty of answers… and plenty of new questions!

And furthermore: We're proud to announce that the first two-minute episode of the MMVII Trilogy will be released in two weeks! You can check out the MMVII teaser now for a spine-tingling look at what's to come.