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This is Cindy Donovinh with a special Summer Festival update! The Festival is drawing to a close, but we've still got a lot more fun in store. Please stay tuned for these special messages from the Gaia team.


ninja MMVII is Here! ninja

The first part of Gaia's MMVII trilogy is out! Idealogue & Tronic Studio have teamed up with Gaia to produce a series of animated shorts that shed exciting new light on Gaia's storyline. You can watch MMVII Part One: White Eclipse in the Gaia Cinemas right now!

Stay tuned for more MMVII episodes in the near future!

heart 100k: You Beat Record, We Give Stuff! heart

Excited as you all are about breaking the record for most users online at once, you're probably still wondering about that item we promised you. Unfurrow your impatient brows, ladies and gentlemen. Here it is!

If you logged in between August 29th (when we announced the record attempt) and September 3rd (when the record was broken), you can click the link below to receive your item:

Instead of making some kind of sash or trophy or t-shirt that said 100k, we decided to give you an item that would always remind you of our first Summer Festival. We're proud to present the fresh and fruitacular Watermelon Hat! Please enjoy its watermelonical fruit-hatness.

cool Moving Toward Marketplace 3.0 cool

A quick non-summer tidbit: with the release of Marketplace 3.0 approaching fast, we've taken the step of removing the ability to list items in the old Marketplace. You will still be able to search and buy items from the old Marketplace, but all new auctions must be listed in the new "beta" Marketplace.

For more info on why we're taking this step, check out this thread.

For general info and frequently asked questions about the new Marketplace, please refer to this announcement.