This just in! Gaia 9 Action News has received this urgent bulletin from the Gaia administrators:


The second episode of Gaia's MMVII trilogy has arrived! Idealogue & Tronic Studio have teamed up with Gaia to produce a series of animated shorts that continue Gaia's storyline. Wondering what's up with Ian, Edmund and the undead jerks intent on destroying them? Find out now in MMVII Part Two: Flower of the Night!

And as we all know, half the fun of a Gaia story update (or maybe a little more than half…) is making fun of it. In that spirit, we're once again calling upon Gaia's most sarcastic citizens to create their own versions! We've set up a thread here with a link to download the movie, so you can edit it, redub the dialogue and share it with the world. Enjoy!