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Now you can organize your inventory like you would files on your computer desktop. Use it to:
  • Organize your inventory items however you like!
  • Place items or friends into your suitcase for use in your house.
( Please note that under the new system, items in your suitcase will no longer appear on your 'My Inventory' page. Once you save for the first time, all items in your suitcase will be 'moved' to your suitcase. )
  • Place items into storage. This is especially useful for users with a lot of items.
    To launch the Arranger, go to:
    Profile > My Inventory and click "ORGANIZE MY INVENTORY"
    Profile > My Home

    Using the Organizer
    • Make sure you click SAVE CHANGES after making any changes! (We put this first because it's so important.)
    • Click on Suitcase or Storage to open on of those windows.
    • Click and drag an item to move it -- either to a new spot in the same window, or to another window.
    • To select multiple items, hold SHIFT when you click OR
    • Put the cursor in between items (so that none is highlighted) and click and drag the mouse over a group of items
    • To deselect and item, hold SHIFT and click.
    • Items in Storage and Suitcase are unavailable outside of the arranger. To have an item from the Suitcase or Storage available to equip, sell, trade or vend, you must first move the item out of Suitcase / Storage into your Inventory, and save the changes.
  • there was a small bug with the inventory arranger that caused it to stop saving over the past few days. the bug has been resolved, and the new version is active.

    there is a small remaining bug where if a user has saved in the past with more than 100 items in their suitcase, they will not be able to save, getting the "your inventory has changed since you loaded" error message. the message is wrong, but the problem is still there. there is a 100 item limit on users' suitcase to help the load time in housing, which will stay. we will be releasing a new version in the next few days that reports the error correctly.

    we are sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused.
    The 100 items bug is now fixed in version Alpha 0.38. Let me know if you are still seeing any issues with it.

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