Ahh, Easter! My favorite time of year! A time when spring begins to bloom, and baby chicks litter the land like so many fat yellow dandelions! A time when chocolate is freely available to every child! A time for joy and egg-hunting! A time when that fat crook Santa and that creepy old ne'er-do-well Jack have cease their arrogant holiday showboating and bow down before the majesty of the Easter Bunny!

Er... sorry, I got a little caught up in old grudges.

Let's leave our grievances behind and go on an egg hunt! I've hidden eggs all around the site, and I've given Rufus at the Barton Boutique some special gifts to give to dedicated egg-hunters. I just hope he doesn't eat them all...


How to Play:

When you browse the forums and the main site pages, you'll occasionally find Easter eggs! Click on the egg to grab it. Once you've found a few eggs, visit dear ol' Rufus at the Barton Boutique Event Exchange to trade them in for some special Easter items! If you'd rather score some gold, you can sell them back to the stores instead.

You can also find small Easter eggs scattered around towns. You can sell 'em to the stores for some walking-around money.

If you get sick of egg-collection and want to disable the eggs for a while, click here to disable the event.

If you've disabled the egg hunt and want to turn it back on again, click here to re-enable it.

This event will run through Monday. Have a great time!