It's time! It's time! Today is the 15th according to my countin' stick! heart

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Let December's collectibles keep you warm and looking fantastic in leather and lace!
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    Princesse Honoré - A stylishly sweet royal with a taste for lace. From her spun sugar crown to her layers of chiffon skirts, Honoré sparkles with festive holiday spirit. Her ruffled unmentionables and dainty heels may not protect you from the cold, but you'll be the most scrumptious thing this side of the cookie platter.

    Old Nikolas - A legendary figure in the frosty north for centuries. His just rule of the elven people is not to be mistaken for complacency in old age; though he has a jolly heart, he has won countless battles with his birch spear, his crimson leather garments magically protecting him from the bitter cold wind while less hardy invaders succumb to the elements. Though his braided beard has started to silver, his king's heart still beats with vitality and vigor, ho ho!

December's Monthly Collectibles are available now in the Cash Shop. Grab them while you can, they won't be around forever!