'Sup, everyone? Looks like those admin guys are up to something again!

    We thought we'd shake things up a little with the announcements and start highlighting some of the interesting things going on with the Gaia community!

    To start things off, we wanted to give a plug to the fine folks running the Gaian Theatre Company. This dedicated group has been providing live entertainment in Gaia Towns, putting on regular shows for anyone wanting to watch. They have performed everything from Rent to the Rocky Horror Show, as well as some original material. No word on when they are going to perform Glengarry Glen Ross, but our word filters are ready for the challenge.

    The Gaian Theatre Company has been in operation since June of 2006, making this month their two year anniversary! Keep your eyeballs peeled for upcoming performances by the group for a fun and unique Gaia experience!

Visit the Gaian Theatre Company!

    This is not a quest and this group is in no way affiliated with Gaia, we just wanted to highlight some creative folks using the site! Be sure you observe all the rules in their thread and of the forums and do not spam or be abusive!

    Stay tuned to the announcements forum for more daily updates on all things Gaia!