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Random House has teamed up with Gaia to bring you a sneak peek at three of their newest titles, as well as three opportunities to earn some extra Gaia Gold!

    First up, watch the trailer for Rapture to earn some Gold! Luce and Daniel are attempting to stop Lucifer from erasing the past, and their time is running out. Rapture is the fourth and final Fallen novel by author Lauren Kate.

    Next, read the synopsis for Lies Beneath and vote in our poll! Author Anne Greenwood Brown weaves a brilliant story of murderous mermaids living under Lake Superior that must prey on humans to survive.

    Then, click banners for the new release Poison Tree! Written by author Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, the book details two twenty-something young women trying to outrun their very different pasts, figure out where they fit in, and who they might become.

Check out each of the books and consider picking them up-- there's nothing quite like curling up with a good novel!