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I thought about adding more attacks.. or atleast every MoGa attack shall have an additional effect. An Unique..

for example:

"Black Gold" shall have a Zodiac attack -> Dark Golden Fire
when hitting the enemy, the enemy will be damaged 3 rounds for 10% of the initial damage
(He is a gold/black Dragon.. why shall he dont have a goldish and blackish attack?

or Dinho..
instead of giving him a 15% chance to increase his critical chance for 5 rounds..
he shall have a 100% chance to fully crit the next 2 attacks, when he hits the enemy critical (with 3 turns cooldown) (He actually can improve his physical damage and his critical chance.. would make him more interresting!)

or even Azurel
Shelldestroyer -> as higher the Defence of the enemy, as more damage you make..
like.. for every star he shall get 10% (means 5% more damage per half stars)
making him weak against offensive monster, but instead strong against defensive MoGas..
(Giant scissors.. = Hard Damage against slow monsters.. quick monsters would escape!)

other monsters could have passive effects instead of offensive effects..

damages the enemy by 5% of his Health, every time he gets attacked!
(he has needles over his whole body!)

10% chance per turn, to be immune against the next attack (Damage and status effects)
(He has a shell ;O)

Chance of 15% to stun the enemy for 1 turn, when attacking. (Cooldown when activated -> 1 turn)
(Hes snake-like.. he could capture his enemy and attack him then!)
Just an idea.. would make the MoGas more unique.. so you wont depend on the status, the attacks and the coolness.. but you could barely fight with pure strategy.. biggrin
¬_¬ push

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