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i would love to see archaeon in the sky shop im been trying to get it for a longtime would love it to be a low price like 100 - 200 or 225 moga cash or even maybe iit evolution before it basilisk at a good price like 100 so i can get 4 of them in 2 weeks
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As much as I would like that to be possible I don't think they'd ever sell a galactic moga at a low price. It just wouldn't make sense and it's not very realistic. The last galactic I saw in the shop was 800mc.

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i agree, people do not realize that 800MC is already a big sale, if they reduce price so much to 200MC no one is going to use CI or they will have to make CI like 10MC per super spin

standard price used to be 1500MC for a galactic moga at sky shop ( but they sold them very rarely maybe 1-2 times a year you would need to play CI for one, plus there was no moga cash drops )

Since sky shop became more active about 2 months ago we had following :

Gravedigger was 1600MC ( when you add up all pre -evos) i wanted him bad but it was way too much for my budget smile
Bushidon 900MC ( 9 pre - evos at 100 each)
Soulcleaver 1500MC ( 20 pre evos at 75 each)
Achaeon 1135MC up to 2 days ago ( 25 pre evos at 45 each) i want him also but still too high
Osteros 945 MC up to 2 days ago ( 21 pre evos 45 each)
Nian 888 MC
Valgore now 800MC ( thinking about it )

Skylars chest average prices in last 2 months ( keep in mind average price is about 62-64% odds of getting moga) you may get it for lot less but you may pay average price and not get it

Archaeon 1500MC average price ( 100 spins on average) 1 in 4 odds for pre evo but you would need 25 pre evos
Ninetails 750MC average price ( 50 spins on average)
Niesag 750 MC average price ( 50 spins on average)
Carnage 420 MC average price ( 28 spins on average ) 1in 4 odds for 7 pre evos

My final advice to the person who wants galactic moga for under 200 MC is spin for it and hope for the best, its unlikely but possible

3 cheapest galactic moga I got :

Osteros 150 MC 3 super spins
Niesag 60 MC 4 spins in skylars chest
Walkyrien 50 MC 1 super spin

Worst one i got

Ninetails 8 super spins and 41 spins in skylars chest
total cost 1015 MC
Have a Moga you'd like to see in the Sky Shop? Let us know here!

can u sell cherubis again?
i need 10 cherubis, for archaeon
and birdrodent,
please..... cry crying
need cherubis please,,.
Have a Moga you'd like to see in the Sky Shop? Let us know here!

Basilik (for Archaeon), Gremlin(for Carnage), Wretch(for Mercikiller) and Frostfang(for Gravedigger).

Archaeon is my favorite, i've wasted a lot of mc but never got it crying , pls put Basilik to sky shop smile
so good u all got moga cash
i missed the level 30 hellhound in the sky shop so plase make it available again and also anubis....and put some lees priced galactic mogas also like for 150 mc.!!!!plz plz plz do it
put hellhound and anubis again plz plz plz
crying plz put hellhound AND ANUBIS plz plz
Plisss Add me
Can someone tell me a moga cash link because i really want Archeon! sad crying crying
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Looking forward to the game being up and running for everyone again! ^^
Also, I haven't posted in the while, so just wanted to recall the two moga I would love to see in the Sky Shop.

Those two moga would be Soulcleaver (or Grimmace/Reaper), and Carnage (or Gremlin).

Thanks to you and the other devs, and I hope any problems are fixed soon.
Keep up the good work!! 3nodding

i want cherubis in sky shop once more crying
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I really love what has been done with the Sky Shop in the "Moga CI" section. It's perfect!

I hope this is a permanent addition to the shop. This way everyone is happy.
Thank you so much! heart

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Archeon would be awsome. It could be sold for 250 moga cash which would be $20.

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