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Hi Programmers/Admins/Monster Galaxy people,

I'm sure most of us here use a certain combination of Mogas everytime we fight.
but, when we rest them or have to remove them for one reason or another it can get quite fiddly adding them back one-by-one, especially when we have nearly 100 Mogas. sweatdrop

As such... wouldn't it be great if we could "save" our teams and name them? Then before we leave our homes bases we could select the whole team instead of one Moga at a time. Each team would have 3 different mogas in it.

Our teams could be personalized and named as well, and we could swap Mogas in our teams too.
but to make this more fair we could also put a cap on how many Mogas we can swap at a time.

I agree with you and support this idea. It saves time when you need to select your team.

In suggestion, may I also suggest an Edit button? Just in case people wanted to change their team around. ^^;
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love the idea 4laugh 3nodding 4laugh
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I post something like this long time ago too, why don't someone summarize all requests into 1 post so the devs will be able to look at all of it in one topic???
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I was thinking this as i was playing last night. I like to switch my moga around and have different teams and it is a real pain selecting them all by hand. I think if we could save teams that would make it much easier
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that would be nice

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