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I'm not sure if anyone posted these, so I'm gonna. xp

-I just want to be able to give star seeds to ALL my friends instead of just one. I keep saying this. There is no point in having so many friends if none of them give star seeds back. So why not allow us to give all our friends 1 star seed a day?

-Card Collection: Being able to sell excess cards for in game currency. Not the moga cash or star coins. But some other type that allows us to buy potions and stuff.

-Fairly easy and everyone posted it. Releasing mogas.

-A little less grinding. I mean some is fine, but when you have to spend almost a whole day to level your mogas it kinda kills the experience. Plus a lot of people don't have that kind of time.

-Not everything is about money. Really I don't play this game as much because everything requires me to spend my hard earned money. Why would I want to pay 5 dollars for 5 star seeds and have the capture rate as crappy as it is. Even if I paid to have the catch rate 100% is still too much. 25 for a staryak? Thats just ridiculous.

-Capture Rate. Can we tweak this a little? At least until you make it possible to obtain more star seeds. I never have more than 2 star seeds at a time and I can't go around farming for cards. I'm sure a lot of people have the same issue.
what the hell is this
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what the hell is this

Random suggestions....and or complaints.
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Well, for the unlimited ss giveout a day, Eventhough you can get only 5 ss a day, that's alot. There's even some bug or glitch that when you collect 5 ss that day, 5 more people can give you ss THAT day too. To be able to give out unlimited ss, that's too easy way to get ss.....

And the card! Yep not only you got the excess cards. But there's no in game currency for now but card trading maybe.

I agree about the idea of relesing moga!

Oh well grining for level. If you got yourself loads of whistles, that's not much problem! But well, I just play little by little everyday. Even though my highest lv moga only lv 38 (nearly 39), I can still live without problem.

And yep, if you think spending that amount of money is not resonable, then don't pay for it!

But now the capture rate.... Since stroger mogas the harder it is to catch. So 4% legy is reasonable to be that hard to catch! I guess......

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