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k, so i had never played a facebook game before.

sooooo the likely hood of me jumping in to BUY summer springs is very unlikely.

honestly i think you're stupid for making that a cash only item from the get go, the LEAST you should so it make it a little more expensive since it's not the sing up "GIFT" or whatever, be a sleaze that way, but don't ******** tease me

i've spent like 60++ bucks gaia, in like 2 months.... i've added strangers i don't know so i can play your damn game, i think the least you can do is give me a rainbow house -_-

i'm not gay or anything like that but my farm is a rainbow,

and i'm guna ******** quit gaia, and summer springs, and soulcrash too if this is the way you're gunna play, stop being so damn corporate and remember that your players are ******** people with lives and some of them have been very loyal to you in the past, but now that you're getting all these new rules and s**t, i feel like you're moving too fast to let honest *donaters* from day one keep up, and honestly, idon't tihnk it's fair and i don't think i want to be part of your "gaia fever studio" if this is what it's going to entail. -_-

maunipulative bullshiiiitttt.

it's bad enough with the EI's you guys keep out for such a short time HERE, but that's you'r choice, this is a damn facebook game, s**t should be free to begin with, just because you can be corperate american pigs doesn't mean your customers will like you and your bullshit.

yeah, i'm that pissed off. xD

i spent like 60-80 bucks because i love gaia and i wanted to very much be involved with their new s**t SINCE YOUR BATTLE SYSTEM SUCKS a**.

soul crash is what ZOMG should have been. anyway.

these are my suggestions and basically my last screw you too,

if anyone that actually reads this and isn't a spoiled little kid, and that isn't going to TLDR me or call me an angry lesbian , my facebook tage is omgboatie and maybe when you see my rianbow farm and ******** cash items why the ******** i'm so pissed -_-

other than that, i really don't wanna hear that i'm a butthurt f** or anything, you should really think about what FACEBOOK gaming is versus your own little go-gaia.com, k?

i'm so disappointed in you i don't think i'll ******** be back. after ten years 8 constantly ******** here spending money on your s**t being a proud gaia nerd no ******** more.......... ******** you.

your coperate whorism is too much and it's not fair to people who have ******** lives and bills to pay to try and keep up, you s**t is too frequent and too expensive here and other places you're a sleaze, soooooo BYE BYE
oh and also, for your ******** little summer springs bullshit, when people pay 90 cash to skip over buying something for 120, it's kinda ******** bulllshit you don't get the flower reward and get like 150g, like, WOW WHAT A ******** AWEESOME PRIZE FOR SPENDING ******** 4 BUCKS WOOOHOOO. i was ******** level 25 before i even knew HOW flower links were MADE, and now i'm stuck on level 30 with NO ******** QUESTS. thanks a lot ya ******** blowholes.
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Dude i'm actually surprised how super rude you are to these guy's they make a game and you don't like, who freaking care's? just get rid of it, i know your not pleased but you don't have to play or pay for anything if you don't wanna, there not forcing you to, thats your option, and you chose to pay for it, it's not there fault it's actually yours for choosing to pay or play it. confused

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