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This games needs a a lot of tweaks in their scenario. A logic well made of rarity levels and evolution logic - and not something almost random.
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@Everyone who's signed recently: Thanks for signing! Sorry I was away, had to eat. Glad to see so many people signing biggrin
I'll sign also! All for Plasmadon and Plasmadon for ALL!
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OMG im totaly INNN dude my plasmadon is not stronger than my Momo -.- burning_eyes i captured 5 plasmians and the last 1 cost me 43 starseeds(no noob im not a hacker -.-) i was like Wtf dude and my plasmadon is not bigger than a BEEFEE
eek eek eek
Sure, why not? I'll sign. :]
I say I say make him Galactic!

Signed ..... heart heart
For my two PLASMIANS rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl
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I sign it!
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i sign biggrin
Why not? Count me in! smile
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*takes out a pen and signs*

Eh, there really isn't a specific place for moga petitions. I guess you could make the argument for it to go in "Feature Requests", but personally it seems fine where it is.

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