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Developers, hopefully someone gives this a read. I know that this is just a new step in game balance. I know it will increase the challenge level for people who start the game from today, and it will probably be reasonable for people who are facing mogas at the new levels from the beginning. But for people who have already begun playing, the changes make things... well, really difficult.

At the time the new system was implemented, I had about 3/4 of Nova's quest finished. My highest was a level 16 and I had two others at level 15. I was working my way through Pueblonia without much trouble. Overnight, I find myself unable to work on ANY quest, much less Nova's. The mogas I had just captured are useless, because I caught them at the old levels. I need to level each of my mogas at least five levels to be back where I was before, which is going to mean a week- or more, with my schedule- of boring grinding. The new difficulty rating means that, even if I burn through all of my coffee, every day, I can't get very much exp before needing to have my mogas nap. Mogas that are more than 15 levels higher than mine don't actually net very much exp. The challenge level of a fight doesn't seem to have much effect on the level of the reward.

In short, I really like the game, but the new changes have me kind of cringing about the necessary leveling like it's some kind of chore- all so I can pick back up where I was and begin to enjoy the game again.

Higher exp rates would really help this, I think. As it stands, I'm feeling a bit put off by the whole thing.