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Since the reason of summer is here, why not add a circus or country town fair?
And when will the Summer Springs going to make a fishing spot? Nobody loves eating fish?
A country fair sounds like a feature, not really an item, building, or.. whatever. A fishing spot would be a good idea. What would it look like though? Like one of the ponds that we click to harvest and stock? What would we stock it with? What kind of fish would come out? If it was to be a generic fish and be called "fish" it could be used in a lot of new factories and maybe a new animal.

Maybe they could release different themes for the villages like a new "forest" theme that would add some new trees like pine trees that you could harvest pine cones from. They could send out new decor items and well, along with a fishing hole and some log cabin-styled houses, factories, and some forest animals like bears or a new kind of duck pen like a Mallard pin. (They did this for deers, so) You could use the fish to feed them, or something. Maybe they could give us 1 or 2 new crops.

Sounds like a farmville update, eh? I'd like to see some new stuff in the game though. I'm not about to go crazy with variants and dare to ask "CHERRY ice cream, but not CHOCOLATE?" I'm not about to get angry that they give us sand and a dolphin statue but no beach theme. Why the give us limited edition items you need to be like level 5,000 for then take them away before anyone can really even buy them, or why we use asparagus and onion in a steak recipe but use no ketchup (if not BBQ). Don't most people put some kind of sauce on their steaks? Well, I think we could have a lot more factories and animals with what we have now, no need to add anything, but I would like to see some new stuff none the less.

I had an idea of making some kind of storage item we can have out on the village, for people that keep multiples of things. For example, a big "hen house" or a "chicken coop" that would be twice, or three times, the size of a normal hen house but will hold +1 or +2 hens. It could also look really nice and pretty like on a farm. Or a "dairy farm" that would be twice the size and hold 4 cows. Hm, it was just a thought. dramallama
allison coyle

Smart ideas, Allison. emotion_brofist

I was also thinking the same, since land space is so precious and it's not really pretty to have multiple of the same factory crowding the place. emotion_8c

Since they are introducing the waterway soon, I guess a fishing pond is an awesome idea. We all love water features! But I hope we will have winding river options too...if that's not too much to ask. Because straight waterway= monsoon drain. emotion_sweatdrop

And I hope they have considered introducing bridges too...or else it will be plain.

I love the summer idea. It's sad all we have are welcome balloons and festival gate + grafitti walls (which nobody buys anyways). I want to see more 'fun' element to this game than just plain ol' Italian/Holland-ish village style.

I also had other features suggested here.

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