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I want to submit a picture of my Moga... a very special moga... with the stats I want on her (three guesses what it is if you know me well. =D)

I got a pic, but I need to color it.

Could it be done? I rather not go against other competitors though, I only do traditional art and have tried thousands of ways to make digital art without ANY success, which I've seen the finalist's art, and they would eat my quality of artwork for breakfast. So don't try to offer suggestions to help, I have tried them all, digital tools, input devices, tutorials, classes, friends, professionals, and commissions/trades. Deal with it guys, I'm just not digital artist material, even though one of my dreams was to become the greatest digital artist in the world. It was really sad when I failed after working for years (5 years) so hard on my goal. I still can't draw a straight line. sad Anyway, I won't submit my pic until I get the go ahead.

Why don't I compete anyway and try? Because I never ever in my life won a contest, game, ect. Don't feel bad for me, it's not your fault. But that's just the icing. Every time I enter a drawing contest, someone with a digital art ALWAYS wins, unless it's traditional only, and even then, my art is so crude I still lose. But hey, the world is meant to be harsh, cruel, and unfair. Some of us are just borne losers, but at least they can deal with it. :S

I, however, have had enough of competitions. I've been in fist fights, flame wars, vulgar uproars, and the like in the aftermath of losing to something I didn't and couldn't afford to lose. It took me a while to figure out I was a borne loser, and I've shed too much of my blood and reputation already being so young in years (20 years old). So I've called it quits towards everything but human-vs-computer games, where you really are not putting something you are very passionate about into the judge's eyes.

I have the right to not want to compete, guys. So please, do not be a jerk and start attacking me like those guys did on simtropolis forums or Deviantart Forums. I can't handle the pressure.

Anyway, this creature of mine is really special to me. I plan to own a plush of it when I can find a high quality manufacturer that makes life-sized plush toys in single distributions for the normal price of 50-100 dollars (life size price)

I haven't met someone who shares my enthusiasm of this creature. I think it's probably because it looks like something young kids would be interested in, not teens or adults. I admit, it is a bit young-oriented, but it is non the less cute, cuddly, and innocent, so why not add this to this kid's game?

The point is, never judge a book (or creature) by it's design or make-up or the way it was made. There's a heart of gold within this creature. I'll tell you what it is when I get the go ahead (NO STEALING! SHE'S VERY PRECIOUS TO ME. I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN WITH NO MERCY.)

The concept of creature is new, though.

By the way, I am asking the guys who created this game. I saw Monoceros, Nexodeus, and Daunthus in the game at one time, and as much as I would like to play those creatures, I really more like to play with my creature as well. In fact, I am so passionate about my creature, my parents think I am worshiping it as an idol to the max. Of course, I have never "bowed" to the creature because that is against my religion. But who couldn't adore such a creature? My creature does not exist anywhere online cause I created it. And I have a little surprise design to go along with it when I win the lottery and release the mass distribution of about 10000 out to the public. Right now, I'm working out the blueprints of this super secret project.

Anyway, I hope all the finalists become playable as well. I would like to put Monoceros into my team for this reason.

My dream team would consist of:

1. [My creature] 2. Monoceros 3. Gocon 4. Swirlicorn 5. Kirin 6. Selection from Faust, Unigon, Cervalin, or Arion or his Evolution.

Go ahead and call me immature, crazy, or ill if that was what you were thinking of me. I'm used to it. It's my developmental issues.


I just wish they would hurry up and reset my account so I can start over. :S