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Well, I come up with these items, so maybe helpful to both us player and devs

lets start with cash thingy first......

1. More cap ratio package. As the name say, it increased the capture rate and the package last for a period of time 8 hours, 1 day, 1 week what ever. There must be variety of % increase like 3, 5, 10.
2. More item drop package. Well, now wild moga have more chance to drop item AND also more item drop like colas and HP drink. Same as first one, it last for certain period of time.
3. Renaming item. As the name say.

Now for dropable items........

1. Treasure map jigsaw. Well, kinda similar to the card but ALOT harder. may be 10+ pieces to collect and each jigsaw piece will give you clue to the place where the next jigsaw is. By completing it give you loads of loot! And/Or maybe a guarding moga at the end of the quest which are not usually found in the map but you can capture them.

2. Taxi ticket. Well if Taxi cat can take you anywhere in the map, I think the ticket will help getting you there. And this ticket can be bought from the shop too. Now people won't be finding surprise attacks anymore.

3. Renaming item. I think renaming moga might not be reasonable to use money on so why don't make it a dropable item???

4. Summoning stone fragment. Summoning stone well, someone has already think of it (I can't remember who) is to summon past event mogas. The Summoning stone fragments are quite differ. Single one of this item is... useless! Unless combine with 4 other of the same kind! Yep, each fragments is differ. There're 4 main type of summoning stones : The Legendary mogas stone (Easy to find), Quest mogas stone (not so rare), Summonig only Moga stone(Rare) and Event mogas stone (Really really rare).

Once you complete 4 summoning stone fragments of the kind, you can summon the moga of that stone(Ex: W.Lepus stone or maybe the rabbit stone which can summon either Lepus or W.lepus), ONLY ONCE! Well look useless but atleast give all people chance to get mogas they want. I think if Dungeon function is open, those stones will be found ONLY there.
I like the idea of cap ratio package, giving the tamers a little boost to increase their catch rate. However, having it lasts up to 8 hours is too much. I'm okay about having it set to like 30 minutes or an hour. That way, you can still have challenge in the game. Having 8 hours or more will make the game too easy to finish. >>; In addition, if the developers do like the idea, I have a feeling that they will make it to increase catch rate PER battle. sweatdrop

For the item drop, I don't think the developers will set it as the same scale as the Blue Coffee drop rate. After all, they need people to buy items from their Sky Cat shop. >>; As for the renaming, as much as I wanted it, I also have a feeling that the developers will make it differently.

For the treasure map jigsaw, that's sound interesting. The only issue I have is "each jigsaw gives you a clue to the location of the next jigsaw." It will be too easy to figure out and able to finish the jigsaw quicker.

The Taxi ticket sounds reasonable. Hopefully, it's not a bit too pricy to buy. >>;

For the summoning stone, I like how you've made the system. However, it's the type of summoning stones I don't like. I understand that you want to make the summoning stone types more unique, but at the same time, you're making it too much work and maybe a bit complicated for the technicians and developers to make it happen.

For example, the "Only Moga" stone. There are so many Mogas in the games, that's too much to make it specific for just one Moga. Not to mention, with new Mogas coming into the game, it will be too much for the developers to classified which Mogas go into which category of the summoning and adding it into the system.

I will understand if the summoning stone types are set by the elements of the Zodiac (aka: Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water), or maybe the Zodiac and Rarity. However, not the quests, only Mogas, and event one. talk2hand
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@ Raiten Thank for making my ideas look better!

Well, as you say, incresing cap rate for a period of time is bad for many people cuz they com are slow so, increase rate per battle seem fair enough!

And for the Jigsaw map, I just came up with different idea, sorta similar to bingo. The way it work is, when you gain a map (let say 5x5 grid), you got 2 jigsaw pieces unlocked for you, that's where treasure is and your start point. When you gain another jigsaw piece, you will unlock the pieces adjacent to the start point. And if that piece show up to be the path, then next time you get a jigsaw piece, you unlock another piece around the previously unlocked one. But if you didn't find the path, then you gonna wait till next piece. Continue the cycle until you connect the start point with the place where the tresure is buried, you win! Well by the way this is quite hard to understand I guess (confusing even myself). Maybe the old one is already good but gotta randomly find jigsaw pieces instead.

Now the summoning stone. I might think I am really give a hard job for the devs to do haha! So maybe lessen the classes of stone is a good idea ^^.

And another idea just pop up when I typing the new jigsaw, Where is this place/what is this moga???! This is an item(or maybe daily event) that will show the picture of the map or maybe moga and you gotta guess what it is. Well there's a timer ofcourse! But I am thinking should it be typing or choices. If typing, prize maybe bigger but if choice, prize maybe only 1 SS of BC.
I don't think it's the computer. It's more like the developers haven't fix the lag glitch out. We can't do anything about that. I understand that it will be fair to those who have "slow" connection, but at the same time, is it really their connection that's moving slow or the lagging bug?

I understand what you said about the jigsaw map. It will be hard to find the jigsaws, but fun to do so. As for the new idea, it sounds similar to Surprise Attack, but differently. I like how you add another "puzzle" to the jigsaw. 3nodding

Classes? As in Strikers and Defenders or differently? sweatdrop

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