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Better gifting system!

Now I have a big friends list of inactive accounts and they show up when i want to gift something to one person and can't remember their name. It would be great if you only showed the people who played rather than my friends list.
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I'm sure people have brought this up before, but, how about removing friends from the invite tab list when they become your neighbor? It's stupid to have them there still.

Another thing someone must have brought up before: A 'send to all' button for gifts.
Also, only having neighbors on the gift list rather than all friends so non MG playing friends don't get annoyed at you sending them things for a game they don't play.
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Dear All

I would like inform game monster galaxy for iphone and we have some problem did not run game. Why did not run. Please investigate Thanks.
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I think I've been here before
but I have to say I agree with all of those ideas.
I really want to get rid of some of my mogas, and I think the higher chance idea is the best because in the end I waste most of my starseeds and end up dying... it's not worth it.
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I would have to agree with most of the ideas in this thread.
Our mogas need a faster "resting" time then what we have now, some of mine have to sit for over an hour. It can get a little annoying with all the surprise attacks that happen through traveling, and the experience really isn't always worth it.
Evolution was exciting for me until i found out you need multiple mogas for it. It would be cool if some had a level for evolution just like another Gaian posted before.
AND OMG THE GIFTS!! The gifts need a better way to send them. going through the whole friends list is not a fun way to do it. I like to support all my neighbors by sending them stuff but it gets hard when i have to go through and read every person.
My hopes are that the creators see these ideas and use them in the near future just to make the game better then it already is. biggrin
I have a ton of Bamfs and Sandburrows, some that I will never level up nor can I evolve. I suggest they make some mogas that we get through collection like the aforementioned be able to go through the evolution process.
This awesome thread should be added to the list of helpful links at the bottom of this wonderful guide: stratification of mogas: tips on picking a team 4laugh
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guys they are not trying to re create pokemon. howver i think the rare ones should remain rare.. i like it.. i just want to suggest.. a move tree of moves we get to choose for our mogas.. maybe as quest prises.. like a bunch of teachable zodiac moves razz would be awesome for new moves that blind rolleyes and make immoble other mogas..

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