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Why don't you add an Stadium for MoGa-Tamers (since you already implemented the Team-Fight)
For first you could actually just let the MoGa-Tamers fight against random NPCs in different cups. When you finished the cup, you shall get an reward.. [Only the first entrance will get rewarded.. when you start the same cup again, you won't get any reward!]
f.e. (Lambo-Cup: lvl 20) f.e. Reward: 1 Star Seed
(Wasabee-Cup: lvl 25-30) Reward: 1 Star Seed, 2 Whistles (and so on)
(Owlreed-Cup: lvl 31-35)
(Mimble-Cup: lvl 36-40)
(Nomy-Cup: lvl 41-45)
(Melodee-Cup: lvl 46-50)
(Black Gold-Cup: lvl 51-60)

After that you could implement the
(Training-Cup) -> where people with theyre highest leveled MoGa fight against the same level Trainers.
Coffee, Bonus attacks and Star Seeds are of course prohibited.
Those Training-Fights shall get you the same EXP as an normal Team fight.

That would make the end-game funnier and of course much more interresting.
I've seen people who just stopped playing, because they tamed almost all MoGas (even Black Gold) and then hadn't something to do.
That would make leveling even easier! (So its not that boring)

Of course: when you lose, you don't get any XP or rewards.. and your MoGas has to restore (even after win) ! so you cant abuse it to level up!
Private fights (against friends, that you choose) shall be not rewarded with XP -> Since there would be too much abuse!

In the end-phase of the Stadium you could add an rating (starting with 1000)
the three Person with the highest Rating at the end of the season shall get an major reward. (f.e. an limited status MoGa's (an Offensive goldish Azurel for example))

Win: +5 Rating
Lose: -5 Rating

Win Streak+1: +7 Rating
Lose Streak+1: -6 Rating

Win Streak +2: +9 Rating
Lose Streak +2: -7 Rating

(All numbers and ideas are examples!!!)
Why doesn't anyone reply to this? Oo
I think the idea is awesomely great!
Heheh, I'm having hard times reading all the new suggestions, don't know how the devs could manage razz Don't worry...

I totally support you suggestion, and will extend it further:
The "cups" you mentioned, could be linked to Gaia's ACHIEVEMENTS... thus making this site more important and cooler for the non-gaia users.
The idea is great though! And will keep people busy for a while. But levels must be harder, or we must have team-battles or something, to make it tougher...
of course there are teambattles...... its an arena to battle other Tamers.. o,O in pvp or against NPCs.. they all shall have 3 MoGa.. would be unfair if not!
lil push ¬.¬

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