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Red Dye Number Three

I agree with you there, the number 25 was just used as an example.

Since there seems to be 3 empty "slots" in the gifting window, based on how it looks,
perhaps they could do something like this:

40 HP Potion - Default
Evolution Potion - Default
Starseed - 4 Neighbors
100 HP Potion - 10 Neighbors
250 HP Potion - 25 Neighbors
500 HP Potion - 50 Neighbors
Blue Coffee - 75 Neighbors
2x Exp Potion - ??? Neighbors

I just threw in the 2x Exp Potion at the end there because I thought it made sense,
but if that is too much to ask they could just not do it and keep Name Tag as a default.

I just felt this was a pretty reasonable solution. Any thoughts?

That all seems good, but... The neighbor counts seem really high for the upper items. More on that later, though.
Part of me feels like there should be an gifting option for Fizzy Cola instead of so many HP potions. Luckily, the system for using items on Monster Galaxy isn't like that of Pokemon, where using an item means that an entire turn is taken. Theoretically, five 40 HP Potions would be just as effective as one 250 HP Potion (disregarding the 10 HP discrepancy). This means that, for users, it'd be more effective to offer items with a variety of effects rather than a niche of items. Instead of a 500 HP potion, I think that Fizzy Cola should be offered, though at a slightly discounted neighbor amount.
Instead of such a rapidly escalating neighbor tier for gifts, I think it should be offered in more of a gentle scale.

40 HP Potion - Default
Evolution Potion - Default
Starseed - 5 Neighbors
100 HP Potion - 10 Neighbors
250 HP Potion - 25 Neighbors
Fizzy Cola - 40 Neighbors
Blue Coffee - 65 Neighbors
2x Exp Potion - ??? Neighbors

Truth be told, most of this is guesswork. Developers and strategists (and whoever else they have working on the non-coding aspects of the game) will probably have a more realistic amount in mind, one that benefits the players and is still cost effective for the Sky Shop. Whatever happens, I know that the serious players will add however many friends necessary, and will probably maintain that friendlist for quite a while. Casual players or cautious Gaians who don't want to add strangers will play as they please, either with limited items or with Moga Cash.
Whatever happens, I feel that Devs will eventually hear our cry for Blue Coffee at the least and try to implement a change. If not, then... well, I'm sure they're aware of the many gripes that players already have with the system's difficulty.

Yes this sounds like a great idea, bringing the Fizzy Cola as a free gift would be as great as Blue Coffee as a free gift because I think it's as usefull as the Blue Coffe especially if you have a Moga with the Vampire Embrace 3nodding because they rarely loose in HP, not my Bladewing at least, the only time I use Blue Coffe for him is when all his attacks are depleted. So instead of wasting these precious Blue Coffee on him it would be great to have more Fizzy Cola to use instead and spare the Blue Coffee for other Mogas 3nodding
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Agreed! Make this happen, resting times are just crazy. Hours of rest and only minutes of play sad

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