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I enjoy the game, i play it about twice to three times a day. once in the morning while waking up, and a few times after work chilling out.

1, More long term crops.

I would like to see more long term crops with higher pay offs. so far the longest crop growth time i know about its the sunflowers, which with bees, an apple tree, and a apple jam factory makes a nice profit.

2. Upgradeable factories

I like to decorate my farm and make it look asthetically pleasing but in order to crop out the good amounts of gold i have to have too many of one animal, tree, and/or factory. It would be nice to say instead of buying wine factories, buy one, and after its build, hit and upgrade button, which would take the same time as building the first one, to double its input and out put, It should of course also double the amount of happyness that the factory takes up, so you end up with a wine factory that cost the same as two in everything except land. This would leave more land open for decoration thus allowing for more happyness. Im having enuff trouble packing happyness off into my farms to be able to support these facilities but still have enuff land!