so i think we could use more farmable plots, to do this it should be based off of how many plots you currently have and scale higher and higher in cost

i did however send this suggestion directly to support.... TBH, i didnt even know that this part of the forum was here

so at 6 plots(which is lvl 1) you would be able to buy 1 extra for 500 cash (high amount cause cash is very easy to obtain in the forum)

and the scale should be about +10% to +20% of last cost, but as you receive free ones from leveling up, it would only skip that cost and

like this first one
when you have 6 plots would be 500 cash
when you have 7 plots would be 550 cash
when you have 8 plots would be 625 cash
when you have 9 plots would be 725 cash
when you have 10 plots would be 850 cash
and so on....

so you bought the 500 cash plot then you lvl up to lvl 2(i do believe it gives you 1 free plot) so then you have 8 so the next plot you can buy would then cost you 625 cash


for +1 plots would be 500 cash
for +2 plots would be 550 cash (it would only give you one more but because you bought the first one its then +2 plots)
and so on....

or it could be just a straight 500 cash (which i think might be too low) for each new plot