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All the feature of the game was fantastic and great but there's only one major dissapointment in it.. How about eliminate the limit of the attack feature?? I mean, 15 for main attack.. Just eliminate that feature so that we can play more longer rather wait for the monsters nap.. One more thing, can you just make the nap time only for monster who died in battle or zero hp??
As much as I wanted to have the nap time to be cut less, I don't think the developers will do that. confused

Having unlimited attacks will make our Mogas too much broken and Godlike. But by having the limit on the attacks, it makes the Mogas more like they are using their energy/stamina. Just like how us humans are. Besides, if we take away the limited number, why not take away our Blue Coffee, HP Potion, and Fizzy Cola too? confused
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If so.. How about if admin raise the limit from 15, 10 or 5 twice?? that mean 5 to 10, 10 to 20 and 15 to 30??
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At least the total moves now is better than before.
deleting the nap time and the attack limit.. would be horrible.. that would totally ruin the game!
Blue coffee for example would be totally useless.. expect infight.. but you will never get out of HP in fight, because all you would do is just spam Zodiac attacks and choose the right zodiac.. leveling would be pretty easy, that would make the game pretty lame. You would hit lvl 50 too quick, making the game very boring (and that maybe too early)
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I also think that nap time makes it harder to play with just 3 moga's. ya know? like it gives us the motive to level up more than one. i like it, i think the game would be too short otherwise.

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