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There are tons of good ideas that people have hur. Gaia need to ******** get off there lazy asses and put a ttrading system in make galactic mogas not impossible to get ect come da ******** on i know people that have spent hundreds of dollas on monster galaxy help a brotha out s**t
They do listen, the issue however is that not everything that people are suggesting are possible at this time, or even necessarily "good" ideas. There are issues where at the current time coding that would be used to implement certain additions are too complicated and are still being worked on as they never make it out of quality and assurance testing.

Then of course, there is also the point that if there are any ideas that Gaia Int. chooses to think about, they have to first discuss it amongst the developers to figure out how it can be implemented, what limits there are to it, and then weigh the good and the bad for them.

Its not a situation where anyone can say that they want something and then suddenly have it without any problems.

Do you understand?
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I wonder if anyone here realizes how time-consuming and long it is to both make a game and to add new components to it. Do you know how long they've probably been working on this game? I'm guessing around seven months to a year, at minimum, with many people working on it for most of their day. Video games don't just fall out of someone's a**. And, anyway, how do you know they aren't working on something new now? Learn patience, ********....
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seriously dude, chill. i dont have facebook but im assuming this is copied from facebook version with some tweaks for gaia users. do you even realize how much time it would take to set up a trading system for MG? its a good idea but that would be after they get all the bugs worked out first. theres a lot that would have to go into making a trading system for MG and how it would be implemented. hell i was on the beta team for zomg before it was released to all gaians and they were still having to constantly fix things after. the servers being overwhelmed was a big one which seems to be a similar issue here.

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Learn to spell and use correct grammar. = w= They ignore people like you if that's what you were wondering. User Image
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help a brotha out s**t

Allow me.

There are tons of good ideas that people have here. Im wondering if it would be possible to implement a trading system here so galactic mogas are not impossible to get. I know people who have spent hundreds of dollars on monster galaxy trying to get these. Help those users out!

There, that should just about do it!
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Both sides of this arguement aren't wrong.
I think the best way to resolve this would be by alerting players of Monster Galaxy that their ideas are being taken in consideration or our being worked on. This would keep people cool for awhile and would also not put people off playing the game due to lack of progress.

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