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Although I know that this is a pretty massive request and perhaps not feasible, it's still something that I'd have so much fun with.

If we could build our own little character sprite (hairstyles, clothes, eye colors) and have them walk around our towns, that would be awesome.

What would be even more awesome is the ability to raise friendship with our townspeople by giving them items we produce, maybe resulting in marriage at a certain point. Both these things could put to use those "final tier" items, like fettuccine alfredo or fur gloves, which currently have no use other than being sold... that I know of.
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spaceR A I N D R O P S .K E E P F A L L I N G O N M Y H E A D

          I really like both the ideas you have, especially the marriage one.
          It'd be nice to have some sort of character interaction or to be able to have an effect on how the relationships of our villagers go c:
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Yeah, Gaia definitely doesn't know anything about making customizable characters.... wink

I'd like to be able to put myself into the town, too. Even if I could only really change the gender, hair color (maybe style), and outfit to a few preset options in each category, that'd be enough. whee
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Sorry for the nerco! I just don't see the point in making a new thread for this exact topic when it's a small forum. c:

I think this is a fabulous idea.
I was a bit disappointed when I found that it wasn't possible to make your own character and it'd be so fun to be able to interact with NPC's and develop a relationship with them!

Kind of like Harvest Moon. heart
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Whelp, it might be necroing, but my suggestion is also pretty much the same wish for a customizable character so I figured spamming the forum with a similar thread would be just as evil.

Though what would be really cool is if we could also come up with little quotes for our character to say as they wander through the town, just like the other villagers. It'd be another layer of customization that would be very fun to play with.
I think these are both great ideas!
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I would also love to have a customized character - it would really add a lot to the game, especially if I could change the way it looked whenever I wanted.
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Not really sure if this counts as necroing (What does that mean, anyway?), but I think it'd be fun to have my Gaia avatar walking around in town. Maybe a choice between using your avatar or making a new one?
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I'm fine with a few presets and male or female option. They could even have clothes and stuff you can buy in game for gold (or cash).

The sprites look simple enough for it.

I also want to marry Tom.
I agree with the posts above me. I don't mind being limited with the appearance of your character. So long as we can do it. The dating aspect will also help liven things up. I just hope this won't stay being similar to Farmville and the like.. Frankly, I might be fully bored with the game after a few days if they don't add anything new like this thread suggests... confused
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chlorine trifluoride
Not really sure if this counts as necroing (What does that mean, anyway?), but I think it'd be fun to have my Gaia avatar walking around in town. Maybe a choice between using your avatar or making a new one?

Necroing is bumping up an old thread that hasn't seen activity in a long time - usually some months.
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I think that would be so awesome but I can't see it happening, especially since most people pair off on their own in game. ;c
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I also desire a custom character. While avatar options have been stated, I would like to strongly suggest an option to choose from a small list of personality types, so that your word bubbles would reflect what you feel the character would say.

I also think the marriage thing would be fun (and make it like Harvest Moon and Gaia's art direction made a delicious facebookey bebe.) but understand the difficulty in that as opposed to a linear writing of the story. Perhaps that development should be better saved toward if the game takes off in popularity.
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I love this idea and I wish it could come true~ heart I want to be able to use my own avatar in Summer Springs.

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