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Am I the only who thinks it would be cool to be able to have a pathway go through the arches and arbors? We already have the 1x1 pathways in the shop, and you can see an empty space where that path would go. I think it would make sense given that's how arbors work in real life, especially for the arbors which have ridiculous requirements for purchase and are required for a quest.
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No, you're not the only one. I had bought one a while ago and was puzzled by the fact that I couldn't put a road under it so ppl can walk through it. I second this.
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Good idea.
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After getting one I was so mad I couldn't put a path under it! It's 3 squares wide...it makes total sense a 1 square path should go under it.
Unless they are planning a 12ft tall character, I see no problem with making it function so that the inside either IS a path automatically, or things can just be placed inside it.
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I think this would be really awesome ^_^
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This. crying Those arbours and arches are utterly useless as it is, and nothing that takes up that much gold and land should be so honking troublesome.

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