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I can see feeds from my gaia friends playing the game, but they aren't my neighbors. I'm a fairly private person, and I don't really like giving my fb info to people I don't know irl.
Why can't people who are my friends on gaia that play be added to my neighbors as well?
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I like this idea!
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I second this idea!! 3nodding
i don't want to bother my fb friends by inviting them.
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I love this idea! It would be cool if we could invite Gaia friends without adding them on Facebook, since I use my real Facebook. >v<
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Totally agree! : D
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I like this idea as well, not everyone wants to make a facebook just for games. And sometimes facebook will delete those facebooks because they're not "Real people".
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We need to make this thread more popular, rawr! I've played Facebook games where there are random people on FB you can interact with and you see just their profile picture, but you don't have to ADD them on Facebook. It would be cool if through Gaia you can "add" them to your game, but not to your actual friendslist on FB.
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i totally agree with you. i'm a private person as well and i think just adding random people that i don't even know in person is just weird. i can't really do much if i don't have a certain amount of friends playing so that means i can't buy more land with out 6 or 7 friends playing and they ask more for buying more land.
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The idea sounds nice but I doubt they can do it.
Summer Springs is a Facebook game that links to Gaia. Not a Gaia game that links to FB.
I'm no programmer though so heck, maybe there is a way they could make that work. Seems unlikely though or that FB would want it to work that way on their site.
I concur. The Zynga games have a site called "z-friends" where all Zynga game players can add each other without being facebook friends. I would like to only have to add my Gaia friends for this game since this is a Gaia game. Thank you for starting this topic! mrgreen
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same! I thenth that! or whatever number post I am
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Where do I sign?
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I agree .. I like the game, but my fb friends are for real life family/friends and I don't want to add strangers on there just to have neighbors. x-x
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good idea!
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Yes. Why isn't this real?

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