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Okay so I apologize if I go over any ideas anyone else suggested, this is just my own Monster Galaxy Suggestions thread.

1 - Most FB games combine stuff you can buy with free currency and cash currency for bigger packs. For example Ravenwood has energy you can buy with the mushrooms you earn cutting down trees but also you can buy a full energy refill potion by paying cash. I think if you could make free currency in the game and we could say buy 2 seeds with free currency, and then have bigger packs for 5 and 10 that'd be nice and make it more fun to play. I mean it sucks we can't buy any potions or seeds or anything without cash :C There are ways to get coffee and seeds but its much harder and takes longer than need be, you could combine cash and free currency packs and options in the store.

2- More music variety. I really like the music when you catch a moga but almost all the battle music and whatnot is the same. Maybe add different music for each zodiac. Like if you fight pisces have it have its own battle song, aquarius have its own, etc.

3 - Maybe add in more quests and more mogas. The variety in each area isn't a lot and it gets boring. Or maybe add more areas to put in new mogas you could create.