We want you to have the most amount of fun with Soul Crash and sometimes that means you might need some help. We've created these FAQ pages to help you get the most out of the game.
The information below is based on real-life questions from Soul Crashers like you, so please check to see if it's been addressed here before seeking personalized help. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can contact us using the link to customer support team found on this page. Thanks and go get your battle on Soul Crashers!


Contacting Customer Support
How can I contact the Soul Crash customer support team?
We want you to have an awesome time playing Soul Crash, but if you're having trouble and don't find the answer to your question in the below FAQ or other FAQ threads, you can Contact the Customer Support Team

Please note that our response will be sent to your Facebook account's email address, so make sure you have access to it (you'd be surprised how many bounce-backs we get daily). Lastly, support is provided in English only and we can help resolve your issue faster if we get a very detailed description of the issue.

To help you provide all the details we'll need, please copy/paste the following text into the support form and add your answers below each question.

• Which browser and version # are you using? Important: provide version # too (typically from the browser’s Help menu, then About ___).

• What’s happened EXACTLY and what was the error message/number?

• For trouble-shooting purposes, can you try the game with another Facebook account on the same computer? (create a test Facebook account if you don’t have one to test with)

• Again for trouble-shooting purposes, can you see if the same issue happens with another browser? Almost all Windows computers have Internet Explorer built-in and Firefox is free at www.mozilla.org

• What version of Flash do you have installed? Your Flash version must be 10 or higher in order to avoid unexpected issues. You can check your version typically by going to Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs and looking for Adobe Flash Player xx.

•Do you have a similar issue playing other Flash-based games on Facebook?


What type of game is "Soul Crash"?
"Soul Crash" is an awesome new social game on the Facebook platform where users can battle with and against their friends and foes, fight bosses, and go on fun quests!

Am I playing with my friends in real-time?
Not exactly! For now, you can play with your Facebook friends as characters in the game! Use them as allies on your team, or battle them in fights to hone your skills! We are looking into creating the ability to play with your friends in real-time, so if this is something you like to see, please let us know! Make a thread about it in the Soul Crash Feature Requests forum!

Can I play this game on my mobile device?
Soul Crash will run on any Android device with Adobe Flash but at an unsatisfactory frame rate due to hardware limitations. We have plans to expand to other platforms in the future, but currently we are focusing on optimizing the gaming experience by enhancing the game for the computer version.

What are the benefits of having my friends play this game?
When you run out of energy, you are able to gain +1 energy, then gold, then enchant stones upon visiting your friend’s street. This can be done by clicking the characters in the streets, or by using the visit tab on your friend’s list on the bottom of game screen. If you reach your friend’s street, click on the scarecrow to receive the free energy.

What are the system requirements to play Soul Crash?
Anyone who is connected to the Internet with Adobe Flash support is able to play the game on any web browser.

Do I need to download anything to play this game?
If you have Adobe Flash support, no additional downloads or installations are required to play Soul Crash. Just login to Facebook, click on Soul Crash, and start battling!

What are the PC requirements to play the game?
Minimum: P3-CPU 900 MHz, 128MB RAM
Recommended: P4-2GHz, 1GB RAM

How large is the game client?
Currently the game is 10 MB, but may increase in the future.

Am I fighting with and against real people?
In a way, yes. The characters on your team and your opponent's team are all owned by real people. However, you control your teammates' characters while they are on your team, and your opponents are controlled by an accurately balanced AI (Artificial Intelligence), similar to that of a single play mode in arcade games or console battle games.

What is "Challenge"?
Challenges are 1-on-1 practice fights that require one energy but the results do not count towards your win-loss record or your winning streak. This feature is coming soon!

What are the benefits of leveling up?
Leveling provides more Stat points to strengthen your character, as well as access to advanced content and items designed for higher levels.

What are the four elements?
The four elements are: Mystral, Terra, Aqua, and Pyre. They are roughly equivalent to Air, Earth, Water, and Fire.

Can I choose which element I am?
Currently, you cannot choose which element you are assigned. This is done by the Eldus when you create your character.

I don't like my assigned element - can I change it?
Yes you can! Simply go to Shop, Energy & Stones and scroll to the right and purchase the Destiny Changer item to switch your Element.

What is tension?
When in battle, tension is what fills the soul orbs during the fight - it is the energy that charges your special attacks. Gather enough tension, and you can launch a TAG, COUNTER, or SOUL attack against your foe!

How do I increase the tension in my soul orbs during battle?
Attacking or being attacked will increase your tension automatically - however, tension increases in greater amounts when being attacked.

Can the tension in my soul orbs go down during battle without my having used it?
Yes. Certain moves by your opponent can decrease your tension.

Can I change the gender of my character?
Unfortunately, no, you cannot currently change your gender, but outfits and accessories can be changed whenever and to whatever you'd like.

Do you have any other weapons?
Yes! We will be launching a variety of weapons, so keep visiting the shop and watch for updates!

Can I trade my items with other players?
Currently, there is no trading system implemented in Soul Crash, but there are future plans to include a marketplace that will allow players to trade items with one another.

What is enchanting?
Enchanting is the weapon upgrade system in Soul Crash. Each weapon has predetermined base stats and falls into one of four different weapon types based on these stats. The four weapon types are Attack, Defense, Balanced, and Random. Weapons that are enchanted have special visual effects and have improved performance that can strongly affect the outcome of battles.

How do I enchant my weapon?
First, collect or purchase Enchant Stones. Then, head over to the Shop and click on the Enchantsmith Abacus. Please be aware, however, that enchanting is not always successful! Like all magical spells, there is chance of failure. That said, if the enchanting is successful, you'll have a more powerful weapon to battle with!

Where can I get Enchant Stones?
Enchant Stones can be found in the treasure chests after winning a set of three matches, as a free gift from friends, from friends' scarecrows, among other locations. They can also be purchased from the Shop.

What are Lucky Capsules?
Lucky Capsules is a chance game, commonly known as a Lucky Box or a Gachapon. It is available in the shop for you to try your luck at getting a rare weapon, outfit, or accessories.

How long does one battle match take?
Depending on your battle skills and style and those of your opponents, matches can take anywhere from a minute to a few minutes.

How do I actually fight?
Simply use the three buttons labeled TAG, COUNTER, and SOUL (or the keys A, S, or D, respectively) - but notice how timing can affect the results!
Tag switches up the fighters and applies the tag combo when appropriately used. Counter instantly strengthens you up to overcome your opponent's defenses in a powerful attack. Soul makes the fighter invincible and the weapon doubles in size, giving your attack maximum damage.

Can the three action buttons be reverted to some other functions?
No, although some special functional items may provide users possessing them with additional functions in a later stage.

Do I control all members on my team with the same three buttons?
Yes, all three buttons (Tag, Counter, and Soul) apply to the entire team.

What is "Shuffle"?
Three random opponents are chosen for you to battle. However, if you choose to not take the risk to battle these individuals, you may choose to shuffle and have three other random foes chosen for you. This feature can be helpful in maintaining your winning streak but requires 10 gold. Note, though, that defeating all three of the selected friends is the only way to win a treasure chest.

Can a friend be a teammate and an opponent in the same battle match?
No. A Mercenary character will be substituted when:
a) I am pre-selected as my opponent’s teammate.
b) An Opponent and I share the same friends as teammate.

What happens if the browser closes before the match finishes?
Although your energy will be consumed, the fight will be nullified and the record will not be reflected to your match result. However, your winning streak will be reset to zero.

What happens if I win all three suggested matches in the Battle window?
A treasure chest will appear after defeating one set of three opponents. Click on the chest and collect all your prizes!

What happens if I lose one of the three matches in a set?
You won't qualify to win the treasure chest and you will need to Shuffle to generate a new set of 3 opponents to fight.

Can I battle my friends?
Yes! You can choose to fight them.

I beat my friend. Does this win count against my friends' win/loss record?
No. Your wins and losses against your friend are independent from your friend's records.

Is there a way to figure out who fought me?
No. Users are only able to see the match results of the battles played by your own character. If my character appears in another user's match, that result does not count toward my win-loss record.

Can there be a tie?
Yes, but ties are rare.

What is a "Combo"?
Combos are successful attacks made to an opponent's character. One successful attack made by your character to your opponent's character counts as one combo for you. Consecutive successful attacks are then added onto your Combo count.

Can I win without doing anything?
When you have a huge level advantage over an opponent, it is possible to win without any use of the action buttons.

How do I select or change my teammates?
Teams can be edited easily. Simply click on the Character icon in the bottom menu and then select the Team icon. Friends who are similar to you in level will show up in the screen from where you can select your teammates.

What if I want to continue using Mercenary characters as my teammates?
You are more than welcome to use the Mercenary characters as teammates, but remember friends can be selected to be on your team at no cost too! And some of your friends might have higher levels or better weapons to help you out in a fight!

Do I have to select my two teammates each time I fight?
No. Once you select your teammates, your team is set. The exceptions are when your existing teammate is no longer a similar level player as you. In that situation, you will need to reselect your teammates from the list of similar players again. Later on, a fatigue system will be introduced, which will affect the present system.

How do I know if my friends have me on their team?
When you run the Soul Crash application, a pop-up will display how much EXP you have gained as a teammate on your friend's team. Therefore, it is beneficial for both of you to have other people have you on their team.

How do I know which of my friends are active or inactive?
Only active friends will appear on your Street and wave.

What determines the order of the line-up?
Players line up based on who most recently logged into the game.

Can I customize my character's greeting on the street?
Yes, simply go to Street > Character > Information > Comments and edit your greetings.

What is a Stat?
Stat refers to the four different categories (Attack, Hit%, Defense, Evade%) to which users can invest stat points into to improve their character's battling capabilities.

How do I raise my Stats?
Each time you win a battle, you are rewarded 1 stat point. Each time you level up, you are rewarded 40 stat points and 1 SCash. Stat Points can then be easily allocated to the desired areas to raise stats.

I put my stat points in the wrong category! How do I undo it?
Once stat points are invested in a category (Attack, Defense, Hit%, or Evade%), they cannot be reallocated to a different category without the use of a VIP item called Stat Reset. Be careful where you invest your stat points!

How do I raise my HP?
Allocate your stat points to "Defense" to increase your HP.

What is energy?
Energy is the action point required to battle. Additional energy is granted every 15 minutes, so rest up if you need so you can keep getting your battle on!

How do I get more energy?
There are a couple ways to get more energy.
(1) The easiest way is to visit your neighbors. One energy is available from your neighbors' scarecrow or pets every day (up to 20 energy points can be earned each 24 hour period).
(2) Energy can also be obtained from the mystery box obtained after winning all three challenges in a set.
(3) They are also available as free gifts and as cash items in the shop.

How often can I receive energy from my friends?
One energy is available from each friend (up to a maximum of 20 energy) every 24 hours.

I clicked on my friend's scarecrow (pet) to get an energy, but didn't get one - what gives?
If you are already at your max energy level, you will be unable to collect energy from your friends. Go battle a bit, and once your supply of energy is less than full, you should be able to collect again.

Can I increase my maximum energy limit?
Yes. Everyone starts with a maximum of 10 energy points, but as you level up, your maximum energy limit will grow. The higher the level you are, the more energy you'll have overall.

How much energy is required for a battle?
Three (3) energy is needed for a battle.

I want more coins! How do I get more coins?
Keep battling and winning the 3-set of opponents chosen for you to get the treasure chest! You can also earn coins by selling back inventory items, or by purchasing some with premium currency soul cash!

How do I fight a Boss?
Each boss requires you to be at a certain level in order to fight him/her, and the level requirement varies with each. If you want to check your progress toward the next Boss battle, you can do so by clicking the world map icon in the upper right-hand corner. You'll be able to see where you are on the map in relation to the next boss.

What is the reward for defeating Bosses in maps?
Defeating a Boss will reward you with one of that Boss' items and unlock the remaining items in the Boss Set in the Shop.

Can I learn additional skills in Soul Crash?
This is a feature we plan to release in the near future. If you have any ideas for skills you think would be cool to have, feel free to share your ideas in the Soul Crash Feature Requests forum!

What is the weekly leaderboard?
The weekly leaderboard is a fun ranking system to see how well you are doing in comparison to your friends! The top 5 Soul Crashers will have spots on the leaderboard for most wins, longest winning streak, and total number of fights. The leaderboard resets each week, so even if you miss a top spot one week, you always have a chance to battle your way onto the leaderboard!

How can I see who has the top spots on the leaderboards?
Checking out the leaderboard stats is easy! Just go to your home street, and click on the leaderboard trophy icon on the bottom left side of the page (under the Shops house icon). Clicking this will open the leaderboard page where you can see the week's top players so far, as well has how much time is left to earn a spot in that week's leaderboard standings.

How long is a day in Soul Crash?
Days last 4 hours in Soul Crash! You can check what time it is by looking at the Sun/Moon icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

What is a stat point?
A stat point is what you use to level up your stats, or fighting attributes. You earn one stat point for each battle won, and 40 stat points for each new level you gain.

What are the different stats and what do they do?
There are 4 different stats for battling. They are attack, defense, hit%, and evade%. They each have specific battle enhancing functions:
Attack - You inflict more damage per hit
Defense - You take less damage when hit
Hit% - Increases your chance of penetrating guard/landing a hit
Evade% - Increases your chance of avoiding an attack.

Where should I assign my stat points?
You can assign them to any or all of the stat categories - it depends on your personal style of battle. It is a good idea to have some in each category though, as the different stat functions can enhance the overall battle experience.

Why can't I add one of my friends to my team?
In order to keep fights balanced, you cannot add friends to your team if they are 5 or more levels than you are currently at. You can, however, add friends who are at a lower level than you are, even if they are more then 5 levels lower. You can always work to level yourself up though, so you can add this person to your team!

What is the Daily Victory bonus?
The Daily Victory Bonus is a special reward you get after you win your first battle of each Facebook day. Come back each day and fight to win more prizes!

Why do I get energy from some friends and coins from others?
After you collect your maximum 20 energy from friends each day, the rest of the friends will give you coins! Make sure to keep adding more friends to get energy to fight and coins to buy items in the shops!