We want you to have the most amount of fun with Monster Galaxy and sometimes that means you might need some help. We've created these FAQ pages to help you get the most out of the game.
The information below is based on real-life questions from Moga Rangers like you, so please check to see if it's been addressed here before seeking personalized help. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can contact us using the contact customer support link below! Thanks and go Moga Rangers!


Contacting Customer Support

We want you to have an awesome time playing Monster Galaxy, but if you're having trouble and don't find the answer to your question in the info above FAQ or other FAQ threads, you can Contact the Customer Support Team

Please note that our response will be sent to your Facebook account's email address, so make sure you have access to it (you'd be surprised how many bounce-backs we get daily). Lastly, support is provided in English only and we can help resolve your issue faster if we get a very detailed description of the issue.

To help you provide all the details we'll need, please copy/paste the following text into the support form and add your answers below each question.

• Which browser and version # are you using? Important: provide version # too (typically from the browser’s Help menu, then About ___).

• What’s happened EXACTLY and what was the error message/number?

• For trouble-shooting purposes, can you try the game with another Facebook account on the same computer? (create a test Facebook account if you don’t have one to test with)

• Again for trouble-shooting purposes, can you see if the same issue happens with another browser? Almost all Windows computers have Internet Explorer built-in and Firefox is free at www.mozilla.org

• What version of Flash do you have installed? Your Flash version must be 10 or higher in order to avoid unexpected issues. You can check your version typically by going to Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs and looking for Adobe Flash Player xx.

•Do you have a similar issue playing other Flash-based games on Facebook?


What is the free Gryph/Daily Email Bonus?
If you have shared your email address with Monster Galaxy then you will receive an email for a free Gryph Moga within a few days after starting the game, and you will also receive daily email Mystery Boxes with a random gift! Click the link in the email and let Monster Galaxy completely load (important). Once it does you will see your Gryph or Mystery Box pop-up and you’ll be able to use it. Enjoy!
Note: The Gryph/Daily Email Bonus emails will not work if you try to use it on another account. It's a special one, made just for you! And the Daily Bonus can only be received after 24 hours from the last one you got. So if it didn't work for you, give it another shot after waiting at least 24 hrs.

What is the Sky Shop?
The Sky Shop is where you can buy more Blue Coffee, Health Potions, Fizzy Cola, Starseeds, and Whistles to use in the game.

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What is a Starseed?
Starseeds enable you to capture weakened Mogas and add them to your collection. Be careful not to use them just anytime, because you will lose a turn if the enemy Moga isn’t weak enough to be captured.

How do I get more Starseeds?
There are three ways to get Starseeds: 1. You can buy them from the Sky Shop. 2. You can collect one every eight hours. 3. You can receive them from your Daily Prize.

What is a Blue Coffee?
Blue Coffee replenishes your health and attacks instantly. You can use Blue Coffee during battle or at Home for a quick energy boost as a fast alternative to napping.

How do I get more Blue Coffees?
You can buy Blue Coffee at the Sky Shop or get it by fighting Mogas – they may drop Blue Coffee and other items.

What is a Whistle Tree?
Whistle Trees grow whistles which you can use to call on your Facebook friends to jump in and help you in battle.
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Where can I find a Whistle Tree?
You can find your own Whistle Tree at your Home. You can find Whistle Trees at your Friends’ Homes, and you can collect whistles from the Whistle Trees daily.

Do I have to use real money to purchase stuff in the Sky Shop?
Yes and no. You’ll need to purchase Moga Cash (using Facebook Credits) in order to buy things in the Sky Shop. You can get Facebook Credits in a variety of ways, including via credit card, Paypal, mobile phone, and more.

I'm having a Facebook Credit or Gaia Cash issue. Who do I contact?
Because the Credits are related to your Facebook account and not Monster Galaxy, Facebook's customer support team can help you with any Facebook Credits questions/issues. They can be contacted using this form. Tell 'em the Monster Galaxy folks said hi!

If you are having an issue with Gaia Cash, you can Contact the Customer Support Team and we'll be happy to help figure out what is going on and get the issue resolved!

Why don't I get a Daily Prize when I clicked the button in the email?
The Daily Prize email is sent approximately every 24 hours, so if you didn’t receive it then it’s probably because it hasn’t been 24 hours since you last claimed your prize. For example, if you claimed a prize yesterday at 4pm and then tried to claim a prize today at 2pm, you would not receive it. However, if you try back in two hours at 4pm or later, you should receive your prize!

What is the Master Seed?
Master Seed is a new feature we introduced in response to a common concern we were hearing -- Sometimes players who wanted to capture a Moga would purchase Starseeds from the Skyshop, but then they would end up using all their Starseeds without capturing the Moga... such bad luck! Because Monster Galaxy's continued development is supported by the purchase of Moga Cash, we wanted to address this concern and introduce a new way to capture Mogas using Moga Cash.
The price depends on the rarity of the Moga... so if you think you are going to get lucky, you can throw Starseeds and hope for good luck. If you want to guarantee 100% success, you can pay Moga Cash, and the price depends on the Rarity. The price is equivalent to the average number of seeds you need to use to capture a Moga of that rarity, so more than anything else, this option provides convenience for players who purchase Moga Cash.
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What are HP Potions and how do I get them?
HP potions are tasty drinks to refresh your Moga's health points in battle! If you’re low on health and need a boost of energy in battle without needing to refill your buffs and attacks, these tasty treats are the perfect option for getting your Moga back in peak form! You can find a variety of HP Potions for sale in the Sky Shop - the more health points a potion restores, the more Moga Cash it'll cost to buy.

You can tell how many of each type of HP Potion you have by looking in your "Use Item" tab when in battle. Open the "Use Tab" panel and the blue circle above the item icon is the quantity of potions you have.

Important Note: HP Potions only work on a conscious Moga - if your Moga has been completely knocked out, you'll have to use a Blue Coffee to revive it or take it home to nap!
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What is the Monthly Chance Item?
The Monthly Chance Item is an item available from the Skyshop for Moga cash. When you open the item, you'll win a fabulous prize! You could win one of the Mogas featured in that month's chance item or some other items such as starseeds, double XP potions, energy drinks, etc.

I bought the Monthly Chance Item but didn't get the special Moga shown on the advertisement - why didn't I get them?
The monthly chance item provides you with a chance to win one of the Mogas shown on the item's advertisement, but doesn't guarantee you'll get a Moga. You might open a Monthly Chance Item and get a prize other than a Moga - it's all a random chance! Keep opening enough of the Monthly Chance Items, however, and you'll most likely to get the Moga you want.

What is Fizzy Cola and how do I get some?
Fizzy Cola is a refreshing drink that restores your Moga's attacks during or after a long battle! If your attacks are low but you still have a lot of health points, these refreshing colas are just what you need to keep getting your battle on! You can get Fizzy Cola at the Sky Shop for Moga Cash, so stock up! Most Mogas prefer it served iced cold, but however you serve it up, it's sure to help you keep winning!
Important Note: Fizzy Cola only works on a conscious Moga - if your Moga has been completely knocked out, you'll have to use a Blue Coffee to revive it or take it home to nap!
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How does event item gifting or receiving work?
There are a few things you should know about sending and receiving event gifts/items that might help you avoid any confusion with the event:

*An event usually only lasts a specific amount of time before it is over - items can only be given or received while the event is active.

*As a sender, you can send gifts to up to 12 friends each time you send them out. If the friend has already received a gift from you (or someone else) and opened it, they won't be able to open any more gifts they receive.

*You can only open one gift in total. So, for example, if 10 friends send you a gift, you can only open one of them and claim the prize inside. If you try and open the other 9 gifts you received, you will get a message that says "Uh oh, looks like this item has already been claimed or the event has expired."