We want you to have the most amount of fun with Monster Galaxy and sometimes that means you might need some help. We've created these FAQ pages to help you get the most out of the game.
The information below is based on real-life questions from Moga Rangers like you, so please check to see if it's been addressed here before seeking personalized help. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can contact us using the link to customer support team found on this page. Thanks and go get your battle on Moga Rangers!


Contacting Customer Support
How can I contact the Monster Galaxy support team?
We want you to have an awesome time playing Monster Galaxy, but if you're having trouble and don't find the answer to your question in the info above FAQ or other FAQ threads, you can Contact the Customer Support Team

Please note that our response will be sent to your Facebook account's email address, so make sure you have access to it (you'd be surprised how many bounce-backs we get daily). Lastly, support is provided in English only and we can help resolve your issue faster if we get a very detailed description of the issue.

To help you provide all the details we'll need, please copy/paste the following text into the support form and add your answers below each question.

• Which browser and version # are you using? Important: provide version # too (typically from the browser’s Help menu, then About ___).

• What’s happened EXACTLY and what was the error message/number?

• For trouble-shooting purposes, can you try the game with another Facebook account on the same computer? (create a test Facebook account if you don’t have one to test with)

• Again for trouble-shooting purposes, can you see if the same issue happens with another browser? Almost all Windows computers have Internet Explorer built-in and Firefox is free at www.mozilla.org

• What version of Flash do you have installed? Your Flash version must be 10 or higher in order to avoid unexpected issues. You can check your version typically by going to Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs and looking for Adobe Flash Player xx.

•Do you have a similar issue playing other Flash-based games on Facebook?


What is Monster Galaxy?
Monster Galaxy is an exciting new role-playing game where you can fight and collect over a hundred wild monsters. Join your friends on a fantastic adventure as you battle together to tame the zodiac and save the world! Can you catch them all?

What are the various ways to get some help?
If you need ______:
• Help with a specific issue/bug…then let us know by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. Please provide details of your situation…the more you provide, the faster we can help.

• To chat with other Monster Galaxy users, gain tips, and discuss various ideas and thoughts…then head to the Main Monster Galaxy Forum and post in there! You'll find lots of fabulous Moga Rangers to have fun connecting with!

• To tell the world how awesome Monster Galaxy is…go to the game and and give us a rating (only 5 stars please! Just kidding!). If we didn’t earn 5 stars, tell us why and we’ll do the best we can to change it! You can give us a rating on our Monster Galaxy reviews page!

• To see what some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are, keep reading the threads with FAQ in the title. We’re going to be updating these often, so if you think of a question that you'd like added to our FAQs, please suggest it by clicking the "Contact the Customer Support Team" link at the bottom of this FAQ!

I've got a technical issue. What's the best way to get support?
If you're having technical issues with Monster Galaxy, we'd love to help you! You can contact us by clicking the "Contact the Customer Support Team" link at the bottom of this page. You may also want to post your bug/technical issue in the Moga Bug Reports forum! You never know - you might get some awesome help from another Moga Ranger who has had the same issue, or from a staff member who happens to be wandering by!

I want to read up on known bugs or report a known bug. What is the best way to do this?
The best way to read up on known issues or to report a known issue is to make a thread in the Moga Bugs forum! You can find the forum by clicking this link to be redirected there!

Once there, you can see what other issues players have reported, report any new issues you find, post any workarounds to bugs you may have found, etc.! As always, when reporting a bug, please provide a detailed description of the bug (e.g. where it occurs, what happens, etc.) as well as providing system information such as which browser you are using. Having this information will help us track down and fix bugs and glitches more quickly!


Why do I get a white or black screen every time I try to start the game?
The white or black screen is often caused by not having the latest version of Adobe Flash installed in your browser. Version 10 or later is required. To check which version of Flash you have and to get the latest version, Click here to go to the Adobe site If you have the latest version of Flash installed but are still getting the white or black screen, please let us know by following the steps in the "best way to get support" FAQ here!

What does a “Oops! Something went wrong, we're going to have to restart” error mean?
This can happen if your browser setting has been changed to not accept 3rd party cookies. In order to play Monster Galaxy, your browser needs to be able to accept cookies. You can enable them very easily by following the steps outlined here.

What is a Bonus Attack?
This is a very special and powerful attack. It calls a friend's Moga in to attack for you, and uses a Whistle that you can harvest each day from your and your friend's Whistle Tree. Tip: Get lots of friends, so that you can harvest more Whistles daily!

Video length - 1m:06s. This video shows how to use a Bonus attack.

How do I heal or rest a monster?
There are two ways: Take a nap or use a restorative item like Blue Coffee, Health Potion, or Fizzy Cola. You can rest your Mogas at Home by clicking on the Moga and selecting the nap icon (Zzzzz…). If stopping by your house for a snooze isn't an option for you at the moment, then using a health and/or attack restoring item might be just what you need! Health potions restore health points, attack potions will restore your attack points, and Blue Coffee will instantly heal all that ails you and restore your attack points! You can also use these health potions, fizzy colas, and blue coffees if you’re in a battle with another Moga - they'll keep you going and give you energy and strength to keep battling!

Video length - 1m:12s. This video shows how to use a Blue Coffee or rest your monster. A future video will show how to use other restorative items like Health Potion or Fizzy Cola.

How do I get more Whistle Trees?
Add more Facebook friends! There are Whistle Trees in every homestead to harvest. Whistles are used during a Bonus Attack, to call in a friend's Moga to attack for you -- very powerful. Make sure to water your tree daily in order to grow more Whistles.

Video length - 1m:27s. This video shows you what Whistle Trees are, how to collect them from your tree and that of your friends.

Why should my Mogas nap?
Resting recharges your Moga's health and attacks. You can rest your Mogas at Home by clicking on the Moga, then selecting the nap icon (Zzzzz…).

How do I capture a Moga?
Enemy Mogas can be captured in battle when their health is low by throwing out a Starseed. The circle in the middle of your attacks will say "capture" when your enemy's health is low enough. Clicking the circle will tell you the likelihood of success and ask if you want to try to capture. You can also click "use item" on the right side to throw a Starseed. Be careful not to use Starseeds just anytime because you will lose a turn if your attempt fails.

Video length - 49s. This video shows how to Capture a Moga.

It's freezing when I try to enter or start the game. Why?
There can be many reasons why this is happening, so the fastest way to get to the root cause is to try a few tests in this order:
1) Are you able to play the game on a different computer? If yes, then we know it's something specific to your computer. Go to the next step.

2) Are you able to try the game using a different browser? Almost all Windows PCs have Internet Explorer installed on it, so can you try it with that? If you're already using IE, how about testing it with FireFox? (free at www.mozilla.org) If you can play Monster Galaxy in one browser but not another, then the cause is probably browser-specific. Try step 3.

3) Have you tried clearing your browser's cache?

Depending on what your root cause was, one of these steps should get you going. If one of the steps above resolved your issue, please tell us what your symptoms were and which step worked for you. Tell us by clicking the link at the bottom of this page and copy/paste this FAQ. Thanks for helping us help everyone else faster!

Can I restart or reset my game?
We are working on a feature that will allow you to automatically, from within the game, choose a different starting Moga, load different save game files, and play the game from the beginning as many times as you want. This feature is targeted to be released in the next month or so. Until then, you can enjoy Monster Galaxy with your current game. Once these new features are released, you'll be able to start many different saved gamed files, choose another Moga, and have everything you ever wanted and more! Yay!!

Can I delete a Moga from my Team if I no longer want it?
Sorry, but currently you cannot delete a Moga from your Team. Once you have caught a Moga it will remain in your collection. You can choose, however, not to use or level up that Moga. *Note: In the future, the ability to delete Mogas from your Team may be coming.

I cannot find a certain Moga I am looking for! Can you tell me where it is on the map?
Part of the fun of Monster Galaxy is traveling the world hunting down that elusive Moga. What would the fun be if we just told you were to go to capture Messi, or that it would be easy to capture Burger if you only went to a certain location? Having the satisfaction of tracking down Hanzo is saying you did it all on you own! In addition, it would be unfair to other Moga Rangers for us to give them out to people.

If you still cannot wait to find it, we suggest you ask around in the Monster Galaxy community - we have some really talented Moga Rangers who might just have the answer you seek!

I gave my Moga the wrong name/Want to change the name of my Moga
Right now, the option to rename a Moga is not available - so sorry for any frustration this may have caused you! Take heart though - in the future, the ability to rename Mogas you have captured may be coming. We'll make sure to let all you fabulous Moga Rangers know if or when this functionality becomes available.

How do I store my Mogas? Or, I have too many Mogas running around. How can I clean it up?
You can store your Mogas in your house (it looks like a tree house). Simply drag-and-drop a Moga onto the door of the house and the Storage panel will open, showing all the Mogas there along with the one you just added. You can also click on the door to access your Storage and pull a Moga out onto the area where the Mogas are frolicking.

Video length - 1m:01s. This video shows how to store your Mogas or remove them from storage.

I can't catch a particular Moga! Can you give me one?
Unfortunately some Mogas are wily and strong and are seemingly able to resist almost every toss of your starseed. But with persistence, effort, and a great Moga team, we're positive that you will be able to catch them eventually. Just keep trying!

Why is it I tossed multiple starseeds at a Moga who had a certain percent chance to catch it but I still haven’t gotten it?
The percent chance shown is for each toss of a Starseed, *NOT* all the tosses you make. Let's use the example of trying to catch a Moga that has a 35% chance of capture. Basically on the first starseed toss you have 35% chance to catch that Moga. The second toss also has 35% chance of capture, the 3rd toss has a 35% chance of capture and so on, and so on. It's like when you flip a coin. There is a 50% chance of getting heads or tails. But just because you get heads on the first flip it doesn't guarantee you get tails on the next one, or even the next 3 flips.

I used a starseed and then my game froze and I had to restart - what gives?
Oh no! This sounds like a frustrating experience - one we certainly don't want any of our fabulous Moga Rangers to experience. If you should have experienced this issue, we would love to hear from you to get some information about your experience. Please send us a message by clicking the "Contact the Customer Support Team" link at the bottom of this FAQ.The customer support team is always happy to hear from fabulous Moga Rangers and to try and get you all the help you need to have an awesome experience!

When filling out your ticket about this issue, please be sure to provide the following information:
a) The type of the Moga you were fighting.
b) The type of Moga with which you were battling.
c) The names of the Moga attacks you were using.

This information will help us better identify any problem Mogas and help get them back in line!

How do I change my team?
When at Home you can change your team through your Team tool. The Team tool is in the upper left corner. Click on a Moga and a pop-up will appear with the Moga’s information. If you have an open spot on your team just click the “Add to Team” button at the bottom of the Moga’s information.

Video length - 1m:11s. This video shows you how to remove Mogas from your currrent team and add new Mogas to your team!

How do I remove a Moga from my team?
When at Home you can change your team through your Team tool. The Team tool is in the upper left corner. At the bottom of the Team window you will see a blue box with your three current Moga, simply click the orange “X” button in the corner of the Moga’s picture to remove them from your team.

Click the Team tab near the top-left corner:

User Image

Team window showing who's on your current Moga team. To add a Moga to your team (3 max), double click on the desired Moga, then click the "Add to Team" button at the bottom of the page.

User Image

How do I go back to the game from the Team Tab?
Click the "X" in the upper right hand corner of the page.

How do I level up a Moga?
Fight, fight and fight some more! Each of your Mogas who damages the enemy and survives will gain a share of the defeated Moga's experience.

How many Mogas are there?
Monster Galaxy has over 150+ different Mogas. Can you catch them all?

What is the Team Tab for?
The Team Tab keeps track of your collection of Mogas. You can mix and match your team, as well as watch the health and level status of your Mogas.

What is the Sky Shop?
The Sky Shop is where you can buy more Starseeds, Whistles, and various health restoring drinks like Blue Coffee to use in the game. You can also load up on Moga Cash while there - Moga Cash let's you get the goods you need (or maybe just want!) to keep battling on!

Video length - 54s. This video shows how to use the Sky Shop.

Why are there bugs with the game when I am playing Monster Galaxy?
While we try our best to make sure that Monster Galaxy is free of bugs and glitches, any game can get bugs for a variety of reasons, especially if it is in Beta version like Monster Galaxy is! Not to worry though, our fabulous team of Monster Galaxy developers are always working hard to fix the bugs all you fabulous Moga Rangers find!
If you should encounter a bug while playing Monster Galaxy, the best thing you can do is report it to us! Click the "Contact the Customer Support Team" link at the bottom of this FAQ. You will then be directed to our help form where you can report the problem. Please be sure to include specific details about the issue you are having (e.g. description of the problem, where and when it occurred, what browser you were using, etc.) as this information is critical in helping us identify and fix these bugs!

How do I capture a Moga that is higher level than my Mogas?
Here is an example. Let's say you want to use your Starseeds to capture a Moga that is level 16, but your top level Moga is currently level 15. You will need to gain enough experience (from battles) to get to level 16, and then you will be able to capture the level 16 Moga.

Why did you make this change to catching higher level Mogas?
We made this change in response to a loophole where users could "power level", constantly capturing Mogas up to 2 levels above theirs instead of battling to gain experience and level up. This imbalanced the game and circumvented the need to gain experience through battling, as well as went against the whole idea that players get to choose which Moga they want to invest their time into, and focus on battling to train that Moga and raise its level. It got pretty bad - many users didn't even realize that you were supposed to battle to gain experience, and were only playing the game through power leveling. It was an unfortunate situation that was harming our ability to continue developing the game, as battles and experience points weren't important enough.

What is the Daily Hot Streak?
This is a free prize that is given to Moga rangers who return to the game each day! For evey day you login, you'll get a bonus prize. Prizes vary each day and some are really rare, so make sure to check in each day!

What is Moga evolution?
Moga evolution is a new feature that allows players to evolve certain Mogas into a new species of Moga! If you have collected multiples of the same Moga, you might be able to morph them into a new Moga if they are of an evolving species - check your Moga Dex to see if your creature is eligible for evolution!

How do I evolve a Moga?
To evolve a Moga, you first need to check and see if it is an evolving species of Moga. You can do this by checking your Moga Dex - if a Moga can be evolved, you'll see a sign over the Moga's image in the Moga Dex that says "Evolve". Click on the creature's image in your Moga Dex to open the information panel and start the evolution process!

Note: Please be aware that you can only evolve Mogas when you are at your home, so if you are on the world map, go home first and then you can start the evolution process!

What items are required to evolve a Moga?
Each evolution requires a player to have a certain number of a particular Moga as well as a certain number of Evolution Potions to perform an evolution - these amounts vary depending on the Moga to be evolved. To see how many of each of these are required to perform an evolution, click on the "Show Evolution" button on the Moga's information page. This will tell you how many of that Moga you need to catch before you can begin the evolution process. After you have gathered the required number of Moga, return to the Moga's evolution page in the Moga Dex, and you'll see how many evolution potions you need to complete the process. If you have enough potions and Mogas, you can click the "Evolve Now!" button to transform your Mogas into a new species!

How do I get evolution potions?
You can get evolution potions by receiving them as gifts from friends, or by purchasing them with Moga cash in the Sky Shop.

I decided I don't like the evolved Moga, can I change it back to the original Mogas?
We're sorry, but the original Mogas that were used to evolve the new Moga are destroyed in the evolution process. Think of them like ingrediants in a recipe - once they are used, they cannot be separated out. Not to worry though, you can always go back out into battle and capture some more of that Moga.

What is Moga PvP?
PvP stands for "Player vs Player" and it is a new way to battle your friends in Monster Galaxy! If you want to test your team's strength out against a friend's team, this battle-style might just be for you!

How do I start a PvP battle with a friend?
Starting a PvP battle with a friend is super easy! Simply go to your home and then look for your friendslist at the bottom of the screen. Scroll through the list of friends until you see the one you want to battle, then hover your mouse over their icon. This will bring up the options to "Fight" or "Visit". Click the "Fight" button to start the battle.

How many Mogas do I have to battle in a PvP fight?
You'll have to fight your friends entire Moga team, so three Mogas in all will have to be defeated in order for you to claim victory!

What do I get if I win the PvP battle?
You get double experience points for the fight, as well as the smug satisfaction of having whooped your friend's Moga team.

If someone beats me in a PvP fight, will my Mogas lose energy, skill points, etc.?
Nope, your stats will remain the same as they were before your friend decided to pick on your team! Not to worry, you can always battle them back.

Does my friend have to be online for me to battle them in a PvP match?
Nope, your opponent does not have to be online in order for you to enter into a PvP battle with him or her. You just have to launch the battle to begin!

I really don't want my friend attacking my team - can I opt out of PvP battles?
Unfortunately, there is no option to opt out of a PvP battle if your friend decides to challenge you - your team will automatically fight in the battle. Not to worry though, you won't lose any of your current stats, health levels, etc. even if you lose the match! It's all meant for good fun and to test your team against other players. Surely you have what it takes to win Moga Ranger!

Hey, my Gaia avatar is in battle with me - what is that all about?
When you play Monster Galaxy on Gaia, your avatar will appear with your Mogas to command them in battle. You'll look cool and make millions of avatarless Facebook players jealous.

What is mastering the map?
Winning battles at each location on the map now adds up to big prizes!

How do I master an area on the map?
Mastering an area on the map is pretty simple! You just have to keep battling and winning at that specific area until your earn the title of Master !

What are the titles I have to earn in order to be called Master of an area?
In each area, you'll have to battle your way through the ranks to earn the title of Master. First you'll have to become a Novice, then that you'll have to earn the title of Cadet. After this, you'll have to battle hard to become a Master!

How many battles do I have to fight to earn a title in an area?
The number of battles you'll have to fight depends on the title you are going for! The lower the title level, the less battles you'll have to fight to earn it. For example, a Novice title might require you to win 3 battles in an area, while a Cadet title will require you to fight at least 10 battles in an area.

What can I do with the Cadet and Master cards I collect for earning a title?
The Cadet and Master cards you receive for earning these titles in an area can be exchanged for a variety of exciting new Mogas! You can see the collections at the bottom of your "My Collection" card page. Scroll down to see which cards you have, what you need to finish one of the collections, and where you can find the cards.

What happens after I Master all the areas on the maps?
We cannot tell what happens then - it's a secret! Let's just say there could be big rewards involved. Now, stop reading this FAQ and go get battling Moga Ranger!

What's the highest level Mogas can obtain?
Currently, level 50 is the highest level a Moga can obtain. If you manage to get your Mogas to this level, congrats - that takes some skill and hard work!