Yuma walked up the stairs of the legendary academy, looking up at the domes of red, blue,
and yellow. He could smell the trees around him. Standing in between him and the front doors
was a guy in a yellow jacket-- A Ra Yellow. The Fellow screamed at Yuma "You Yuma?"

Yuma was caught off gaurd. "Yeah, what's it to you?" Yuma was resilient; though he was at first caught off guard, he was already back in the flow.

"Well, I can't allow you to enter these doors!"

"What!!! Why not? I'm an awesome duelist!"

"Okay then, let's duel!", The Ra Yellow said as his duel disk retracted.

Yuma sighed, but he knew he wouldn't get through to the guy, "Okay then... let's duel!"

The Ra Yellow took the first turn.
"I play Scapegoat- I Get 4 tokens"

Token Token Token Token

"I play star storm, all tokens on my field count as level 2 until end of turn!" He smiled" I will overlay to make two pairs of Gachi Gachi Gantetsus. And I overlay them to summon Gachi Gachi Gantetsu.I set 1 monster and end my turn."

_ setmonster GachiGachiGantetsu _ _

"What's Kamanji Doing?" the headmaster asked the vice principle.

Yuma drew. He new this wasn't going to be easy. With Astral gone and his number
monsters banished, he knew the odds of winning were slim. " I summon Gogogo Golem in
defnse mode and end my turn!"

Kamanji drew."I play RockBoomworld. All rock monsters gain attak equal to the number
of rock monsters on the field Times 200 and all monsters with 3 or more boom counters are
immediately destroyed! I summon Muka Muka, who is a Rock monster and gains 300 atk for
each card in my hand. I flip BoomSphere! Its flip effect places 2 Boom Counters on target
creature. BoomSphere is also a rock monster.
MukaMuka:4200 atk GachiGachiGantetsu: 3000 def BoomSphere: 3200

GogogoGolem:1500 def