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Hi! c:
I just discovered this part of the forums and I'm totally finding my replacement here xD
Anyways this is a SoMa story I posted on Fanfiction, and since I really want to see what you guys think then I'll post it here too ^-^
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Chapter 1:

The morning sun came quickly into view, a light breeze blew at this hour that might make anyone walking by, wear a jacket to keep themselves warm and not cold.

Maka stretched as she walked towards the section of the gigantic academy where the classes were held at. The girl was wearing a white dress shirt with a plain black skirt, black socks that reached her knees and her hair was down, reaching her waist.

She looked around, green eyes taking the enviorement around her, there were several other girls walking the same direction as her, but none of them she knew, except for the Thompson. The elder sister was currently painting her nails, what Maka presumed was a limeish color, while the younger one was admiring a giraffe doll that she was currently hugging.

"Maka!" A voice called out to the blonde who looked back to see who was calling her, a small smile appeared on the girl's face when she saw her best friend, Tsubaki.

"Hey Tsubaki! Good morning" Maka said after her friend had finished catching up with her, Tsubaki took deep breaths trying to get air. Maka giggled and patted Tsubaki on her back.

"Do you think we might end up in the same dorms this year again?" Maka asked, staring right ahead, Tsubaki walking by her side. Both girls would eventually grow bored of walking.

"Hopefully..." Tsubaki said after a moment, Maka nodded her head.

Her mind was filled with questions she either had the answer, or she didn't at all. Would they be together again? Will they get different friends? Is Kid going to keep insisting on making Maka go out with him?

Then, as Maka finished her thoughts, she soon found herself staring right at golden eyes, the blonde sighed but managed a small smile. "Good morning Principle." Maka politely said, and Kid only bowed down before replying with a frown.

"I told you to call me Kid, Maka" Kid said, and then looked at Tsubaki and smiled at the girl who also returned the smile and a "Good morning Kid-kun"

"I'm 16, just because my father passed away and I was put in charge does not mean that you have to treat me like an old man" Kid explained and then motioned both girls to keep on walking, as they both started moving once again, Kid took his place besides Maka.

"I bet Lord D. Wouldn't want his son, let alone the new principle of the school, flirting with a student" Maka glared at Kid who only gave a shrug.

"And a cute one too" Kid added, a small smirk on his face and Maka looked down, already feeling a small blush coming.

"Maka, Kid's right. Actually, you are a lucky girl." Tsubaki said, getting Kid and Maka to look at her wide eyed.

"WHAT?" Both of them exclaimed at the same time, earning some looks from the other female students by.

"Er-I mean, yes Maka, Tsubaki's right" Kid said, regaining his composture before Maka. "So you should accept my offer and be my girlfriend. So? What do you say."

Maka's hand twitched before grabbing a book from her backpack, and slamming it on Kid's head.

"Like I said, No thanks Kid." And with that both girls left, one still angry and flustered and the other one waving goodbye.

"Well, that's it for today students. Please head to your dorms and be ready for class in two days." Said Kid, who had a bandage on his forehead. All the students in the gym bowed down before exiting the place.

Maka waited for almost everyone to leave before looking around for Tsubaki. Luckily, Kid was nowhere in sight, so Maka was safe, for now.

Although her attempts were futile, she did see two girls by the corner of the gymnasium. One of them had short blue hair and the other one had almost like spiky white hair. The one with white hair had ruby colored eyes. And it seems like the blue one said something funny because the white one started to laugh, revealing sharp like teeth.

Maka's eyes widened. "Man, they must be new."

Both girls stopped laughing and looked at Maka, "s**t! They saw me" Quickly, Maka looked to another side, but before she did. She saw the one with white hair grin at her. A shiver ran down Maka's spine, and it wasn't a good one.

"Hey Maka! Sorry for making you wait!" Called out Tsubaki as she made her way towards Maka.

Maka took no time at all and quickly told Tsubaki about both girls, Tsubaki only frowned and scolded her, "Maka, you know better than to judge people by their looks".

"Yeah! But the blue one has a jungle here!" Maka pointed at her armpit, both girls stood in silence before laughing.

"We should go check out our dorm numbers." Maka suggested and Tsubaki agreed, they went into the hall were a big sign said the dorm numbers and students. Looking for her name, Maka found it and then looked at the other two names. It didn't take long for Tsubaki to find her name and her roommate's names.

"I guess I'm with Chrona Gorgon and Euruka Frog" Tsubaki smiled at Maka, "who are you with?"

"Soulabeth Evans and Black Starllet" Maka read out the weird names out loud. "Those are sure weird names" Maka pointed out, Tsubaki sweatdropped but had to agree with her best friend on this one.

"Wait, did you say Chrona?" Maka looked at Tsubaki who nodded. "Yes, why?"

"I know her! She's Medusa's daughter"

"You mean nurse Medusa?"


"That's great! What type of girl is she?" Tsubaki asked with genuiene curiosity. Maka only smirked.

"Why would you want to know from me? You did say I tend to jugde people without knowing them" said the blonde girl and started to walk away, telling Tsubaki she would visit her later.

When Maka arrived at her dorm, she found that both her roommates were already asleep. Yet, what she didn't notice was their hair color.

So, Maka undressed and grabbed a nearby towel. Entering the dorm's bathroom, she locked the door behind her.