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Hello! I am A Permanent Insanity and this is my first ever fanfiction.
I hope everyone likes it, it's based off of the movie The Secret of Moonacre.
I do NOT own 'The Secret of Moonacre' or the characters
if you have any comments or anything, please send me a private message, I don't want any rude comments unless they are helpful to help me write better, but please, do it in a nice way.
Do not post or steal anything I put in here without my permission!
Thank you!

(Each post will be a different 'chapter' or such, but they wont be long. I don't want to download the thing for fanfiction because this isn't my computer, when I get mine back I might, so I am posting here!)
Chapter 1 : The returning

Maria's Pov.

The carriage was bumping along the road, my eyes closed, trying to stay asleep before we reached the manor. I was beyond nervous, it had been one year since my departure after I returned the pearls to the sea. My uncle sent me back to London after, hoping for me to return to a normal life, try and stay safe away from any type of dispute that could possibly erupt between the De Noir's and Merryweather's after the incident.

The carriage came to a halt and I kept my eyes shut, hoping that they wouldn't try and wake me, that they would just pick me up and take me to my room. That wasn't the case...my driver, Digweed, had opened the door and gently shook me to wake me up. I faked a yawn and smiled, "Are we here?" I asked him, looked out the door, no need for the "Yes" given back, the Moonacre mansion stood tall and proud, my uncle Benjamin and Loveday were standing outside the door, along with Ms. Heliotrope who has stayed behind, my request.

I climbed out with the help of Digweed, Loveday rushed forward and wrapped her arms around me. "Oh Maria! I missed you!" She cried out, holding me tightly in a hug. "Can't...breath!" I cried out and she quickly released me, "I am so sorry!" She said, still smiling. "I missed you too Loveday!" I turned to Uncle Benjamin, "I missed you Uncle!" I said, giving him a hug, he kind of awkwardly hugged me and said he missed me too. This happened again with Heliotrope and Marmaduke. I really had missed them, ever since my departure a year ago, my life in London was dull and boring. I missed the big house and the woods surrounding them.

My things were carried up to my room by Digweed and Uncle while Loveday and I headed to the piano room to catch up. We sat on the bench in front of the beautiful piano, flowers in a lovely vase sat on top, and many more flowers decorated the room. I turned to her and spoke the only question I was dying to know, "Okay, how is things between us Merryweathers and the De Noir's?" I demanded, she smiled, which was a good sign, right?

"Well, it was rocky at first, my father kept accidentally falling back into old habits but finally has realized that the feud is no longer needed. Although, the families are still a little awkward when near, so everyone really just sticks to their homes and don't talk much when they do meet somewhere." She explained, her eyes distant, staring at the flower vase. This wasn't exactly what I wanted but it also could have been much worse. "At least the fighting has stopped." I said starring the flowers as well.

I stood, not wanting to sit anymore and paced a little, "Do you mind if I go and walk around outside? I want to think about all this..." I said smiling, she nodded and I quickly turned to leave. I made it to the edge of the woods and looked around, still nervous, just like when the woods were dangerous to be in. I walked in, making sure no one was looking and headed deep in, down to the tree with the hidden room below it. Just as I made it to the clearing I stopped, frozen. Was it really him? Was he really still here?

Robin's Pov.

I was pacing the castle entrance, I needed to do something, it was driving me crazy having nothing to do other than the random commoner that invaded the woods or tried to try and get into the castle out of curiosity. I turned to one of my friends, "I am going walking. Scope out the forest." I said and rushed outside and bounded down to the woods, not looking at anyone as I went.

I went to the one place I visited often, the one place that I could sit and think and no one would bother me. I missed her but I didn't want anyone to know, and I worried about her, she was all alone and I was sure she would never return since she missed it so much when she first got here. I sat at the foot of the tree, leaning on it and relaxing, trying to just clear my head.

I heard the sound of approaching steps and put my hand on the hidden dagger, ready to pull it out and attack if need be. Who I saw walk into the clearing was not what I expected. What was going on, why was she here? "Maria?" I gasped, standing up right.

**Okay! First one done! I hope it's good, just giving a little bit of a background and such, reviews are welcome! But send them as a PM please!!**
Chapter 1 : The returning

Maria's Pov.

He said my name. Robin said my name, it had to be him...I cannot believe this is really happening. I hoped to see him again soon but wasn't sure I would. I wasn't sure if I would see him, I was sure he would have stayed home now, no need to roam the forest, that or he would have just left for good or something. No way he was here, in front of me, looking the same as when I left. I am so scared, I have no idea what to do or say. Here I am, so excited to have actually found him again and words are failing me.

Suddenly though, my eyes shifted to the weapon in his hand. "Robin..." I say and back up instinctively. "You aren't....are you...?" Was all I managed, worried that he was going to attack me again. My heart was hammering inside of my chest and I want to cry, I thought the feud was over, why was he looking like he might attack me?

I backed up some more and found myself against a tree. I saw the understanding cross his face and he looked down and dropped his knife before stepping forward. He stopped a few steps in front of me, my heart sped up faster. "I didn't mean to frighten you, I thought you were someone coming after me..." He explained, voice soft.

I let out a sigh I hadn't realized I was holding. I rushed forward and hugged him, arms wrapping around his neck, his arms automatically wrapped around my waist and lifted me. When he set me down, I backed up a little again, "I am so glad to see you...I thought you might not be here anymore." I said looking at him, these feelings fluttering in my stomach that I had no idea what they meant, I tried to ignore them, but they are just getting worse. He smiled that familiar smile from when I left, when he wasn't out to hunt me.

"I thought you weren't even coming back from London...why did you come back? Is something wrong with Loveday? Or any of the others at Merryweather mansion?" He asked me, looking concerned. It was my turn to smile, "I missed it, Uncle wanted me to be gone at least a year, and I was, but I missed it so I wanted to come back. This is my home now." I replied, smiling up at his handsome face.

Robin's Pov.

I couldn't believe she was back, she was back with me in this clearing again. Was this...was this really happening or just another dream of mine? Had I fallen asleep? Suddenly though, she was backing up....what did I do? Why was she doing this? Did I do something wrong? I quickly remembered my hand wrapped around the dagger in my hand. Before I knew it though, I dropped it and was stepping closer to her.

Maria bounded into my arms and I happily wrapped mine around her waist. It felt nice to have her in my arms, even if this was just a dream. We soon exchanged words and I was so excited that she said she was going to stay, that she missed the home. "Well, everyone has missed you Maria." I said smiling and moving over to the tree and sitting back where I was, she soon moved and sat beside me. "I really am glad you came back Maria...even though the feud has ended, it has been very quiet, father has barely said anything to any Merryweathers, he has come down to visit Loveday but those are short visits...maybe you being back will make them realize that they can actually be friends." I said, giving my true thoughts behind it all to her. It felt good to be able to do that.

I could tell Maria was just about to say something when suddenly some steps could be heard approaching. I reached for my dagger at my waist but....it wasn't there. It was somewhere on the ground. I lunged forward and was searching for it when someone stepped out. It was one of the thugs that didn't want to accept the feud was over, even if it had been a year. My fist grasped the dagger and I moved in front of Maria, ready to protect her before anything else. I glared up at him, keeping an eye, making sure he didn't try and pull anything. He pulled out a knife from his own waist band and lunged for both of us.

**I am still getting the hang of this whole fan fiction thing, but I think I am getting it! Any reviews or anything will be greatly appreciated! Thanks! <3 (Send them by PM only!)**

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