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Hi, guys! This is a story I wrote on another set of forums, here; http://forum.smallworlds.com/showthread.php?t=764685

I'm also going to post it here to get some more reviews and such.

Leave your hoest opinions, please. ;3;

Also, I don't own Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, Total Drama Revenge of the Island, Chris McLean, Chef Hatchet, or anything remotely having to do with Total Drama. (Though I wish I did own Chris SCREAMS EXCUSE ME)

A thick manila folder fell onto his feet. Raising an eyebrow, the sunglasses were slowly pushed back into his inky black hair, asking, "What's this?" His feet slowly came down from the balcony railing.

"Your annual list of wimps to pick from," His producer sneered, eyes narrowed into thin slits. "Try and at least pick a decent cast this season, will you, Mr. McLean?" With that, the producer left. The noise of a door shutting boomed throughout the small apartment.

Sighing, the man got up from the lawn chair that he had set up out on the small, claustrophobic balcony and moved inside, slamming the sliding glass door and locking it. Feet padded barefoot over dirty sad colored carpet, to the dining room table. Tossing the folder down, he grabbed a quick soda from the fridge to drink while he worked.

Chris McLean, the laziest and trashiest man you will ever meet. Never, in all of the five years he had been living in it, has that apartment been properly cleaned. Chinese and Japanese take-out boxes and containers littered the kitchen, along with various brand name soda bottles and cans. Dishes were piled up in the sink, only about a third of clean things left in the white, stained dishwasher. Popping the lid on a can of cola, Chris plopped down in a dark, wobbly wooden chair. Not the best idea in the world.

Flipping the manila file open, he pulled the trashcan over. There were about a hundred profiles inside, waiting to be read and sorted into who would be going to the island. Picking up half the entries, Chris put them in File 13 without a second thought. He believed in fate, and if it was meant to be.. they would be in the half that was still left.

Forum after forum was dumped into the trash can, eventually leaving him with only two female profiles to choose from for who would be a contestant. He already had his twelve boys, and eleven girls. Chris picked up the first girls profile, and realized she was just some stupid kid from some small town who was too sassy. He had already found the sassy girl. Growling, Chris ripped it in half and dumped it in the trash, putting his head in one of his hands. This last girl better be good...


Bounding up the driveway, Ashton ripped open her mailbox's door. She pulled out the stacks of letters, and wandered inside her small, one story house. She threw mail down on the table as she looked through them, until she found the letter.

The letter that would change her life.

She screamed, causing her cat to jump up and her brother bolt up from the couch. "ILL SHOOT ANY TRESPASSERS-" He began, and Ashton threw the letter at him.

Mason read it, and grinned. "Looks like you're going to be spending eight weeks at Camp Wawanakwa."

☣Chapter One☣

Chris kicked his black luggage into the luxury trailer he and Chef Hatchet. Always had Chris loved that hot tub, with more jets than his fingers and toes.

"Oh, baby," He moaned, running his hand over the sleek white surface. He couldn't wait to break it back in, after months of no use..

"Chris, what are you doing?" Snapped a deep, manly voice behind him. Chris jumped, turning around. It was just Chef, glaring in the doorway.

"Just.. looking.. around..." He mumbled, turning away. He picked up his bag, full of hair gel, a year supply of clothes, and five pairs of shoes. What? Chris McLean doesn't say 'no' to fashion... He wa sjust too much of a sexy beast for that.

Chef rolled his eyes. "They should be here in about an hour. You better not be late down at the dock," Chef hissed, before slamming the door. Mocking him, Chris flopped down and turned on the surveillance cameras. They were scattered about the Island, from the woods, to the dock, beach, cliff, and everywhere else.

Sighing, he leaned back in a chair, staring at the ceiling. He felt as if something was missing from his life... Was this really what he wanted? Hell, yeah. Nothing better than being the host of one of the largest Canadian/American shows of today.

Yet, he felt as if it wasn't something, rather more as someone. No, Chris pushed that thought from his mind, shaking his head and hair out. He was player. Christopher McLean was a full out player. No relationship every got past a business week, and they were more physical than emotional. Heck, he had never even felt emotionally attached to a woman.

Maybe that's why he always puts the contestants through so much, especially the developing couples. Maybe it's because he was jealous of them having a real relationship.. HAH. HAHAHA. You're making Chris chortle. Why would he be jealous of some fake romance, that probably only started because of publicity?

Smirking and shaking his head, Chris grabbed an old, half used, yellowed out legal pad and began putting together the three teams for this season of Total Drama Island; Revenge of the Island.. he-he... lost some, not a lot of, publicity after the whole 'Radioactive Contamination' bit.. they had no proof.

Suddenly, a large vine whipped through the door, and Chris scratched it gently. "Well, hey there, Larry," He mumbled to his giant mutated Venus fly trap.


"You've lived through the past four seasons, hopefully... and now we're bringing it back to you! This, the fifth season of the Total Drama series, is back again at Camp Wakwanakwa, located somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario! Twenty four new rag dolls- contestants...- are going to be going through more dangerous shenanigans for all of you!"

After the intro started, Chris turned from the camera and relaxed into a lawn chair. The camera guy rolled his eyes, walking off. "Get me a water," Chris called, yawning. He always hated this part. The part between the drama, the slots between the footage. It was always just so.. boring. Nothing happened, really.

It made him think even more how how lonely he was. None of the contestants really liked him much after the first week, like he cared. They're not supposed to like him. Their job is to do the challenges, try not to get kicked off and supply enough drama to keep the ratings high. Chris's job was just to supply the challenges and plot twists.

Whilst he was thinking, Chris hadn't notice the approaching boat on the horizon. Oh, joy.. the new morons are arriving. Rolling his hazel eyes, he fixed his shoulder length charcoal black hair, and moved towards the end of the dock.


"Welcome back to another great year of Total Drama; Tottaly Chaotic! Our first campers are ariving now..."

A girl with dark, curly crimson hair stepped off the boat. Bright green eyes hid behind round brass glasses. She was dressed casually in black sweatpants and a red tee that read 'Russia' with the countries flag below it.

She smiled kindly at the young host, who grinned back a slightly crazed one. "You must be Crimson!" Nodding, she shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you also, Christopher-" The dangerous glare in Chris's eye told her to never call him by his long, boring legal name. He was Chris, and would be called as such.

The next contestant arrived shortly. "Ivan!" Chris cheered, reaching out to give him a high-five. Ivan grabbed his wrist on one swift move, pinning it behind his back.

"E-vahn, not Eye-van." The tall man went to stood with Crimson. He was almost albino woth how pale his skin is. His hair was darker than his skin, being a muddy blonde. A beige jacket covered his broad shoulders, a gray v-neck under that. He wore dressy black slacks, with black loafers.

Chris rubbed his wrist. "Oh... Kay... Let's give a warmish welcome to the Kiku twins, all the way from Japan! Honda and Kokoro!" A boy and girl, both from obvious Asian decent, stepped off the bos, carefully. They both wore traditional school uniforma, a white button down shirt, black pants/skirt, and plain black shoes. They both had burnt chestnut hair and dark hazel eyes. The only way to tell them,apart was the gender anatomy; they were the same height and weight!

They both bowed to the host, placing their hands together and bowed at the waist. Chris just shoved them aside to be with everyone else.

Everyones face reflected off the mirrored raybanz that were being worn by the next camper. "The name is Fabio, because I'm fabulous." He butt in before Chris could. He had hair that was so bleached, it was almost as white as snow. Fabio was tan from living in California his enire life. He came from a rich family, thus having the hottest clothes from Rodeo Drive.

Martha stepped off of the boat next, pulling her wavy hair back into a ponytail. "Miss Martha," the host greeted. Martha flashed him a grin.

"Epic to be here, bro!" She cheered, standing behind Fabio. She had tangled chestnut hair, with veins of sun-kissed gold running through it. Her skin was cocoa and fair, smooth amd soft. She wore a simple outfit of a purple tanktop and black cargo pants.

Another girl arrived. Chris could't place the name of the beautiful woman infront of him. He should have studied up more on the application forms... Oh, well. He stared, enchanted by her appearence. Hair the color of roses cascaded down her back, stopping at her slender waist. She didn't just smile with her pale pink lips, but with her almond shaped blue eyes. They were the color of the sky.

Chris practically had to close his mouth to stop am ocean of drool from waterfalling out. Never in the life of Christopher James McLean had he ever seen a woman that made him feel this strong of a tug of atraction in his chest. Granted, she wasn't as smoking as him.. No ONE was as hot as Chris Mclean, in his own honest opinion.

Chris pulled the girl into an embrace, welcoming her. Awkwardly, Ashton pulled away. "Thanks...?" She mumbled.

The rest of the campers arrived shortly after, completing the cast.

For boys, there were now Ivan, Liam, Alexander, Honda, Michel, Gavriel, Fabio, Roderick, Steve, Tony, Alfred and Mathias. For girls, there were Crimson, Ally, Talia, Kokoro, Ashton, Tatyana, Molly, Christina, Erizabetha, Martha, Chad and Erin.

Chris sent them all off to the Mess Hall to meet chef, and to 'get a nutritious lunch in before the first challenge.' HAHAH. HAHAHAHAHAH. Nutritious.. more like hazardous.

Ashton sat at a table consisting of herself, Talia, Ivan, Crimson, Erin, Tony and Steve. Eveyone else were scattered among the long picnic tables.

"What do you guys think the first challenge will be?" Talia asked, practically bouncing in her chair. Right away, Ashton could tell she was like Izzy from the first season. Psycho, and could never sit still even if her life depended on it.

Ashton shrugged, poking the slime on her tray with a spoon. She would rather do whatever stupid crap Chris was going to set up than eat it.. She had seen what he made past campers do. She wasn't prepared for this. Ash never wanted to even be on the show, but.. recent turns of events had forced her to join the show. Her and her brother depended on that money.

She sighed, and prodded at the food while the conversation continued. "I bet whoever wins this first challenge is going to be the most hated for a while.. you know?" Crimson said, earning a nod from Ivan.

"Isn't it always like that?" He mused, holding up some of the slimy white substance on his fork. It smelled like crafting paste...

Shrugging, Tony looked at Steve. "Probably. Who do you think is going to win?"

"Don't know," Steve yawned, "Haven't been here long enough to really know."

The doors banged open, and Ashton didn't even need to turn around. It was Mr. Stalker Hugs, yelling at everyone. "Meet at the docks in ten minutes, and bring a swimsuit!"

"Wait- We had to bring swimsuits?" Her head snapped up, turning around. Chris gave her a lopsided grin.

"Bathing suits, under garments, what's the difference?" Ashton sneered, turning back around. What a moron. She would rather jump off the cliff than wear her bra and panties for him.

After Chris left, Talia smiled sweetly. "You can borrow one of mine- I brought three. And you look about my size!"

"Thanks..." Ashton mumbled. Great, so apparently this challenge would involve swimming.


Ten minutes later, they were all standing on the dock. Ashton had on a two piece bathing suit, the least revealing Talia had. God, she always hated bathing suits... why did they show so much?! She would much have preferred to wear a wet suit, or something... The bathing suit had a shirt with short shorts underneath, and was black with blue trimming. The top was tied behind the neck, with a top that reached to the skirt, also having blue.

She couldn't help but notice that most of the other girls wore more revealing things, even Tatyana. She was dark, coming from African-American decent. She was slightly bigger than the other girls, but not by much. She wore a white bikini, which wanted to make Ashton go hurl out over the deck. It wasn't the girl wearing it that bothered her- it was just bathing suits in general.

Chris clapped his hands together, drawing all attention to him. :Aright, guys. We're just going to do boy/girl teams for the first week or three or whatever I feel like. For this first challenge, the object is to swim to the cliff, and climb it. Without a harness. When you reach the top of the 1,000 foot tall cliff, there will be two flags, one for each team. First team that attaches their flag to the pole and raises it in camp wins! The loser... well, they get to kick the first sucker off!"

They all stared at him. "Are you serious..." Ivan mumbled, and then everyone started screaming.

Chris screamed at them all to shut up, and told the campers to get ready. Growling, they all positioned themselves on the edge of the dock. Oh his word, all twenty four campers kicked off into the water.
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Very well written and only a handful of spelling mistakes. That alone shows you really cared about your story.

This was the first Total Drama fanfiction I've ever read and I hope you have another installment soon.
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Kitchen Viper
Very well written and only a handful of spelling mistakes. That alone shows you really cared about your story.

This was the first Total Drama fanfiction I've ever read and I hope you have another installment soon.

Screeches and flies into a higher plain of exsistance. Thank you. I care about all of my works, natter what it may be. I have had a few friends telling me to finish the next chapters, but I mever have time. Hopefully I will soon.

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