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NOTE: These adventures take place in a fan-made comic universe in which the DC and Marvel universe co-exist. Some characters are altered. Due to said alterations, these characters may or may not have different origin stories
ALSO NOTE: This fan fiction contains elements from various DC and Marvel comics that I think work well together. Not to mention a few OC’s that are/take on the identity of some popular heroes. So I hope no one takes offence to this or anything. This is purely for entertainment. Most characters belong to Marvel or DC and I give them full credit.

Titans 2.0
Story Arc 1: Titans GO!!
1:35 AM EST
New York City
July 4th 2011 (Mon)
Triskelion/Shield Headquarters/Super-villain holding facility

Loud alarms were sounding and bright, red lights flashed as grunts from the secret government organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D gathered in a large, underground room that was full of tanks, ATV’s and other vehicles and weapons. As the grunts quickly entered the room, they chattered amongst themselves about what could be going on.
“Do you think it’s Osborn again,” asked one grunt.

“No way,” replied a female grunt. “If it were Osborn, we’d all be roasting marshmallows. It’s probably that experiment on the su--” Just then, the alarms shut off and a short, pale man emerged from a panel in the centre of the floor. He wore a suit and tie and had a deathly serious look on his face. The agents, recognizing the man as Senior S.H.I.E.L.D Operative Phil Coulson, hushed immediately.

“ATTENTION AGENTS,” yelled Coulson. “I apologize for the unscheduled meeting, but as you should be able to tell by the alarm’s colour and sound frequency our global security has been compromised. As of now, our status is level Alpha-0. This is the highest threat to humanity that we’ve had since the first Ultimates-Justice league team up. As of exactly twelve o’ clock midnight all physical and telepathic links with several of the world’s greatest heroes have been lost. Ever worse, no physical trace whatsoever can be found of the missing heroes.” Here, Coulson paused as a screen rose from the floor behind him. “Now,” said Coulson returning to his briefing. “Heroes that are confirmed to have vanished include the members of the Justice League and the Ultimates.” As he said this, the screen displayed pictures of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Red Tornado, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, two Green Lanterns, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Wasp, Ant-Man, and Black Panther. “Other missing heroes include members of the X-Men,” said Coulson as pictures of Professor X, Colossus, Iceman, and Nightcrawler appeared on the screen. “Our own Director Nick Fury has also disappeared.” As Coulson said this, the tension and fear in the room reached its peak. For no one in the room had ever imagined a world without any sign, trace, or rumour of their mysterious director. Solemnly, Coulson returned to his speech. “As of now, we have no estimate as to how many superheroes or mutants remain on the planet. Nor do we know exactly who or how many more may have disappeared. Unfortunately, we have no lead as to what happened, where the heroes are, or who or what may be responsible for the disappearances. However, we do have a plan. I am going to select the best-of-the-best of you grunts. Then, those of you who are selected well help me put together a team of the strongest, most resourceful superheroes left. This team will be used to bring back the other heroes. So, without further delay....let’s get to work.
Titans 2.0
Story Arc 1: Titans GO!!
Issue 1: When there’s trouble... (Chapter 1)

3:32 PM EST
Ney York City
July 29, 2011 (Fri)
Times Square

“MOM!!!” A terrified teenager screamed as a fully-armed Doom-bot took aim at his mother. However, he and his mom weren’t the only ones in danger. About fifteen minutes ago, Dr. Doom and a small army of about a dozen Doom-bots marched into Times Square and began to terrorize citizens and tearing buildings, cars, streets, and sidewalks to pieces.

“MICHAEL,” replied the mother “RUN!!” Michael refused to leave his mother at the hands of the evil Dr. Doom and his robots. He grabbed a steel pipe from a nearby pile of rubble and hurled it at the Doom-bot. It clanked against its head and the robot turned its attention and its lazers toward the boy. “RUN MICHAEL,” screamed the mother.

“Don’t worry mum I’ve got this,” said Michael accepting his fate. “Just get out of here.” The Doom-bot charged his lazer. But just then, in a flash of red and blue, The Spectacular Spider-Man swings feet-first through the Doom-bot’s head. It falls to the ground deactivated. Michael stands frozen with awe.

“You ok,” Spidey asked the boy.

“Yeah,” Michael replied still in shock. “......and thanks.”

“Sure thing,” said the hero while taking out another robot. “Now, all thank you’s aside, take your mother to safety and get as many people as you can out of here.”

“Right.” Michael left to follow Spider-Man’s orders. This is soo cool, he thought to himself. With the boy out of harm’s way, Spidey directed his attention to Dr. Doom who was standing in the middle of the square silently. It was almost as if he were waiting.

“Listen Dr. D,” Spidey yelled across the square getting Doom’s attention. “Just because the stores in the square are overpriced doesn’t mean that you can send these tin cans to jack people’s coupons.”

“Ah Spider-Man,” said Dr. Doom calmly. “For a moment I began to think that you weren’t coming.”

“Me, miss a party like this,” Spidey said sarcastically as he fought another Doom-bot. “I wouldn’t dream of it. Besides Doc, I thought I scheduled my semi-annual check-up with you. ”

“DOOM-BOTS, DESTROY THE PEST!!!” At Dr. Doom’s command all of the robots in the square began to gang up on the webbed wonder. They come at him together with punches, kicks, and deadly green lazers.

“Look,” said Spider-Man as he swiftly dodged the attacks. “I’ve got an appointment with Doc Ock in a few so I’m going to have to cut this check-up a little short.” Spider-Man sprinted forward, dodged a lazer, slid in-between a Doom-bot’s legs, and swung onto a nearby building. He ripped a jumbotron off of the buildings side and threw it on top of the group of Doom-bots.


Spider-Man leaped down from the building and landed in a pile of Doom-bot and jumbotron debris. Seeing that the robots were toasted, he confidently leaped directly in front of Dr. Doom. “Soooo,” he started. “Do I have to drag your sorry, metal butt down to the Triskellion or---”

“SHUT UP!!” Just as Peter’s spider-senses tingle, Dr. Doom blasts him through an abandoned car and into a building with his lazer gauntlet. As the smoke clears from the building, Dr. Doom slowly begins to approach Spider-Man.
Titans 2.0
Story Arc 1: Titans GO!!
Issue 1: When there’s trouble...(Chapter 2)

3:40 PM EST
New York City
July 29, 2011 (Fri)
Times Square

“Ouch,” coughed Spider-Man. Moments ago, he had been blasted by the evil Dr. Doom’s lazer gauntlet. He had flown through a car and halfway through a building. His costume was full of rips, tears, one of the lenses were cracked, and it was slightly burned. Not to mention, that Peter Parker was in excruciating pain. “Where,” wheezed Peter as he tried to find the strength to get up. “Are the Fantastic Four when you need them?...Wait, where are the Fantastic Four?” Spidey managed to hold himself up on his hands and knees. “Doomy here is kind of their guy.” Peter’s spider-sense suddenly exploded and he quickly looked up to see Dr. Doom looming over him with his gauntlet pointed at his head. I’m so dead, he thought.

“That’s none of your concern you piece of filth,” said Doom fiercely. “Now to finish my missio-” Suddenly, a lightning bolt came from the sky and sent volts and volts of electricity into Dr. Doom’s body. Rendered unconscious, Doom collapsed to the ground.

Thor, thought Spider-Man. Thank god....literally! A small, dark brown hand reached out to help the webhead up. A relieved Spider-Man took the hand expecting to look up into Thor’s stone cold face. He was very shocked however, to see a smiling Storm looking down at him. “Stormy?”

“Spidey,” shrieked Storm with excitement as she helped Peter up and then hugged him. “Long time no see huh?”

“I know right,” replied Spider-Man still feeling dizzy. “I haven’t seen you since Magneto tried to take over the world.” Peter looked around in the sky for a moment and said. “Um...where’s Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Logan? Don’t you guys usually fly around in your X-jet or whatever?”

“Actually,” said Storm pointing behind her, “I’m here with them.” Spider-Man looked over Storm’s shoulder to see Phil Coulson, three S.H. I. E. L. D grunts, and a fellow teenager in what looked like a rip off of Captain America’s costume.

“Kid,” said Coulson approaching the hero. “Dust yourself off and come with us.”

“Riiiiiiiiight,” said Parker sarcastically, “and why would I do that?”

“Well Peter, you could always go back to your 4 P.M. shift at the Burger Frog,” said Coulson.
“Ok, I’m in,” said Spidey quickly, “But what are we doing?”

“No time for question kid. I’ll explain on the way.”

“I guess that works,” said Peter with a shrug. “Wait,” he said after processing Coulson’s sentence, “On the way to where?

10:55 P.M. EST
Gotham City
July 29, 2011 (Fri)
A Dark Alley

“Listen you scum,” said Robin. Her voice was so sharp, threatening, and criminal that it created fear in the black soul of Two-Face as she held him by his throat. “I’m going to give you ten seconds to truthfully answer the following questions. If you behave, I won’t beat you as badly as I beat your hench-people. Understand?” Two-Face looked at his gang of highly trained fighters and gunmen that lay badly beaten, bruised, cut, and scraped on the floor of the alley. Each of them lay in a small pool of their own blood. They were barely alive.

“Yes,” said Two-Face choking. “Yes just let me go.” Robin dropped Two-Face to the ground and he landed with a thud.

“Now then,” said Robin, removing a Robin-rang from her sleeve. “Question one, where’s Bat-Man?”

“He was,” began Two-Face as he gasped for air. “Taken...abducted....by the same person who hired me and my gang to take you out.”

“Good answer,” said Robin. “Now it’s time for question two. Who is the mysterious employer of yours?”

“Nobody knows. Me and my partner just call him The Big Man.”

“You have a partner,” asked Robin suspiciously. Quietly, the alley began to fill with a thick purple fog. Robin glanced back in hopes of finding the source of the fog but saw only the purple smoke. When she looked down, Two-Face had disappeared. “TWO-FACE ,” screamed Robin as she pulled her gas-filtering scarf over her nose and mouth.

“Don’t worry little girl,” said Two-Face’s voice although no physical trace could be seen. “I’m still here.” In the blink of an eye, Two-Face’s fist emerged from the fog and punched Robin in the face. It disappeared as quickly as it had come.

WHAM ! ! Robin took a second punch to the face.

“Now now,” said Two-Face’s voice again. “Little girls shouldn’t use that kind of language. With this, Robin’s rage reached its peak. She took out a Robin-rang and was read to disobey her most sacred teaching. She was ready to kill. It was at this moment also that an area of the purple mist cleared and Two-Face stood smiling from ear to ear.

“SHUT UP,” yelled Robin as she threw the Robin-rang. It went straight through Two-Face’s chest and came back through it a second time. Two-Face should’ve been a dead man. However, he was unharmed. Robin stood in awe and horror.

“What’s the matter little girl,” laughed Two-Face. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” As Robin prepared for the worst, a hand emerged from behind her and grabbed her by the throat. As she struggled, another had emerged, pulled down her scarf, and sprayed purple knock-out gas into her nose and mouth. Robin fell to the ground unconscious. Simultaneously, the fog cleared and in the alley, side by side stood Two-Face and Mysterio, master of illusions. “So,” said Two-Face to his partner, “Did you get yours?”

“Yeah,” replied Mysterio making sure he had gathered his hologram projectors and hallucination-inducing smoke pellets. “And by the looks of things, I just got yours too.”

“Shut up.” Two-Face replied.
Titans 2.0
Story Arc 1: Titans GO!!
Issue 1: When there’s trouble...(Chapter 3)

12:30 A.M. EST
Gotham City
July 30, 2011 (Sat)
Unknown warehouse

“He should be here already,” said an impatient Two-Face looking at the ceiling where Robin, Static Shock, and some kid in a tricked out Flash costume hung unconscious and bound in chains. He and Mysterio had been waiting in that ware house for a while and Harvey was beginning to get nervous. He was pacing the floor a few feet away from where the ever-so-confident Mysterio had set up a table and began playing cards with himself.

“Be patient,” snapped Mysterio. “The Big Man said that his assistant would be here any moment and personally, I believe him.”

“Why,” Two-Face questioned his partner, “What makes this ‘Big Man’ so trustworthy?”

“Well he got rid of Batman didn’t he? You could never do that.” Mysterio’s white, steam covered face smirked and Two-Face shut up for a moment.

“Yeah....well having those brats around is just making me nervous.” As Two-Face said this he looked up at the ceiling once more and to his dismay, they were gone. Before he could alert his partner, a surge of electricity from Static struck him unconscious.

“Looking for us,” said Robin. She stood in a combat position with her staff extended. Static and Flash 2.5, a friend of Wally West, stood behind her.

“Rotten kids,” said Mysterio he stood up from his chair and floated up to the ceiling. “You have no idea who you’re dealing with.” He raised his right arm and the floor of the warehouse began to fill with purple fog.

“Careful guys,” said Robin attempting to take charge of the situation. “On my mark we hit him with every---”


Suddenly, the warehouse windows were blasted through by a gale of wind that cleared away the fog and a red and blue figure on what appeared to be a web swung in and tackled Mysterio to the ground. Mysterio smashed into several pieces on impact. The empty, robotic body hit the ground with a clang.

“And that my friends, is how you make and entrance,” said the red and blue figure as he stood and dusted himself off.
Robin recognized him instantly. This was the famous Spider-Man. Robin had read his file back at the Bat-Cave about three months ago. She knew who he was, where he lived, and that his uncle’s birthday was coming up. Though, most of all, she knew that she hated him. She had seen him in action plenty of times and felt that he was an annoying and immature excuse for a superhero. His work was sloppy and his “superheroing” often left behind a lot of collateral damage. She was not happy to see him.

“I can’t believe that he and his robots were seeing other heroes,” said Spider-Man looking down at the robotic shell. “I...I thought we had something special.”

“Cut the crap web-head. I’ve got something to say.” It was Coulson who spoke as he walked into the warehouse. Storm, the teenage Captain America, and the three S.H.I.E.L.D grunts followed behind him.

“GEEZ,” said Spidey. “Always with the business. Can’t a guy quip a little?”

“DO YOU EVER SHUT UP,” yelled and annoyed Robin.

“Well that’s a really nice way to say hello to the guy that just saved your cross-dressing life,” said Spider-Man who was now up in Robin’s face.

“Just be quiet for once,” Robin argued back. “Can’t you just go five minutes without your stupid jokes?”

“Sorry no,” Parker said. “My fans expect a certain amount of quippage in every battle.”

“Stop arguing you two,” said Coulson. “After all, that’s no way to treat one of your new roommates.”

Suddenly all went silent. Spidey and Robin turned to Coulson and said “What?”

To Be Continued
Titans 2.0
Story Arc 1: Titans GO!!
Issue 2: Meet Your Frenemy (Chapter 1)

4:45 P.M. E.S.T
New York City
August 3, 2011 (Wed)
Triskelion II

This had better work, thought Agent Phil Coulson as he stepped into the elevator of S.H.I.E.L.D’s newest building that was just off of the coast of H.Q. As the elevator ascended up to the building’s dormitory sector, Coulson skimmed through a folder that contained basic information on the teenagers that he had invited to the Triskelion II. Robin, Spider-Man, Flash, Static, and Storm were supposed to be here at five o’clock. Coulson thought that he’d read over their files again and get them settled into their new base. I’ll have to give Ms. Parker a call later, he thought as he reached his floor. The elevator doors opened and Coulson stepped out into a room that looked identical to the “living room” of the original Teen Titans. He put the folder on a counter in the dining area of the room. “You’re quite early,” said Coulson staring at a dark corner of the room. “Still challenging Peter?”

“Why challenge something that isn’t worth the effort,” replied Robin, stepping out of the shadows. “By the way, you may want to use retina scanners instead of a 30 digit password for the elevators. It wasn’t that hard to hack.”

“Noted,” said Coulson. “And you shouldn’t be so quick to judge Peter. Fury thought highly of him. So it’d do you well not to underestimate him.”

“So you know I read their files then,” said Robin she turned her back to Coulson and looked out of the huge windows that made up the front and sides of the building. She enjoyed the oceanic view. “You keep calling him Peter in front of me.”

“Yes,” said Coulson “And I---”

“AHAH,” yelled an overly excited Durrann Brown in his costume. He came in with his eyes closed and hands in the air and strutted to the centre of the room. “Jay, Barry, Wally, the party is here! It’s about time I get an award for my awesomeness.” He opened his eyes and looked around. “Ummm do I have the right building?”

“Yes,” answered Coulson. “I hope you don’t mind but after reading your file I decided that the best way to ensure your arrival was to fake an award ceremony.”

Durrann’s eye twitched behind his golden visor. “Why am I here?”

“Be patient,” said Coulson. Just then, Static and Storm stepped out of the elevator together smiling and laughing.

“Charming,” said Storm with a playful chuckle.

“Why of course,” said Static in a gentleman-like tone. He bowed and when he looked up, he found that Coulson, Robin, and Flash were staring silently. They were all wondering what the talk was about.

“Greetings,” said Coulson. “You two certainly seem cheerful.”

“Of course,” replied Storm who was grinning ear to ear. “Why wouldn’t we be?”

“Because,” said Robin, “The world’s greatest heroes are gone.”

“Oh yeah,” said Static solemnly. “There’s that.” The elevator doors opened again and out stepped the teenager in what appeared to be a knock-off Captain America suit complete with old shield.

“Kids,” said Coulson. “This is Captain America’s substitute. He’s S.H.I.E.L.D’s youngest, most well-trained agent.”

“Why haven’t I read his file then,” questioned Robin.

“Because he’s also S.H.I.E.L.D’s best kept secret. He’s part of a recently developed branch of S.H.I.E.L.D that only Fury had the info about.”

“I guess that makes sense,” Robin said. She knew that she had no other choice than to accept this story for the time being.

“Hi,” said Storm who waved vigorously to Cap.

“Hey,” Cap replied back with a less-vigorous wave.

Wait a moment, thought Robin. Captain America, Flash, Storm, Static, S.H.I.E.L.D, and I are in the same 0.5 mile radius. Senior Agent Phil Coulson is sitting down in front of me. He gathered us all here for a reason. He probably wants to use us a search and rescue squad for the big heroes. But that could only mean that—Robin’s thoughts were interrupted by the entrance of none other than Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man.
Titans 2.0
Story Arc 1: Titans GO!!
Issue 2: Meet Your Frenemy (Chapter 2)

“HONEY I’M HOOOME,” yelled Spider-Man as he walked through the elevator doors. Robin, having lost her train of thought, rolled her eyes in disgust. Peter saw her eyes roll and said, “See, there she goes again showing disrespect to the guy who saved her life.”

“I didn’t need saving,” Robin replied firmly.

“Really,” said Peter, “Because it looked to me like you were about to lead Speedy Gonzales and dread-head over there straight into Mysterio’s mist.”

“Looks can be deceiving,” Robin replied. “I had a plan.”

“Yeah,” snapped Peter, “A plan to get your asses handed to you.” Robin’s eyes widened with anger and instinctively she reached for her Robin-Rang.

“Watch it you two,” said Couslon trying to keep the peace. Robin’s hand returned to her side as she regained control over her emotions.

“Fine Coulson,” said Spider-Man. “I’ll hold out until the test.”

“What test,” asked every other superhuman in the room except for Robin.

“Oops,” said Spidey, smirking underneath his mask. “I already know too much.”

“You do,” said Coulson with an eye twitch.

“Hold up,” interrupted Flash, “Why wasn’t I informed that there would be a test?”

“What can I say,” said Spidey, “Ever since I got that official S.H.I.E.L.D invite in my mailbox, I’ve been doing some homework. I would explain but my spidey senses are telling me that I should let Coulson take this one.”

“Yes,” said Coulson “Yes you should.” He stood up and straightened his tie. “Well, after the third consecutive mission failure during the Justice League and Ultimates crisis the organization put together a test to best select the most capable leaders for a certain mission. This team must take this test. You are all leaders, that is why you were chosen. But, we need the initial lea—”

“WHICH,” interrupted Flash, “will be me. After all, I am the smartest, most awesome, and most handsome out of all of us.”

“As if,” said Spidey. “What makes you so special? There are like four of you guys. If anyone’s the leader it’s me.”

“Yeah sure,” said Flash, “Along with your webby spandex tights.” Static and Storm chuckled at the joke.

“YES,” said Peter “It takes a man to wear these.”

“A man huh,” Flash walked over to Peter and put his hand on Spidey’s shoulder. “Mommy I’m a man now. I wear tights with spiders on them.” Static and Storm’s chuckles burst into laughter. Meanwhile, Robin stayed silent.

“So Coulson,” Static said getting over his burst of laughter. “Exactly how is the leader chosen by this ‘test’?”

“That, I cannot tell you,” replied Coulson.

“Well then,” began Storm in a cheerful manner, “Can you at least tell us where the test is going to take place?”

“YEAH WHERE,” pouted Static loudly. He was beginning to get annoyed with Coulson keeping them all in the dark about the test.

“Jeez,” said Flash. “Calm your tits and maybe he’ll tell us.” Coulson picked up a folder and skimmed through it for a minute.

“Actually,” he said. “I am able to inform you all that the test is going to be held in Manhattan at 1600 hours tomorrow.”

“Thanks,” said Storm with a smile. “See boys, that wasn’t so hard now was it?” But Static and Flash weren’t paying Storm the slightest attention.

I do not have tits!” said Static getting in Flash’s face. “Plus, you shouldn’t be saying anything. Everyone can see your man-boobs from a mile away. Especially through that jacked up jogging suit of yours!”

“Oh, you wanna go sparky,” said Flash, “Because you and I can throw down right here!” Thankfully, before the confrontation became physical, Robin darted over and yanked on the back of Flash’s suit to prevent him from trying to strike.

“Don’t listen to him Flash,” said Storm with a smile as she patted Static’s shoulder. “He’s just tired.”

“What’s the matter,” teased Flash, “Fighting an oversized rubber band drain your batteries?”
Static fell silent for a moment and then decided to change the subject.

“Manhattan hmm?”
Titans 2.0
Story Arc 1: Titans GO!!
Issue 2: Meet Your Frenemy (Chapter 3)

6:57 P.M E.S.T

After the teenagers had settled down, it had taken Coulson a little over two hours to explain what was going on, the living conditions of the Triskellion II, and sort the heroes into their rooms according on how comfortable they were with each other. The room marked 001 consisted of the "new" Captain America and Flash, Storm and Static Shock were placed in room 002, and Coulson reluctantly gave Spider-Man and Robin their own rooms (003 and 004).

Room: 004

"Look Coulson," said Robin sternly. "I refuse to move in with him and that's final."

"Well I-," began Coulson but he was cut off by the closing of Robin's door. "Ok then. I'll carry on."

Room: 003

Spider-Man let out a sigh as he flopped down onto his bed. So they really are gone, he thought. Even Fury is gone. Now what am I supposed to do if

"Knock knock," said Coulson as he stood in Peter's doorway. "Is there any chance that I can convince you to room with Robin?"

"Nope," said Spider-Man as he stared at the ceiling. "After all, the leader deserves his own room."

"True," Coulson said scratching the back of his head. "But you haven't been declared leader yet."

"Isn't it inevitable," asked Peter, smirking underneath his mask. "By the way, have you talked to Aunt May about all of this?"

"Yes, she says that it's fine as long as we keep you as safe as possible. And like I said earlier, you and the others are free to go back home whenever you like unless a mission requires you to stay."

"Cool," said Spider-Man. "Now if you'll excuse me, the leader has had a long day. You should leave and let him rest." He put his hands behind his head and lay silently for a moment. He heard Coulson turn to leave and sat up on the bed. "Hey Coulson," started Spider-Man.

"Yes Peter?"

"W..What do we do if it happens again?"

"I don't understand."

"Ultimatum," said Peter looking down at his feet and remembering the disaster caused by Magneto that brought pain on New York, a few cities, and almost the world.

Tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, lightning storms, and tornadoes all happened at once as Magneto tried to exterminate the human race by switching the earth's poles. Peter was with his friends and ex-girlfriend the day it all started. He would never forget the looks on their faces as their world seemed to be coming to an end. Thousands died over those two days and even more were wounded. On that day, he had felt powerless. Despite how many he saved, the evil creatures he'd faced, and the pain he endured, thousands still died.

"Now that the guys who stopped it before are gone," said Peter, shedding a tear behind his mask. "What do we do if some guy starts another Ultimatum? ... Or worse?"

"You already know what the answer to that," said Coulson solemnly, "We have to stop them… We have to." As he walked away from Peter's room. Coulson remembered his wife and daughter who died in one of the earthquakes. It won't come to that Elizabeth, he thought. Not this time.

Room: 002

"Well what do you know," smiled Static across the room. "I got the prettiest roommate."

"Awww," said a blushing Storm. "You flatter me too much. Besides, you're pretty cute yourself." She winked at him. Nervously, Static replied with a smile. "I wonder if this will be accepted though," said Storm.

"It is," said Coulson as he stopped in their doorway. "But I'll be watching in on all of you."

"Sure," said Static giving a thumbs up.

"We might as well," said Storm. "Robin and Spidey insisted for their own rooms. Poor Robin though. I can't help but think that she feels underestimated."

"Meh," said Static. "Not like she's leader material but-"

"Is it because she's a girl," asked Storm.

"No no no," replied Static quickly. "But she doesn't really have powers so…"

"Oh yeah," Storm said as she remembered that behind the gothic, hardcore appearance Robin was just a human.

"Powers aren't everything," said Coulson. "You'd be surprised." He left the doorway and proceeded down the hall.

Room: 001

"I hope you like loud music," said the teenage Captain America as he turned on his roommate's stereo and pushed the volume to 75. The music blasted through the room and could be heard halfway down the corridor.

"We'll get along just fine," said Flash as he began to bob his head to the bass.

"Oh really," said Cap. Putting Flash to the test, Cap turned the stereo up to max and he was surprised to look down from the top bunk of their bed and see Flash begin to rap the lyrics.

"ALL IS WELL HERE?" yelled Coulson over the music with his hands over his ears. The two nodded in unison and Coulson left the room. Well Phil, thought Coulson as he headed to the elevator. Let's get to work.
Titans 2.0
Story Arc 1: Titans GO!!
Issue 2: Meet Your Frenemy (Chapter 4)

8:00 P.M

Room: 004

Perfect, thought Jade. She stood back and looked at her newly-decorated wall. She had just finished hanging up posters of her favorite K-pop stars. Coulson had S.H.I.E.L.D gather some of the teenagers' belongings from home a few days ago. Her box from Wayne Manor included the basic toiletry items and thanks to Alfred, her K-pop posters her laptop and I-pod, and a Wayne Co. Holo-Pad.

Robin flopped down on her bed and stared at the ceiling. Keep it together, she thought. We'll save him Jade. We won't lose another father. This time no one dies… She sat up, reached in her box, and took out her Holo-Pad. She pressed the power button and a three-dimensional, holographic, Wayne Co. logo floated up from the surface of the screen. After a few seconds the home screen appeared. Robin scrolled to the right and selected the "Construct" application.

"Room scan complete," said the Holo-Pad in a robotic tone.

"Holo-Pad," started Robin, "Construct a 3-D, interactive, security pad for this room. After construction is complete give me a list of materials needed to build said security pad. Sync it to my I-pod. Then, I want every S.H.I.E.L.D computer within range hacked. I want everything saved to a new folder. This folder needs to be locked and encrypted with the encryption system that I designed… Understand?"

"Yes Ms. Manson," said the Holo-Pad. "Beginning construction of security pad."

"Good," said Robin. So all I need to do now is—

Suddenly, Couslon's voice came over the P.A system. "I assume you're all done settling in. Please report to the living room immediately."

8:03 P.M

Living Room

"So," said Spider-Man as he stood in the living room with Flash, Storm, Static, Captain America, and Agent Coulson. "Where's the failure?"

"Right here," remarked Flash pointing at Spidey.

"Go take a jog," said an annoyed Spider-Man.

"Come with me," asked Flash. "That is, if you can keep up."

"Stop with the sly comments guys," interrupted Storm. "We are officially a team, a dysfunctional one, but we are a team."

"You're right," said Flash."... Soooo since were dysfunctional does that mean I can tell Spidey that how short he is throws us off? I mean, he's not even taller than a fifth grader."

" I may be short," said Spidey. " But I bet anything that I can kick your butt faster than you can run home to your mommy in that knock off suit -"

"Oh stop all of this," interjected Coulson, "You are teammates not opponents." He sighed. "At least Storm understands." Storm smiled widely for a moment and the room grew quiet. Then, the elevator doors opened.

"Did I miss much," asked Robin as she stepped out of the elevator.

"Ah ha, there's the powerless sidekick," said Spider-Man.

"Yes," Robin said with a shrug. "Being a spider-mutant seems nice... need a water spout?"

"Funny," replied Spider-Man. " I didn't know you were still that young."

"Yes," said Robin. "Youth is quite lovely."

"If only I could turn back time to those sandbox days," said Storm with a sigh.

"Don't we all," started Robin. "And as a bonus, that means we wouldn't have met a certain douche yet." She motioned to Spider-Man.

"Oh yeah," said Spider-Man, "And I'm guessing that those were the days when you had parents. Or at least those monsters you called pa-"


"DON'T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT MY PARENTS," screamed Robin as she drew her hand away from Spider-Man's face. "Do that again and I swear I will blow up your internal apparatus." She wanted to slap him again. She wanted to cut out his tongue and shove it through his ear. If she had been anywhere else she would have done just that. Unfortunately, she was standing in a building that was probably filled with hidden weapons and cameras. Not to mention the fact that S.H.I.E.L.D's H.Q. was barely 50 feet from her location. So, she merely turned and left the room.

"That was just too much Spidey," said Storm.

"What," started Spider-Man "It wasn't real. I wasn't being serious. I was just... joking."

"Wow," said Flash, "That was some major flaw-ness Spidey."

"I.. should apologize," said Spider-Man. "Coulson, can I be excused?" Coulson sighed and motioned him toward the elevator. "Sorry about the meeting," said Spider-Man as the elevator doors closed.

Room: 004

Knock Knock

"Robin," said Spider-Man as he tapped on Robin's door "I just wanted to say I'm sorry"

Inside, Robin was working on her designs and ignoring Peter's attempts at an apology. You aren't sorry yet, she thought.

Living Room

"Well I tried," said Spider-Man as he stepped out of the elevator. "I think I was saying that to be a bit competitive."

"A bit hm," started Flash. " So does that mean murder is a misdemeanor?"

"Ppfft, " said Static with a smirk.

"Look," said a frustrated Coulson. "I was trying to share a little more information about the test with you. But now I'm late for a meeting. So just rest up and be ready tomorrow at 1600 hours." He stood up and briskly left the room.
3:30 P.M August 4, 2011 (Thurs.)

SHIELD Helicopter

The "team" was on their way to Manhattan to begin their testing. S.H.I.E.L.D was transporting them in a helicopter and the teens were suiting up.

"Yo Cap," said Flash to his roommate as he put on his boots. "So how about that drama yesterday?"

"What about it," replied Cap. He had finished dressing in record timing and was bobbing his head to the base of the music in his ear.

"I dunno," shrugged Flash, "Who are you siding with?"

"Well," said Cap, " there're flaws on both sides of the argument, but if I really had to pick.... it'd be Spider-Man."

"What?!," asked Flash. "After what he said to Robin?"

"Look," said Cap sternly. "I have my reasons behind it."

Flash rolled his eyes. "Your reasons blow." Meanwhile, Flash, and the new Captain America weren't the only ones discussing what had happened yesterday.

"I swear Storm," said Static. He and Storm were putting their gear on across from Flash and Cap. "Robin is just an over reactor in general."

"You under react," said Storm annoyed. "Stop being a herpdy derp."

"Are you siding with her," asked a flabbergasted Static Shock.

"Well, if you must know," she replied. " I didn't like Spidey's attitude back there."

"Sure beats Robin's emo attitude," said Static under his breath. Suddenly, the helicopter jerked and Static slipped and fell on his behind with a crash. "What was tha--"

"Attention," came Coulson's voice over the intercom. "We have arrived in Manhattan and have began our decent. Please brace for landing. "
In a few minutes, Coulson and the teenagers were on the completely empty and deserted streets of Manhattan.

"I take it that you are all ready," asked Coulson.

"Psh yeah!," said Flash with a flip of his hair. Storm gave a light clap and Cap spun his triangular shield. Robin and Spider-Man stood quietly.

"Let's go," said Static.

"Alright then," said Coulson. "Here's how things will go."

To Be Continued
Titans 2.0

Story Arc 1: Titans Go!

Issue 3: Put to the test

11:30 P.M

New York, New York

August 4, 2011

An exhausted Robin and Flash sit down in a puddle on the street next to an unconscious Spider-Man. Their clothes are torn, dirty, and wet. Robin looks up at the starless sky. It is a dark, windy and very rainy night in Manhattan.

"That," panted Flash. "was a pretty good... plan you know... for a person whose persona is named after a small, reddish bird. I... I guess this puts us first and second in command huh gorgeous?"

Robin but her tattered hood over her head, stood up, and began to walk away. "Yeah, I guess it does," she said looking back at Flash."Oh, and never hit on me again."

"Where' ya goin birdbrain," yelled Flash as Robin walked away.

"To find Couslon," she yelled back. " I'm getting soaked out here. You coming?" Flash sprinted to Robin's side.

"Weird," he said with a smirk, " I thought bird baths were your thing."


4:03 P.M

"Here's how things will go," said Coulson as he looked at the team of teens in tights. " S.H.I.E.L.D has completely sealed off the Manhattan district of New York. This district will serve as 'battle grounds' for the test."

"Wait," interrupted Flash, "We get to wreck Manhattan without being left with a bill?"

"As I was saying," said Coulson, ignoring his question. "In two teams of three, the six of you will battle for the position of leader and second in command. There will be three rounds of battle and each round will consist of thirty minutes. If you are rendered unconscious or unable to battle, then you will be ranked according to the order in which you are rendered unconscious. For example, the first person to be K.O.'d--"

"Will be ranked last on the team roster," said Static finishing Coulson's sentence.

"Exactly," said Coulson. " Now, based on leadership ability, the two team captains are...."
Bird brain and bug boy, thought Flash.

"Robin and Spider-Man," said Coulson.

"I KNEW IT," yelled out Flash accidentally. For a moment , everything went silent as everyone stared at Flash's sudden epiphany. "What?... I did!"

"Ok then," said Coulson. "Moving on. Now the remainder of you, choose your sides." At that, Flash zipped over to Robin's side and leaned on her shoulder.

"I don't know about you guys," he said. "But I'm flying with the birdie." He raised an eyebrow under his golden visor and asked, "You gonna join us Cap?"

"Like I said earlier," said Captain America walking over to Spider-Man's side. "I've got my reasons."

"Meh," said Flash as he turned his nose into the air. "Those reason's of yours still blow."

"That just leaves Stormy and Lightning Rod," said Spider-Man idly fiddling with his web shooters.

"My name," said Static firmly. "is Static Shock."

"Sure it is dread head," said Spider-Man. "Now, what do you say old friend," asked Spider-Man as he extended a hand to Storm.

"Actually," said Storm looking down shyly, "I'm siding with Robin. But good luck to you and your team. " She hovered over to Robin and Flash.

"Oh," said a surprised Spider-Man. "... Ok then, dread head... I guess you're with us."

"What," said Static "doesn't that mean that I've got to fight against Storm?"

"Yeeeeessss," said Spider-Man suspiciously. "That's not going to be a problem now is it?"

"No, no, no, no," answered Static quickly and nervously. "No problems here. Nothing to worry about."

"Good," said Coulson. "Now then, the first round begins at 6 P.M sharp. Until then, your teams can formulate a battle strategy." He pointed to two buildings that were off in the distance. "Those buildings will serve as your teams' H.Q's. Robin, you have the one on the right and Spider-Man yours is to the left. There is to be no spying on or infiltration of your opponent's H.Q. Now with that said, good luck." With a wave, Coulson turned and walked down the empty Manhattan street to an awaiting helicopter.

5:55 P.M

Robin's H.Q

"All right team," said Robin. She stood facing the window and looking down on the soon-to be battleground below. "We've got five minutes to go over the plan one last time. For the first round, you and Storm will double-team Static. He's the team flyer. Without him, web-head cant launch an aerial assault. I'll keep Spider-Man and Cap busy while you two lead static away from his team. Once you guys are far enough away, go in for the knock out. Any questions?"

"Umm," said Storm nervously. "Do we have to take Static out first?"

"Yes," said Robin, still facing the window. "That's in order."


Spider-Man's H.Q

" All right team," said Spider-Man pacing back and forth in front of his team. "We've got five minutes to go over the plan one last time. For the first round, you two will double team storm. She's the flyer on the team. Without her, emo-girl can't launch an aerial assault. I can take Robin and Flash while you two lead Stormy away from her team. Once you guys are far enough away, go in for the knock out. Any questions?"

"I got one," said Static picking at his gloves and pretending not to care. "Wouldn't it make more sense to take out Flash first. Since he has speed and everything? I mean Storm isn't' worth taking out first right?"

"Um no," replied Spidey. "Unless you want to deal with instant and drastic weather changes and natural disasters aimed at our faces! We're taking out Storm first and that's in order."

5:59 P.M

The two teams formed at opposite sides of an empty Manhattan street. And for a moment all was silent.

BEEP!!! as the horn sounded a battle erupted instantly.

"ALL RIGHT TEAM," yelled Robin as she threw robin-rangs and dodged balls of webbing. "MOVE OUT!"

"Show time," said Flash with a smirk." He sprinted up a nearby building and leaped into the air.

"Hey sparky, I'm about to put a shock to your system!" Flash came plummeting down aimed at Static when suddenly a web attached to his back."Wha?" exclaimed Flash as he was hurled through the window of a building.

"Was that shocking enough for ya," asked Spider-Man as he scaled the building wall an leaped through the shattered building. He looked around. It was an office building. There was shattered glass on the floor and a cracked desk showed evidence of Flash's entrance. Yet, there was no Flash to be seen. "Hello Fla--" Suddenly, his spider-sense went haywire. As Flash came charging at him from behind another desk Spidey instinctively back flipped out of the window and landed atop a street light just as Flash whizzed through the air missing Spider-Man's head by mere centimeters.

"LOOK OUT BELOOOOOWWWW," screamed Flash as he crashed into the street below interrupting the battle between Robin and Cap.

"Yo guy," shouted Spider-Man at Cap. "Where's Static?"

"Bad news bug," replied Captain America removing a robin-rang from his shield. "I saw Storm chase him into the sky line." He pointed east of their location. "I would've gone after them but --," He swiftly dodged a robin-rang. "I'm kinda busy here."

"Right," said Spider-Man. "I'm on --"

FOOM!!!!! Suddenly, a huge flash of lightning strikes in the distance and illuminates the sky for a brief moment.

"Hang on dread-head, " said Spider-Man as he started to swing toward the source of the lightning "I'm on my way!"
Titans 2.0

Story Arc 1: Titans Go!

Issue 3: Put to the test (Chapter 2)

6: 15 P.M

Manhattan New York, NY

3.7 miles east of battle zone

"Was that flashy enough," asked Storm as she cupped her hands over her eyes, squinted, and looked out from the roof of the sky scraper. "Do you think they bought it?"

"It was perfect," replied Static smiling at Storm. "They probably think we're out here murdering each other." At that, the two stood next to each other on the roof in silence for a moment and looked out at the empty city. "Sooo, nice view right," asked Static nervously.

"Yeah," said Storm. She turned her head and facing static said, "I suppose it's an excellent view. So tell me about the man under that dashing blue visor."

"I'm just a kid from South Dakota," Static said."Who screwed around and got these 'shocking' abilities. What about you beautiful?"

"Actually, "said Storm. "I don't really tell many people this but I'm not from around h-"

THWIP! A ball of webbing smacks Storm in the face covering her eyes and rendering her speechless.

"Never fear Spidey is here," exclaimed Spider-Man as he landed on the rooftop. "And it looks like today's forecast calls for a one hundred percent chance of a knock out!" At this, Spidey runs in toward the blinded Storm for a K.O

"NO," exclaimed Static. Just as Spidey is about to land the punch, Static raises a fist and an electromagnetic field surrounds Storm, blocks the blow, and shields her from damage.

"What," asked Spider-Man in shock as he turned to Static. "Are you doing this? Why are you doing this?"

" I..," began Static nervously. "I mean it would be best to take out Flash first anyways right?"

"This again," remarked Spider-Man sharply. "Look light bulb, we went over this already. We all agreed to this plan. We all have to follow through." Peter shook his head. "Why would you even...wait a minute." Suddenly something clicked in Spidey's mind. "I can't believe I missed this. You like her don't you?"

"What," said Static nervously. "Me like her? Of course not! She's way too optimistic and quirky for me. Not to mention her weird constant state of happiness. I'm just...just setting a trap. You know earning her trust and stuff. So if you just leave us be I can take her out myself ok?"

"Yeah sure," started Spider-Man. He wasn't buying Static's obvious lie. "Listen sparky, that's cute but you've got to learn that you can't let your feelings get in the way of-"

"I DON'T LIKE HER," screamed Static in denial, "AND MY NAME IS STATIC SHOCK!" Angrily, Static sent a bolt of electricity from his fee hand and blasted Spider-Man off of the roof. "Storm," he said retracting the field around her, "You ok? Did you get that gunk off of your face?" Silently, Storm sat there on her knees. "Storm?" Static turned around to see that Storm was fine. However, he began to slowly back away when he saw that her eyes were glowing white.

"I'm surprised that you care," she said furiously as she rose to her feet. "After all, you were just going to 'take me out yourself' right?"

"No Storm," began Static. "I didn't mean that I jus-"

" You know," said Storm. She continued to rise into the sky and dark clouds formed above her. "I thought we were getting to know each other just now... I thought you liked me." She turned her back to Static and a raging blizzard was hurled from the sky. Snow, ice, hail, and freezing cold air was hurled at an unexpecting Static who was almost instantly frozen solid. "I guess I don't like you either." Sad, angry and disappointed, Storm flew up into the clouds to clear her thoughts.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, she screamed at herself. Why are you even looking for another relationship? Especially after what happened to Ha-

"EEEP," screamed Storm. She hadn't been watching where she was flying and had nearly run into none other than Agent Coulson in a S.H.I.E.L.D helicopter.

"Hello there," said Coulson with a smirk.

"Oh hi," said Storm. "Hey.. um .. you didn't see any of that did you? Between me and Static?"

"Saw, heard, and recorded every minute of it," replied Coulson. He saw Storm look down in embarrassment and added, "S.H.I.E.L.D protocol miss, it's confidential. Now if you would be so kind as to round up the others and tell them that round two begins at 7:30."
Titans 2.0

Story Arc 1: Titans Go!

Issue 3: Put to the test (Chapter 3)

6: 55 P.M

Spidey's H.Q

"WE JUST LOST OUR TEAM'S FLYER," yelled a furious Spider-Man as he paced the floor in his lighting-singed suit trying to think of a plan.

"Yeah so," said Captain America in a unconcerned tone as he sat in a chair polishing his shield and applying first aid to the cuts and bruises from Robin's attacks.

"SO," exclaimed Spider-Man. "Now that cross-dressing Batman wannabe has the freedom to launch an aerial assault! All because Sparky got himself turned into a spark-cicle!" Cap merely shrugged.

"A good soldier doesn't need fancy sky tricks to win a war," he replied.

"Did you just call an aerial assault 'fancy sky tricks'," sighed Spider-Man with a face-palm.

7:20 P.M.

Robin's H.Q

"Everyone rested up," asked Robin staring out of the window of her H.Q.

"Yeah," said Storm. "I'm fine I suppose."

"Feelin' as fit as a fiddle oh dark and mysterious one," remarked Flash in his usual overly confident tone.

"Good," said Robin with a nod. "Now about the new strategy. One word... sewers. Oh and Flash, we need to talk."

7:35 P.M

Times Square

"They're killing us out here Cap," yelled Spider-man as he barely dodged a Robin-rang. We've been retreating since the battle alarm rang, though Spider-Man. But birdbrain should've hit us with an aerial assault by now..Or at least used her strength in numbers. What's she- ZZING! As his spider-sense went off, Spider-Man flipped and dodged a charging Flash. "Any suggestions?"

"Not really spider," replied Cap as he barely blocked Robin's jabs and kicks with his shield.

"Just a little bit more you two," said Robin to Cap with a smile. "And I'll have you all to myself."

SMACK! Flash's sends Spider-Man flying into the centre of Times Square with a kick to the ribcage.

"Heh," Flash smirked as he walked up to a slowly standing Spider-Man. "Your 'spidey sense' only helps so much. I'm still like fifteen times faster than you."

"If you're so much faster," quipped Spider-Man. "Then why haven't you taken me out yet?"

"Dude," began Flash with confidence. "There's this thing called strategy. Maybe you've heard of it? Trust me, we've got you right where we want you." Hearing this, Peter couldn't help but smirk under his mask.

"Cap," he yelled, "They're planning something, stay away from the centre of the square!" A surprised Flash turned to Robin and gave her an apologetic glace that was met with an icy stare.

Damn it, thought Robin. "Well then ," she said dodging a punch from Cap. "Looks like I'm going to have to continue playtime downstairs."

"I don't think so, " replied Cap. He attempted to give Robin a leg sweep, but Robin leaped into the air and somersaulted over his head. She landed behind him, and before he could react, grabbed his head, and flung him into Spider-Man. "Stormy, " she yelled into the sky, "Take them under now!" Suddenly, and earthquake erupted in Times Square. and cast Spider-Man and Captain America into the NYC sewer system.

"Ow, " moaned Spider-Man as he emerged from a pile of rubble and found himself in the sewers. He looked up and found that in the earthquake, Storm block the hole. He stood up and examined his reflection in the dimly lit sewer water. "I'm probably gonna need a new costume before the day's over... Cap," he yelled "you there?"

"Yeah I'm here," said Cap as he emerged from a separate pile of rubble. "A little beaten up but-" In the blink of an eye, Robin emerged from one of the sewer's many shadows and tackled Cap into a different sewer area.

"CAP," screamed Spider-Man. "HANG ON!" Quickly gathering his strength, Spider-Man sprinted down the sewer line headed toward where Bap was taken but before he could get far, a red fist knocks him to the ground.

"Not so fast bug boy," said Flash with a smirk as he adjusted his glove, "you have a date with a couple of exterminators."

"Weird," said Spidey rising to his feet and taking a fighting stance. "I only see one of you."

"Hi," said Storm, smirking as she emerged from the shadows. "I' m really sorry about this."
Titans 2.0

Story Arc 1: Titans Go!

Issue 3: Put to the test (Chapter 4)

7: 42 P.M

New York Sewers

Oh crap, thought Peter as he glanced around. Flash was to his front and Storm was at his rear. He was trapped. "Are you sure exterminators get rid of spiders," he asked.

"Positive," replied Flash cracking his knuckles. "Shall we dance?" Flash lashed out at Spidey with a fist.

"I'd rather not," said Spider-Man as he leaped to the ceiling avoiding the punch. He leaped down and gave Flash a kick to the chin in mid-air. "I'm more of a karaoke man myse-"

SMACK! Flash quickly recovered and gave Peter a leg sweep, grabbed his legs, and slammed him into the sewer wall . Okay, thought Peter. No quips. As Flash loomed over him about to strike, Spider-Man dealt him a quick kick to the face, flinging him into the murky water. He leaped to the ceiling and thwipped webs at Flash's hands. But to Peter's surprise, Flash was gone.

"What th-," Peter glanced to his right only to see a red fist slam him into the wall, cracking the concrete. As he heaved himself up, his spider-sense went off.

"I'm guessing your spidey sense got a late start huh," smirked Flash. "So that's about 250 miles per hour for a close range attack. Duly noted. Stormy, hit 'em with the juice."

"Sorry Spidey," Storm said as she electrically charged her hands. She thrust her hands forward and sent a flow of burning electricity through Peter's body.

"AAAAAAHHHHH," exclaimed Spider-Man in agony."

"If you think that hurts," said Flash. "You ain't seen nothing yet pal." With that, Flash began to jab at Peter's torso nonstop for two minutes.

"Wow," smirked a slightly surprised Flash. "For a spider you certainly can take a hit can't ya?"

Peter Parker was on his knees. In the past two minutes Flash had dealt the webhead at least 300 blows to the torso. Not to mention the constant stream of burning electricity from Storm.

"Yeah," remarked Peter as slowly picked himself up again. "There's only one of me...so I can't afford to give up and...call in one of three other Spider-Men...like some people I know."

"Still with the jokes," said Flash. "I like that." With a smack, Flash gave Peter a right hook that sent him back to the ground.

Okay, thought Peter. Can't...Can't take anymore of this. I can't take them both. Not down here. Flash is beating me like crazy... and Storm is going all Electro on me. Suddenly, a small pipe on the ceiling caught his eye. That's it! Electro!

"Would you like to do the honours Flash," asked Storm.

"Oh no Stormy," replied Flash. "The honours are all yours." Storm charged her fists again and reached for Spidey's head. "So," asked Flash looking down at Peter. "Any last words web-slinger?"

"Yeah," said Spider-Man. "Storm, I'm really sorry about this." With a thwip, Spidey webbed the ceiling pipeline and yanked it out. As Peter leaped to the ceiling water came gushing out. He grabbed the pipe and directed the spray at Storm. As the water touched her electrically charged hands she unleashed a slew of electric charge on herself in a blinding light. As the light dimmed. Flash only saw an unconscious Storm lying on the sewer floor. Spider-Man was nowhere to be seen.

"STORM," Flash screamed running to her side. He checked her pulse. She was breathing. "That's it you little creep. Come on! Take your beating like the little creepy-crawly your are!" Flash looked around and began to sprint down the sewer line. It grew darker with every step he took and eventually he was reduced to a slow walking pace. Man, thought Flash. I can barely see the hand in front of my face. "There's nowhere to hide anyways," he called out.

"Who says I'm hiding," said Peter as he suddenly dropped down, hanging suspended by a web.

"Heh," Smirked Flash. "That's more like it." Flash took a step forward and to his surprise, he plummeted down a sewer pipeline. After a few moments, all that is heard is a splash. And exhausted Spider-Man swung down to the pipeline so that he could search for Cap.

"See you next fall Flash," said Peter. God am I glad that's ove- Suddenly, Peter's thoughts were interrupted by a slow and steady applause.

"Well done little spider," said Robin. "I guess it's just us now."

"Just us," asked Spider-Man. "Cut the crap chica! Where's Cap?"

Robin gave Peter a sly smile from underneath her hood. as she reached into the shadows and dragged out a badly beaten, unconscious Captain America. His costume is torn, his shield is dented, he is decorated with cuts and bruises, and has blood dripping from his chin. Robin had not a scratch on her.

"Oh he's right here," said Robin as she noticed the shock in Peter's eyes. "He's just...a little tired from 'playtime'." Robin dropped him to the floor like a ragdoll. "He just needs a nap...You should nap too spider. You look like you could use it. You got until 10:30." With that, Robin turned and walked down the sewer line.

"Oh boy," said Peter. "I'm in trouble."
Titans 2.0

Story Arc 1: Titans Go!

Issue 3: Put to the test (Chapter 5)

11:00 P.M.


As a heavy storm pounds Manhattan, a soaked, battle worn Spider-Man leaps from building to building in the wind and rain.

"Here birdie," called Spider-Man clinging to the side of a building. This doesn't make any sense, he thought I just saw Robin in that alley. How can she move that fast? And more importantly, how can she take on a guy who is not only like twice her muscle mass but has the powers of the Captain America?

Just then, lightening flashed and simultaneously, Robin appeared in the centre of Broadway.

"Hey," shouted Robin calmly. "Looking for me?"

Relax Pete, thought Spider-Man, hesitating on the building for a moment. No Storm means no sewers. I should be good. He swung from the building an landed a few feet away from Robin. "As a matter-o-fact I was. So then," said Spider-Man doing the "bring it on" motion, "Shall we dance?"

"Yeah," replied Robin with a smirk."Let's dance. " Robin reached into a pocket on her skirt and pulled out a small, green stick that was no bigger than a marker. She clenched it in her hand and in the blink of an eye, it extended into a full-length staff.

"That's weird," said Spider-Man. "I've never seen Bat-man use a staff."

"Well," said Robin. "I'm not Bat-man." Swiftly, she lunged at Parker with her staff. He dodged with ease and webbed up Robin's eyes."

Now's my chance, thought Peter. He went in for an upper cut but to his surprise Robin, although blinded, dodges his punch as if it were a natural reflex and smacks him in the back with her steel staff.

"AH," exclaimed Spider-Man in pain. "How did you-"

"Did you really think that I need to see you to kick the crap out of you," interrupted Robin removing the webbing from her face.

"I," said Peter. "Was hoping so." With this, Spider-Man sprinted forward in an attempt to put some space between him and Robin.

"Grow up," said Robin shaking her head. She reached into her utility belt and threw three lock-on-Robin-Rangs that began to chase Spider-Man down the street. Surprisingly, Parker was on foot.

I've got, panted Parker in his mind as he ran. To save web fluid. This chick is dangerous and ... and my web shooters are... my... my only advantage. Not to mention I've got to ditch these things before they slice me in half. The Robin-Rangs were gaining. Spider-Man made a leap to the nearest building and began to run up is side. Soon, the pursuing projectiles were mere moments away from impact. Quickly, Parker flipped off of the building, webbed the Robin-Rangs to the building, and landed on a streetlight.

"I," started Peter. "I did not know those things could-Gguuh!" He was interrupted by Robin who swung down from a grappling hook and kicked Spidey in the face with the heel of her boots. He fell off the streetlight an landed in a puddle with a splash.

"SHUT UP," yelled Robin as she landed in front of Spider-Man. Angrily, she picked Parker up by the legs and hurled him into a parked van. "I'M TIRED OF YOU AND YOUR SMART COMMENTS!"

"Sorry," said Peter as one of his mask's lenses fell out. "But my fans expect a certain amount of quippage in every battle."

"SHUT UP," screamed an annoyed and enraged Robin. She clutched Parker by the throat and slammed him against the van. "Now," she said solemnly, "I want you to take it back."

"What are you tal-," began Peter. But he was silenced. As she held him there, Robin took out a Robin-Rang and slowly cut Peter's throat. It wasn't deep enough to kill him but it was enough to get her point across.

"Apologize for what you said about my parents," said Robin.

"I already di-" Peter was again silenced as Robin's blade went deeper into his flesh. Oh my God, thought Peter as he gazed into Robin's cold, unblinking eyes. She really is willing to kill me isn't she? She's insane. I finally went and smart mouthed off to the wrong person and now I'm going to die. So stupid! How would I feel if Nick Fury insulted my mom and dad? How did I feel when Dr. Connors created that, that thing that killed Gwen using my parents' research? I sh-


"You're right," said Spider-Man. "I'm sorry. I.. I shouldn't have insulted your family like that. To be honest, my parents are dead too. Died in a plane crash. I just don't usually think about how my quips affect others. I'm sorry."

Robin stared into Peter's eyes. She had read his file and very well knew that his parents had died in a plane crash. What struck her silent for a moment was the sincerity in his eyes. Although she could tell that he was in fear of his life, she could see a hint of guilt in his eyes.

"Good," she said, dropping the Robin-Rang. "Now, back to business." She raised her fist to K.O. Spider-Man but, to her surprise, he swings his legs, kicks, her in the chin, and flips onto the roof of the van.

"I admit," said Spider-Man wiping the blood from his throat. "That was a very touching moment but I'm not going to let you beat me into submission. The fact is, you fail to realize that you can't beat me!" Spider-Man jumps to the ground and picks up the van. "I'm stronger than you," said Peter hurling the van at Robin. Robin flipped over the van but before her feet touched the ground a web grabbed her, flinging her through the window of a nearby building. "I'm faster than you." said Spider-Man from atop a street lamp. He leaps down, through the glass, grabs Robin by the collar, and hoists her up. "And I'm smarter than you. So with that said, any last words before birdie goes night night?"

"Yeah," said Robin with a smirk. "I've got a few." She reached down and pressed a button on her utility belt. A hot steam came bursting out. Stung by the steam, Spider-Man dropped Robin and stumbled backwards out onto the street. "That's no way to talk to your leader," said Robin with a smirk.

"What are you t-"

SMACK! Mid-sentence, Spider-Man was knocked out cold bay Flash who emerged from a nearby manhole and charged at him at 250 miles per hour with an outstretched fist.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that," exhaled Flash. Exhausted the two sit down in a nearby puddle. "That," panted Flash. "was a pretty good plan... you know, for a person whose persona is a small reddish bird. I... I guess this puts us first and second in command huh gorgeous?"

To Be Continued.

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