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I'm posting this here as more of an experiment than anything else. I've never posted a fanfic here and this can be viewed as a oneshot, so I figured why not? Plus I thought it would be fun to see if anyone reacts to this since it's not a well known fandom.
Disclaimer: I don't actually know who owns Vicar of Dibley, but I can assure you that it's not me. Clearly things would've been different if I'd had any say in it.
Summary: A Geraldine/David fic that proposes that the conversation they had in Spring could have gone very differently.

Geraldine Granger awoke from her bizarre nightmare completely frazzled. The sense of urgency was only just starting to wane.
When David Horton... Stiff, unbearable, stingy, uncompromising David Horton... When David Horton had just strode into in parish council meeting, all jeans and leather, and proposed to her...
Well, really, there was only one thing that you could say in that situation wasn't there? What with all the effort he'd gone through and with everyone egging her on. The whole situation had just completely swept her away.
Once she'd gotten away and been able to look at the situation clearly she could see what a ridiculous predicament she'd gotten herself into. The man who had proposed to her was NOT David Horton. She knew that. He was a facsimile built around what he thought she wanted. David Horton did not wear jeans, or leather, and he certainly wasn't a member of the Labor Party.
She needed to get this sorted immediately. She prayed it would be simple...

"I came over here to talk to you." Geraldine said after David had greeted her and let her into the parlor.
"What about, Darling?" David asked. Geraldine suppressed a wince at the endearment.
"I had a dream last night." She thought that was a good opening line.
"I had a dream last night too." David replied. "It was a nightmare. You came by a told me that you didn't love me and couldn't marry me after all."
"Ah." She commented intelligently.
"What was your dream about?" David asked.
"Oh... You know, nevermind all that." Geraldine scoffed, waving her hand dismissively.
"But... I really do feel we should talk about all of this." She said, attempting to go in a different direction.
"You've got wedding plans for me to look over already?" David asked, sounding pleasantly surprised.
"No!" Geraldine shouted. "No, that's just it. Don't you think you're rushing it just a bit?" She asked, a bit softer.
"Wasn't that what you wanted?" Impulsiveness and romance?" David asked.
"Well... yes..." She agreed hesitantly.
"So what's the problem then?"
Geraldine got up and fidgeted a bit as she thought how to put it.
"Alright... cards on the table." She said to psych herself up. "I just... don't think I can marry you David." She confessed. Something inside her hiccuped at the words that had just come out of her mouth. She frowned in confusion at the strange feeling.
"What?" David asked. The something that had hiccuped inside her protested at the slight warble in his voice.
"At least not the way things stand right now." She amended on an impulse. That quelled the funny feeling, but she wasn't sure exactly where to go from there. She came back and sat down on the couch again. David just looked at her expectantly, so she decided to try to press on.
"From your perspective I'm sure that this has been building for quite some time. But you see... From my point of view you've gone straight from 'I fancy you' to 'Let's get married.' Whereas it seems to me there should be something between those two. Do you see what I mean?" She asked, somewhat haltingly as she thought her way through it.
David visibly relaxed. This wasn't the outright rejection that he had feared it was.
"I suppose I can see how this might seem a bit hasty from your end." David conceded. "But if you truly felt that way then why did you say yes?"
Geraldine rubbed her legs as she thought about the question. She should've seen it coming.
"You do know how to ask those armor piercing question don't you?" She commented with a sigh.
"There were lots of reasons. Probably very similar to the reasons you thought it was a good idea, if I'm honest," Geraldine said. "Of course in the moment the biggest factor was peer pressure. And it really was a grand romantic gesture, just like I like them. But even before that I'd been thinking how I'd like to get married, what with the arrival of little baby Geraldine and all... Sometimes the ticking of the biological clock gets a little loud." She mused. somewhat embarrassed.
"But even more than that I suppose I imagined that I thought maybe you and I could make a go of it. I mean... perhaps it's just loneliness, or the fact that we're the only two people in the village with a brain cell between the two of us, but the thought was there. And of course the feeling of being wanted counts for quite a bit." She finished off.
David took her hand and squeezed gently. He was giving her a look that she was certain she'd seen on his face before. The same one he'd given her when he'd asked her to stay in Dibley.
"You know... I never gave you a second thought, romantically speaking," She confessed.
"But you gave me a first?" David asked with a sly grin. Geraldine chuckled, but didn't answer. She sat up a bit straighter.
"Perhaps we can go about this differently." She suggested.
"What do you mean?" David asked.
"Well, why don't we just try dating?" She asked. It seemed almost embarrassingly obvious to her once she'd thought about it.
"Dating?" Apparently it was less obvious to David.
"Yes, dating." Geraldine answered. "A chance to see that we wouldn't kill each other if we spent any significant time together." She explained.
"Well... alright. But dating?" He asked again.
"Well... Call it a long engagement if you like. It'll help save face anyhow. Just... give it a year?"
There was a long silence where David considered her words. He didn't seem upset about any of it, just pensive.
"One quick caveat though." She started up again.
"What's that?" He asked.
"You can't be like this. You've got to go back to your old stodgy self," She said.
"You don't like it?" David guessed.
"It's not that. I do appreciate the gesture, and you look quite nice in jeans. But the idea is to be with you, not the you that you think I wanted. You've got a lot of good qualities, but none of them are these." She pointed out with a gesture.
"Oh, very well." David agreed. "It'll be a relief to go back to normal."
Geraldine smirked at him. David grabbed her hand again.
"You know I would've put up with it forever if I thought it would make you happy?" He asked.
"I know David, I know." She answered.
"And you do know that I really do love you?" He asked.
"David, if I thought you didn't, then this conversation would have been quite different." She told him.
"You would have come to tell me that you didn't love me and couldn't marry me after all?" David asked, a wry smile on his face.
"Spot on." Geraldine grinned.

And so it was decided. The Long Engagement... God only knows how it would go.
I really like the Vicar of Dibley, and I thought it was cute. However, because it's single spaced, I found it quite difficult to read. sad
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acheron beach
I really like the Vicar of Dibley, and I thought it was cute. However, because it's single spaced, I found it quite difficult to read. sad

Sorry about that. It's just a style preference I guess. I think it looks better single spaced.
The Fanfiction.net version is double spaced if you wanna re-read it to be able to give a better opinion.
If I post any more chapters on here I'll be sure to double space them.

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