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1 deh Sonik was all like
I has teh chilli dawg
and then Knux came up to him and was all like
u foooolz
i will steal ur chili dawg
and Sonic was like
now i must find the 7 chaos emralds to summon the master emrald so i can weesh for anorther chili dawg
So sonic started to run north the find the first chaos emrald
it was being held by
Doctor Robeggmic (Robotnic+Eggman)
who was all like
Robeggman was all like
i has the chaos emrald
I will give it to
but Chaos was all liek
shiz man don't give me no chaos
so he punched Dr. Rogeggman
he started to lay eggs
Golden eggs
which he then sold
to get magic beans
which he planted in the ground
and got a giant bean stalk
and chaos was all like
Thats what he said
so he climbed it
to find
a giant castle
where the evil Giant ....uh
Polar Bear From Sonic Figherts has the 3 items of winness
Bark had these 3 items of win
a golden electric guitar that could sing
some version of one of the other things the giant had
and a cow
Chaos took the Cow
home to his mother
but Mama CHaos was all like
U is teh moron!
why take the cow!
and CHaos was all like
Shiz dawg don't get in my grill
I;m gona train this cow to be a breakdancer
but mama chaos was all like
I did not raise u to raise break dancing cows!
I raised you to turn into a giant dragon after eating 7 rocks!
but Chaos was all like
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz lady u so hag liek
I'm going west
to forfill my dream of becoming an movie stah
u never understood me
and so
Chaos gave the giant Bark 20$ to step on mama Chaos
but Bark got lonely
so he went with Chaos
just when they were about to get to Holiwood
who was right in front of them
Shahdoe dah Hedgehawg
who was all like
I am shahdoe dah Hedgehod
destroyer of dreams and drinker of water
i also dislike polar bears
why does he say that at all the endings!
reason number 5 i didn't like that game
Chaos proceded to fight agains shadow
but SHadow pulled out a straw
and started to drunk chaos
the Gigantic Bark
started Barking at Shahdow
Shawdie then started beugn mortified
he knew of the proficy
that one day
his rain of terroar would end
from a barking polar bear
so Shadow deciced to explode
and Chaos was all like
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz Bark u some fine pal dat i got
u really put the da Bark in Barkolie
Bark was confused but he took that as a compliment
so they procided into the ruins of the great king tailonious
to find out what really happened to Bark's father
when they got inside they saw it
hyroglifix evahywear
and Chaos was all like
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiz dawg this is the only language i can read
so chaos read it
it said
Dear pesky plumbers
only link can defeat gannon
which only meant one thing
Bark realized wif tewwah dat Gannon was his father!
Bark then held up his hand and found that indeed the triforce symbol was on the back of his hand
Bark started to panic as he thought he was destoned for eval
Chaos realizing this was all liek
u don't be all haitn on urself
cause u da bear
and da bear
is u
Bark felt better aftear hearing that
and they procided to leave the ruins
but when they got out
they found
King Tailonius himself back from the dead
who was all liek
u must die
King Tailonius pulled out his ak47
and started to shoot at Bark and Chaos
Chaos was made of water
and Bark was a giant bear
so it didn't matter
so chaos was all like
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz fawx u is all like
and stuff
so Chaos used the blood bending tecnique to shnap his nehk
and they ran away
there were witnesses to this crime
so soon
Chaos and Bark were wanted (term used very loosly) men
and Since day was already wanted
dey decided to has some fun
kidnap the pwesident
who at the time was Amy
So Chaos was all like
SHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz dawg we gots to like gets her and hold her for rans so we can pay the money that is on hour heads
and Bark was all like
Bark stepped on the wite howse
and grabbed Amy
who was all like
so he threw her to england
which it was currently hedgehog season then
so CHaos was all like
I mean
he was all SHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz
i just realized
I sound black
but I'm blue
I need tah be black
Bark mah bear u must punch me as hard as u can becouse u dah bear and bear like punchign stuff
so bark was all liek
and punched him
but it didn't work
so CHaos was all liek
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz.... lets do something else
So they decided to watch TV
and Bark put on Phinus and PHerb
and Chaos was all liek
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz i just realized
we needz a 3rd main charectah
like day has candace
and Bark was all like
and Chaos was all like
what we needs is an original sonic fan charictor
and Bark was all like K
They hopped in a car
and procided to find an orignal sonic fan charecter
they drove into town only to find thouszands of hedgehogs
and Bark started eaten dem becouse deh was dumb
but no one minded
it was a good deed to society
they chashed into citea hawl
and found the orignal sonic fan charictor
it was a orange walrus with swords for tusks and fairy wings and 32 legs
so chaos ran up to it and said
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz dawg u is like teh wierd walrus dawg so whaz ur namez
and the weird walrus was all like
my name is................................................................................................................................................................................................................. Propeller
and then he flew onto the ceiling to eat a sandwich
and Chaos was all liek
shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz dawg u is like the dawgiest dawg in all of dawging ton
u must join us with ur dawgyness in our ultimate quest to protehct the world from the evil aleins known as dah waffles wif deir leadah that stupid green bird wif teh bombs
and Propeller was all like
sure why not
so he flew down and landed on Barks head
which he found quite comfertable
so he built a nest their
and Bark was all like
I'm going to charge u rent for staying up der
and Propeller was all like
meh finz
so they all got into the rocket to defeat deh evil bean
and when dey got to his lair
Bean was all like
u foolz
do u think u could actually defeat me
and Bark was all like
but Bean was all like
you foolz
I have defized the evilest plan in the vers-ne-u
I have built a machine that will turn me into
a hedgehog
and then people will know who i am
but Chaos was all like
SHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz dawg
u is lame
no one will want to remembah u
u will just end up liek Silvah
only in one main story line game
and then just cameos
cause u is dumb
and Then Bean went up to Chaos and was all like
at least I'm not made of toilet water
Deh Chaos Snapped
he was all like
Oh no you didn't
OH NO! you dind't
Did he bark?
and Bark was all like
So Chaos then did what chaos does best
he transformed his hand into a blade
froze it
and slized Bean in half
and then CHaos Bark and Propeller had a nice Duck Dinner
and they lived happly ever after
but all was not well in the world

Sonic never got his chili dog back and started to fall into a spiral of dispair
he held his head in our of sheer terror as he thought to himself
"was anything truly worth it. I've lost everything that I've ever cared about nothing can truly be worth it anymore. I once had it all but then i lost everything. Why must fate be such a cruel puppeteer. For i am just a mere puppet and fate has just led my life into a never ending spiral of despair. Darkness crawls all around me. I don't even know what's worth living for anymore. My love is gone and I'll never see her again. This is truly my fate. I was never anything more but a mere misplaced dash of paint on the portage of life. I will forever be stuck like this. A former shadow of a pathetic creature not worthy to live on this planet. My fate has been eternally sealed.

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xp why no one notice this!
I kind of want to punch you in the face.
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2,850 Points
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Stupid Goddamn Dog
I kind of want to punch you in the face.
why would u want to do that?

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