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Shaundrah woke up. She fixed her long hair into a braid and then tied it with a pretty red ribbon. Then she put on a long skirt and then some shirt and she went out to the kitchen to make some breakfast. She made some toasts and eggs for every one.

"Hi Harry Hi Icheb."

The two guys came into the kitchen. Both of them looked really full of hope. But then Shaundrah knew she would have to brake their hearts because she had decided on her true love Chakotay.

"Um guys. I can't be with either of you. I am really sorry. But Chakotay and me had a lot of discussion last night as we stayed up to shoot the evil gorilla borg and we came to a decision. We realized that we want to court each other so I plan to be with him."

Icheb looked so sad and so did Harry. They did not cry because they were real strong men but she could see there anguish reflected in their brown eyes. They ate their eggs and toasts in silence for a while then Harry talked.

"If you are happy then I can't be too angry or sad I hope we can still be friends and still talk about the bible and eat licorice together and stuff."

"Of course!" Shaundrah said. "You are still both really great friends to both of me. I don't want that to change I just realize that I have a respect for Chakotay that is very special especially after we were stuck out here together for two weeks before you guys found us. I think God did that transporter accident to make me and Chakotay together."

"Yes maybe that is true. Maybe God has truly written your love story." Icheb said quietly. "It is very special thing even though I wish you were mine."

"I know Icheb but you will find a truly good woman for you I am sure of it." Shaundrah stared out into the window with tears in her eyes... it was SO HARD breaking their hearts but it was the only way because she knew Chakotay was the only guy for her! FOREVER. "Where is Chakotay?"

"Um he is sleeping he said he stayed up late trying to keep watch for the evil borg gorilla with a faser."

Harry looked out the window at the sky. "We should go get some food and water, we have none left in the house. But that evil borg gorilla goat is out there and it might attack us and also it looks like it will rain it is black sky."

"Black sky at night sheperd's delight black sky in morn sheperd's warning." Shaundrah said wisely then GASPED. "Oh my goodness gracious I just realized something awesome!"

"What's that?"

"We just have to wait for the rain and then the WATER will KILL the evil gorilla!" She jumped up. "If we wait an hour or two it will be dead!"

A deep voice sounded through the house. "The water will destroy its implants. Of course! You're so smart, Shaundrah."

She looked up and saw Chakotay standing in the doorway, only in his wifebeater and his pants. His countenance looked so great in the sunlight shining in the window. Shaundrah swooned... she truly had a great man as her courtship partner!

"Good morning."

"Good morning back."

Harry and Icheb left the room and Shaundrah walked up to Chakotay but before she could speak she heard a funny noise. It sounded like eggshells being smushed under a person's shoe.

"What's that?" Chakotay asked.

"I think... it's our comm badges."

Harry shouted from his bedroom. "It's Voyager! They came back for us!"

They all listened to the comm badge. It was Tuvok's voice.

"Hello guys this is Voyager. Acting Captain Tuvok speaking. We have discovered the reason we cannot bean you up earlier. It is because there are several pockits of corniton radiation in the atmospheric thunderstorms. Chief Obryan has compensated in the transtorters. We can now bring you all back to the ship and reverse its effects."

"Yay!" said all of them together.

"Energize!" said Chakotay.

Suddenly Shaundrah was back on Voyager and then she looked around the pad. Harry grinned back at her happily. Icheb grinned back at her also happily. Then... then she saw... CHAKOTAY.

And he wasn't 16 anymore! She gasped. He was... old again!

"Chakotay?!" she cried.

Chakotay put his hand on his forehead and looked kind of sick. "I... I have amnesia. Last thing I remember is taking a shuttle... to save Cathryn... and then there was a borg ship... and then I was going down onto an Em Class planet to avoid the borg... and then I crashed... and then I don't remember."

"You don't remember the last 4 weeks at all?" Icheb asked.

"4 WEEKS?" he shouted. "No! I don't remember anything... I... am... so... confused..."

Then he passed out. Shaundrah felt like she would cry.

"Oh, poor Shaundrah."

Harry looked very sympathetic to her. Then he and Icheb helped her off the pad and helped her back to her quarters.
wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance
AN: I BET YOU DIDENT SEE THAT COMMING hahah what a bad plot twist I hope u like and it was unexpecting!
HI GUYS I RELIZED THAT ALTHO I FINNISHED THIS ON FAN FICTOIN, I NEVEF DID NON HERE. SO WHO EVEF WANT TO READ IT I AM POSTING IT!!! U can see that klyeagh and sara both helped thats why its so good. thx
cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

Shaundrah could barely live now that she lost her true love Chakotay. She lay in bed and could not even manage to keep down her favorite foods like banana slurpey or twizzelers. She began even thinner then she had been before, thinner even then a supermodel. Chakotay was just gone back to being the head of the ship. He had totally forgot about being a cute teenage boy who had shared a hut with her on the planet. She just had to try to stay strong and prayed a lot and continued fixing stuff in engineering.

Then suddenly three weeks after she got transtorted up from the surface of that planet, the ship got hit with a big blast. She was in engineering with Vorek (who now had to wear a special plastic suit like seran wrap material so that the water would not kill him from the modified nanaprobes left over in his body) and they were trying to make a super warp 10 engine that she and Vorek had invented when the ship jerked around. A bunch of crew men fell from the 3rd floor onto the bottom floor. Then they god up and had to go to sick bay.

"Shaundrah are you ok" asked Vorek.

"Ya I am ok"

"Cool" he said "lets get back to work on our warp 10 engine... OH NOOO"

Then she saw what had upset Vorek. There was smoke coming from the warp engine! Then a big sirin went off.

"Is a warp core breach!" Belanna screamed "everybody outta here now"

The big doors went down and Vorek and Shaundrah tried to run out of them but they were on the 3rd floor so they were too late. They were trapped inside the big doors with the warp core about to explode and inciderate them. The 2 of them were all alone and blocked into the engineering room with the warp cord about to explode. All the doors were closed. Vork stared at Shaundrah with a frown.

"Lets get in the Jeffrey's tube!" Shaundrah yelled over the sirens.

"Wow your so smart Shaundrah lets hurry the whole engine will explode in just a few seconds and then we will die."

Then they ran into a Jeffrey's tube and shut the door and just as the door shut they heard a huge BOOM and the door got really hot. Thats because the warp core breach. But they were safe in the tub.

"We will have to sit in here a while there is a protecting force file around this area." Vorek said.

"Oh I did not know that... I thought we can just crawl out!" Shaundrah said feeling confused.

Vorek smiled. "but i don't mind spending time with you Shaundrah because you are so cute and have a truely logical mind for a human woman."

"Oh thank you Vorek you are a lot nicer than you were last time oh by the way how did you get over that pon far thing? Was it the nana probes that fixed you or the EMH?"

Vorek's black eyes shined evilly. He smiled which Shaundrah thought was really weird for a volcan. Suddenly his hand reached out as if to grab Shaundrah by the faces! She ducked away.

"What you doing Vorek?" she screamed.

"My mind to your mind you will be my mate!" he said.

"No! That's not Christian!"

"Then um I guess we should get married!"

"But you're not even Christian and I don't even know you very well, well not enough for marriage anyhow! I mean, I will totally hang out with you more..."


Then Shaundrah realized that he was not capable of listening to reason because Vorek reached out and tied to grab her face again. Luckily Volcans are easily disorientated by warp corn breaches, and Shaundrah ran away down the Jefreys Tube as Vorek was caught in a dizzy spell. She could hear his heavy feet clonking down the corridor behind her! Then she got to the next door and pushed it open and jumped out...

And right into Harry Kim's arms!

"Oh thank the Lord Shaundrah!" Harry grabbed her in a big hug and nearly cried (but didn't because he's pretty manly) "We all thought you were dead by warp core breach!"

"No! I jumped into a Jefreys tube... but..." she began to sob "Vorek tried to attack me with his pon far!"

"Whaaaat?" said Harry "I thought the nanaprobes destroyed his pon far..."

"I guess not! Oh by the way he's chasing me I just ran away from him when he tried to forcefully mind mold with me."

Then they all heard the sound of his loud footsteps the sound of a Volcan's footsteps coming from the Jefrey's tube.

"Oh no he's not!" Harry yelled "Get behind me Shaundrah!"

He grabbed a taser from his belt and held it out toward the open door to the Jefreys tube. Then Vorek jumped out.

"Get out of my way tou're in the way of my mate Shaundrah! I do not want to hurt you Leitenant Kim but I will if you get in my way of Shaundrah!" Vorek shouted "oh my god you have a taser!"

Even a Vulcan in pon far knows that he can't overcome a giant bolting of electricity! So Vorek ran away yelling something about getting Shaundrah later. Shaundrah nearly passed out with relief. Harry caught her as she swooned.

"Maybe I should go to sick bay" said Shaundrah. "And we can let Tucok can go chase down Vorek and shoot him..."

"I would say you should normally but we have a WAY bigger problem, Shaundrah."

"What could be worse than Vorek wanting to MATE with me?!" Shaundrah yelled. "He is insane and I am pretty sure he is like in his 30s"

Harry's brown eyes went wide and round. Shaundrah knew something VERY BAD was going on.

"Shaundrah... the borg have gone on Voyager... and..." Harry gulped "Seven and the Captain Jane Way are both here... trying to ASSEMBELATE THE WHOLE CREW"

Shaundrah gasped. "No!"

Then everything went black!

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